PUCCA and GARU Cosplay

^Pucca and Garu!
I remember my sister going very crazy over Pucca when we were little.
She had clothes, bags, combs, slippers and almost anything Pucca, because parents always liked their kids having matching stuff, I got Pucca stuff, too. hehehehe

Then we got cable!
We watch Pucca and Garu in Disney Channel all the time.
Oh, fond memories.
Pucca is super cute and fun after all.
One slow day, as we were watching TV, and I was sifting through our scrap fabrics, Minami suggested that we cosplay Pucca and Garu.
And wow, there was actually enough scrap fabric to do so!
Keeping the left over fabrics from our other costumes did come in handy!

Pucca  is the eleven-year-old titular character of the Pucca series. She is hopelessly in love with the silent ninja Garu and is constantly trying to hug or kiss him.

More on Pucca @ Pucca Wikia

Costumes were very easy as the series is drawn in a very chibi, cute, fun and simple way.

As a cartoon series, it was cute!
But if we copied everything down then the costume would seem too plain.

That's why I decided to add Yuu and Mi to Pucca and Garu!
We followed the basic design and added touches here and there and ended up with a rather simple but not at all effortless design. :3

We can see that Pucca, originally, is wearing a red sweater/dress over black pants.
I decided on a plain red Chinese dress with black trims to stay within her color scheme.
The dress is made out of red katrina.

Pucca doesn't have bangs but I thought I'd look younger and cuter with it XD
Used my hair, clip on bangs and hair bun extensions.
I was going to skip contact lens and eye make up but then I decided that I can't close my eyes forever. ehehehehe

I know, I am too old for a supposedly 11 year old Chinese girl XD

I was going to use my brown contact lens for a more Asian look but I discovered them all shriveled up so I used my blue ones instead of not being able to see at all. >w<

Pucca cosplay

Garu, the ninja, seems to be wearing black over alls with a red heart on the chest.
Since he was a ninja, I decided to have Minami wear a black tunic made from katrina over a netted under shirt .

I made her red finger less gloves by cutting off the fingers of a plain and innocent pair of white gloves, then painted over with red textile paint.

Glad we had a boy cut black wig already, which we tied pigtails to.

Garu cosplay

The heart is made of red felt.

I cut up red geena silk fabric to make a belt and accents for the arms and knees.

Designed and made arm guards from rubber sheet in under 2 hours.
XD But wouldn't you know it? I ran out of red spray paint! orz
So I painted it with red textile paint, not a good idea especially up close but looks decent enough in pics. hahahahha
arm guards for Garu

Also made Minami a rushed card board katana as a prop.
Garu from Pucca

Almost everything for this cosplay was either on a budget cut or was rushed hahahah
We spent very little for this cosplay, truth be told XD
We did have lots of fun though, even if I did spend half the time with my eyes shut. hahahaha

I thought not a lot would know Pucca and Garu and their love story, or if anyone did, they'd mostly be in theirs 20s and up.
I was wrong though, kids jumped and screamed for Pucca and Garu! My sister did a fine job of keeping her code of silence which delighted the kids more. hehehe

Characters: Pucca and Garu
Cosplays by jaRoukaSama as Pucca and Minami as Garu
Series: Pucca
Costume, make up and props by Yuu 
photos by z3LL and GC Potente
2012, SM Megamall

 Pucca and Garu
Run, Garu, run! Pucca is gonna plant a big wet kiss on yah!
hehehehe brought felt hearts for my eyes hehehe

Garu is shy <3

 Minami has always felt that I was a Pucca XD
This is my best Pucca face hahahah

 Garu can not escape Pucca's love <3

 For extra measure, we printed out Pucca and Garu on some thick paper then stuck em on our backs so people would know who we are cosing as.

Though, we did hear some people asking if we were cosing Hen Lin

Whuuuut? Hen Lin is a Dimsum stall commonly found in the Philippines.
Funny, though, really funny. hahahah
How can two people be Hen Lin?! XD Plus our names were printed on our backs, man! XDD

Some people thought I was cosing as the mascot in the Chinese restaurant in Macross Frontier.
Possible, but no. heheheheh
A better guess than Hen Lin though XD hahahah

 Pucca: Funny Love

Pucca and Garu cosplay
If Minami felt I was a Pucca, then I feel she's a Garu, too.
All shy and silent but strong heheheh

Had a blast being the smiley faced, slit eyed Pucca.
It has been a long time since Minami and I did a pair cosplay and we really enjoyed it.
The kids, especially were awesome.
I think we should wear this costume again. hehehhe

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~


  1. Could you teach me how to do your Pucca hairstyle please? Really wanna cosplay as Pucca but I can't figure out a way to do the hair =l


    1. as stated in the entry, i used hair extensions to make my hair look big and poofy just like pucca's XDD

  2. I would love to know where you got the dress.

    1. hello! the dress is an original design by me and made by my personal tailor.