World Cosplay Summit 2013 part I

^After years of wanting, the Philippines is finally in the prestigious World Cosplay Summit, albeit currently as an observer nation.

What is the World Cosplay Summit?
WCS is an international cosplay event in Nagoya for fans of Japanese anime and manga to gather and create a new form of international cultural exchange. It includes the Nishiki Street Red Carpet Parade, the Osu Cosplay Parade and the main event, the World Cosplay Championship which takes two cosplayers to represent their country on a stage to determine the best cosplayer each year.

Participating countries include:
- United Kingdom
- France
- Spain
- Finland
- Denmark
- Germany
- Netherlands
- Italy
- Russia
- China
- Japan
- South Korea
- Thailand
- Malaysia
- Singapore
- Indonesia
- Australia
- U.S.A.
- Mexico
- Brazil

as of 2013, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Philippines have been accepted as observer nations
~Information taken from the WCS 2013 pamphlet being given away on the event.

Being a cosplayer, myself, I have been following news, updates and videos on WCS ever since I found out about it in 2010.
I just love how cosplay can bring cultures together; love for anime, manga and game can be a way to meet new people.
To some, the WCS is the Olympics of cosplay, to me, it is more like the United Nations of cosplay :)
Naturally, I wouldn't pass out on attending, also mad points that WCS is in Nagoya and very near where I live. heheheheh

I, myself dream of going on the WCS stage bearing the Philippine flag, sad that my present circumstances can not allow me to take part in the selection process but I am extremely happy that my friend Ae Ri is one of the Philippine representatives, along with Vincent Estapon.

Ae Ri and Me looking haggard while eating ramen for dinner, Thursday night
photo by Tessa

I've been really looking forward to WCS, made plans with my friend Lunaru who was coming all the way from the Philippines. I am really sad that we got some bad news a few days before the event, we didn't get to do our Hakuryuu x Morgianna cosplay... but there will be more opportunities for a pair up, I am sure of it.

Worked hard during the week and did my best to help out my friends as I did say I will do all that I can. Fortunately, Lady Luck decided to smile on us after putting us through some of the most "whyyyyyyyyy is this happening?!" moments.

This is NOT a full event report nor an analysis of the event.
I am merely writing down what happened and what my eyes saw.
This is the first World Cosplay Summit that I have attended and the first where the Philippines has taken part in so I'd like to properly remember it.
Hopefully, even though this isn't an event write up, the Philippines and Filipinos who will attend future WCS can pick something up from this entry.

3rd August 2013

Barely had any sleep, stayed with Ae Ri to help out and then went home to henshin to Saber then back to their hotel to help again for the Nishiki Street Red Carpet Parade.

Summer in Japan starts in June to about September-ish, it was a hot, muggy day and the sun was really bright. Believe me when I say that heat in the Philippines is nothing to the Japanese Summer, our summer isn't as humid or windless or painful to the skin.

The parade was sort of delayed but it did receive quite a good turn out.
There were a lot of people who went to see.

Picture op while waiting for the parade to start XD
hehehehe us making funny faces to pass time XDD

I stayed with Ae Ri, Vincent and the girls from Anime Alliance Philippines - Tessa and Minori until it was time for the participants to work the red carpet.
It was extremely hot. orz But we were dressed lighter than the Philippine reps so we did our best to keep them cool and hydrated.

Philippine delegation with the ladies in furisode who held up the signs for each country
Haseo Vincent, furisode oneechans, Freya Ae Ri, Saber Yuu
Minori and Tessa

Vincent's shoes is so Mother Monster worthy, so high and platform-y that he he had some difficulty walking XD
I am here as his walking stick XDD

I couldn't go in to the parade and in the special areas, which I didn't mind at all.
I actually liked that I watched the parade from the crowd's point of view.
I wasn't able to take good photos but standing in the crowd, it really made me feel elated hearing all the nice things that the people were saying about the Philippine representatives.
Made me tear up a little, tbh. hahahaha
All I heard was "Firipin sugee!" and "Firipin umai!".
Everyone was clearly amazed at how great the costumes our reps had, couldn't have been more proud. :)

I think I need some proper equipment... forgive the pics, all were taken using my phone cam.
Here are some photos of the Red Carpet Parade:
 Team Brazil

 Team Germany

 Team Finland

 Team China

 Team Indonesia

Observer nations on the red carpet:
 Team Vietnam

 Team Taiwan

 Last but not the least, Team Philippines!

 the sun's glare got my eye so I turned away from the red carpet for a few seconds and I saw this cosplayer heheheh
Yep, I think she is supposed to be the colossal titan in Shingeki no Kyojin XDD

Hachimaru, Nagoya's mascot character, also joins the parade, here he is accompanied by a lovely lass in a Rei Ayanami garb but with Hachimaru's trade mark chonmage

Even after the parade, I can still hear people talking about how awesome the costumes of the Philippine reps were. ^____________________________^V
This girl right here couldn't help but smile.

Everyone had roughly 4 hours of rest / prep time before the WCS Championship.
In that time, we went to AAP's hotel to recharge our gears, have lunch, take a short nap, go back to Ae Ri and Vincent's hotel for them to shower, make up, and change and then henshin to their competition costumes.
Unbelievable how all those things seem to be so few when written down but they seemed to take forever to do. hahahahha

The championship was held in Oasis 21, Sakae, Nagoya, Japan.

It's a marvelous structure.
Oasis 21
Here are some tips to anyone who will go to Oasis 21.
By Chikatetsu (subway): get on the Meijo line and alight at Sakae station, exit thru exit number 4 and you will immediately see Oasis 21

by Taxi: just say "Sakae no Oasis 21 onegaishimasu".
Everyone knows Oasis 21 BUT! do take note that it would be easier for everyone if you pronounce Oasis 21 in the Japanese way which is OH-WA-SHIS NI-JUU-ICHI

Final photo op before walking to Oasis 21 and parting XDD
LOL at how Vincent and I almost have the same smile XDD

Helping both Ae Ri and Vincent henshin took only 55 minutes, amazingly! hahahahha
Once ready, AAP along with our reps and me, walked to Oasis 21.
It's very near the WCS official hotel so it was no biggy.
All the participating countries were walking so we did, too. hahahha

It was past 5pm and the streets were full of people. 
Again, Ae Ri and Vincent were wowing people on the street. :)
Vincent and Ae Ri in their Monster Hunter costumes for the World Cospay Summit 2013.

This post is going too long with too many pics already so I'll cut it for now.
Next post: WCS Championship and observations!

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~


  1. Thank you for your wonderful insights. The photos made me feel like I'm in Japan too, cheering for Team Philippines. It got me teary-eyed when you said that even the Japanese were wowed by Ae ri and Vincent. It makes me proud to know that there are cosplayers who help and support each other. Thank you for sharing this! :)

  2. yay thank you yuu for everything!! I hope I can go back to Nagoya someday again para makabawi sayo hihi Take care alwayss!! *