Monday, August 26, 2013

World Cosplay Summit 2013 part III

^Part tres!
Now on to the third part of my 2013 World Cosplay Summit experience!
Long post is long! hahaha

Anyway, for part one click here and for part two click here.

Of course, there were special guests!
Team Shikon was there!
WCS showed one of Team Shikon's cosplay videos then suddenly they popped out and continued the fighting on stage!

Team Shikon performing on WCS 2013
For those who do not know, Team Shikon from Japan were the World Champions in the 2012 World Cosplay Summit.

After 10 participating countries performed, the observer nations took to the stage to show the world that they deserve the chance to be in this prestigious competition.

Performances of the Observer Nations

WCS 2013 Team Vietnam
Sengoku Basara

WCS 2013 Team Hong Kong

Needless to say, I loved their performance!
If you are a fan of the Macross series, watch and you will not be disappointed!
Felt like I was watching a concert and the surprise at the end is abdjksbkfjbksdj! hahaha!

I am very dismayed that I couldn't find a video of Team Taiwan's performance. :(
They performed remarkably well, too...
Team Taiwan cosed Berserker and Rider from Fate zero.
I am a fan of the series so I may be biased but I liked their performance.
Lemme tell you this, the observer nations are not kidding, they were very eager to show what their respective countries can do.

WCS 2013 Team Taiwan
Fate Zero

Since there are is no vid, I hope these photos suffice.
Photos by Albas Inc. Photography
source Yokoso News

WCS 2013 Team Philippines
Monster Hunter

Well, I will be honest, not a lot of people loved my home country's performance.
My seat neighbors all exclaimed that they found the Philippine team's performance as "tsumaranai" or boring.
When they first came out, everyone was clearly impressed.
Who wouldn't? Come on, just look at the craftsmanship of their costumes!
But, even though the Philippine team's performance did not par with the others, I am still very proud of our representatives.
There were a lot of setbacks and problems that came, no need to get into details. These things were out of anyone's control but rather than whine and be brats, they still got up the stage and did their best.
I am proud of both Vincent and most especially Ae Ri.

The Winners and Special Awardees of the 2013 WCS
Now the Results!

In Third place and winners of the Bushiroad award is Team Thailand!

In Second Place and winners of the Brother award is Team USA!
I think the Brother award is for best in costume.

World Champions and winner of the NicoNico award, congratulations to Team Italy!
The NicoNico award is the People's choice award, votes from the streaming were the basis for this award.

Wasn't able to take photos of Team Japan. orz (need to get more exp in event coverage and quick photo snapping skills)
Team Japan bagged the Cyperius Award which is the best wigs award.

Team China gets the Joysound award which is the best in sound effects award.

Team Korea gets the AniStar award, or the best in performance award.

Observations on the crowd
I think it is safe to say that most of the audience were Japanese, but there were also a number of foreign spectators in the World Cosplay Summit.

Watching the event amidst the crowd, here are some things that I noticed.

First, the Japanese crowd is very polite.
They do not boo or jeer or shout unpleasant things.
If they love a performance they clap and cheer enthusiastically, if they don't like a performance they still clap politely, nonetheless.
I think this is really nice because one never has to experience the ever awkward and ultra disheartening silence from an audience.

In the Philippines, we get excited over lights on a costume.
In Japan, it didn't particularly wow the people. I guess they see it too often.
LED in a costumes didn't warrant much but Team Italy's laser beams were another story hahahah

The Japanese crowd loves skits with feels.
Yes, they highly enjoy dramatic performances and even go kilig for ones with kissing.
Not that they do not enjoy action packed performances, I just noticed that that the clapping and cheers were much louder for skits with romantic feels.
Everyone literally rejoiced for Team Spain's kissing scene, for example.
They like watching a performance with a good story. :3

Some event photos
Very few photos because I was focused on what was happening on stage... Apologies.

 Magic Knight Rayearth cosplay!
Nostalgic feels brought about by these beautiful ladies <3

 In Japan they line up to take photos of/with cosplayers.
So disciplined!
There were walls of photographers, too, but lines were not uncommon.

Me and my mom.
I was surprised that she came to watch the championship!
She even brought some of her friends along to support the Philippine team.

Me with Asha (the cute kid) and a male crossplayer.
Come to Japan and see the many crossplayers walking around, it's a hoot! :3

I enjoyed the event very much. :)
I look forward to next year and the time the Philippines gets to be a participating country.
Thank you so much to everyone I was with!

I hope next year more Pinoys come to Japan for the World Cosplay Summit as it really is an event worth experiencing. <3

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~


  1. Nice post. I haven't seen lots of videos after the big day so when I saw this i told myself to get the videos for personal offline use.

    Thanks for sharing others' viewpoints as well - I'm going to talk about this with my team. :)

  2. Oh, Team USA! I think the name of the duo is Cupcake cosplay. They are quite awesome, and most of their skits contain costume change! You should check them out in youtube =)