Saturday, September 14, 2013

Macross 30th Anniversary

^A few weeks back, I saw this flier at the subway station.
I said to myself... I MUST SEE THIS.
So I did. heheheh
Dragged my mom and off we went to the exhibit.
Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee flier for the 30th Macross Anniversary

When: 8 September 2013
Where: Matsuzakaya Hall, Sakae Nagoya
Outfit run down:
  • black tank top
  • Striped semi sheer top
  • Tribal skinny jeans
  • MAD colored hi-cut rubber shoes

Minimal make up too, because... I was lazy! hahhaa Yeah, I've been feeling very lazy lately...

Wore my new wig from Blue Beard, too. It's so lovely, deshou?

So went to the 30th Macross Anniversary Art Exhibit in Matsuzakaya Hall, 8th Floor.
It was my first time there, and man, was the building swanky.
The other floors are for shopping: filled with luxury brands and classy cafes. I thought to myself, what a very appropriate place for Macross to have their exhibit.

Photos weren't allowed, sadly.

The exhibit was filled with works from all the Macross Franchise.
There were some from the storyboards, blue prints and design concepts and some really nice artworks, some were even up for sale!
The artworks for sale weren't cheap either, I think I saw one going for around 180,000JPY
But I think, if you are a fan, then it is worth it.

At the beginning of the exhibit, one wall was dedicated to the heroines of all the Macross series.
Everyone from Lynn Minmay to Ranka Lee.
As I was looking thru their beautiful portraits, I didn't recognize the dark haired beauty at the end.
I came closer and read the name card.
Dang it!
Alto Saotome! hahahahaha Alto Saotome, I looked around and the others who just came in had the same reaction as me. hahahah Alto-hime is a heroine. hahahhaa
Good one, Macross peeps! XDDD

I enjoyed looking thru everything.

At the end of the gallery was the gift shop.

Everything was fairly cheap, stuff ranging from key chains, ref magnets, PSP pouches, shirts, mugs to CDs and art books were available.
I wanted to get the Sheryl Nome iPhone case but my phone is a Sony Xperia UL. orz

Got myself 3 art books and a post card set for a total of only 5,000JPY!
 Sheryl Nome Visual Collection

I am really glad I went to the exhibition. :)

Sheryl Nome from one of the art books
Just so beautifullllllllllll <3

Looking thru my loot, I then realized how before I wasn't really much of an "otaku"
I liked anime but it was my sister who was very patient in down loading and streaming series and I just joined in on watching, I was contented with just watching anime on TV hahahha
It was also my sister who read a lot of manga while I could barely read thru 30 chapters at max.
It was also my sister who proposed that we cosplay and it was her who picked who we'd cosplay for our first choice.
Well what do you know?
Minami is the real otaku and I just happened to hitch hike hahahahha

That was before though, now I buy toys and merch! I didn't use to before. heheheh
Now I have lots of figures and other stuff and the collection is growing.
I was also able to read thru more than 600 chapters of Naruto, too! hahahaha
Cosplays also piling up.
And now, I don't just go to cosplay-related events!
Wow, I am blooming into a real supportive fan! 

The thought is somehow funny to me.
What a change. :)

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~