World Cosplay Summit 2013 part II

^Part dos of my World Cosplay Summit  2013 experience!

For part one with tips on how to get to Oasis21, click here.

Continuing from my last post, by this time, I, along with the Philippine representatives Ae Ri and Vincent, and Anime Alliance Philippines, were at Oasis21 already.

It was still a bit early, not a lot of people near the stage yet but there were cosplayers EVERY WHERE.
Super Dolls was judging the Karaoke Contest at this time.
Saw Alodia and waved hello.

my WCS ticket

We accompanied Ae Ri and Vincent until the special enclosed area at the back of the stage.
AAP did lend me a WCS blue Support Staff pass but for this special area, only pink pass holders and the official representatives were allowed in.

We found Team China near the entrance and I think they were surprised to see that the Philippine team were in Monster Hunters costumes, too. hehehe

We had to say our good byes here.
Combed Ae Ri's bangs one last time and wished both her and Vincent good luck before leaving them to Tessa and Minori's hands.

Michael, went to find a good spot to cover the event and see the stage clearly.

WCS Story to Share
In all the hullabaloo, I forgot about my ticket. orz
This particular moment is something I would really like to share.
Early in June, with Lunaru's help, I had booked and paid for a seat to watch the WCS Championship.

WCS has been held in Oasis 21 since 2006. Oasis21 can hold 5,000 people and you can actually watch the championship from anywhere as the stage is in the middle of an open ground.
But if you want to watch in comfort, they sell tickets for the special area in front of the stage for the bleachers.

I booked online and paid via credit card.
I wasn't aware that I had to also claim said ticket at the TV Aichi Office.
I asked Lunaru and she said that tickets can be claimed near the stage, so I was pretty confident that I can just sit pretty upon arriving in Oasis 21.

I went to the stage area and found a booth there, I asked about the tickets.
My nihongo is still not good but I managed to talk to someone.
The first WCS marshall I talked to was finding it hard to give me directions so he got another WCS marshall, one who was a fluent English speaker, to talk to me.
The English speaking marshall told me that I had to go to the TV Aichi office, show them my confirmation email, then they'd give me my ticket.
He was kind enough to draw me a map, too.
The championship was at 7pm, which meant I still had plenty of time to go to the office and be back as it was just almost 6pm, he said that it was about a 7minute walk.

So I went out of Oasis 21 to claim my ticket, but after about 20 minutes of walking, I felt lost so I went back to Oasis 21.
I think it was the lack of sleep that jumbled my normally good sense of direction. Rather than waste time, I asked the people at the booth for help.
The English speaking marshall was no where in sight, but the other Japanese staff did their best to help me, I told them I tried going to the office and I got lost.
I must have looked so tired because the marshall (marshall#3 for the purposes of my story telling hehehe) I talked to passed me to another marshall (marshall#4) because he said he would do something about it.
Marshall#4 made a few calls, while marshall#3 ran off.
Marshall#4 called another marshall, who we will call marshall#5, to keep me company.
marshall#5 and I chatted a bit.
A few minutes later, Marshall#4 tells me my seat number. Yay!

I wasn't aware of the assigned seating, I thought you could sit anywhere in the special area, that's why I was so worried about the time! hahahah
Marshall#4 was even so nice to accompany me to my seat <3
About 5 minutes later, Marshall#3 pops up, hands me my ticket, a WCS sticker and my goody bag.
He went all the way to the office to get my ticket!

WCS loot bag contents
there were tons of fliers but I didn't bother taking photos of those anymore hahaha
also seen here is the Support Staff pass

I was really touched and amazed at how dedicated the whole WCS team and their staff was.
It wasn't hard to tell who to ask for help because all the WCS staff had on WCS shirts, most were Japanese but there also seemed to be a lot of staff from different counties.
If you don't know Nihongo or aren't very good, that is also not a problem because there are marshalls that can speak English.
WCS really is a very organized and well managed event, everyone in their staff was very willing to help and go the extra mile.
I have never felt this much dedication to help from an event marshall, EVER and this wasn't from one marshall! I felt that from the entire WCS staff!

WCS 2013 Championship Performances
I sat in 12-29.
Had a good view of the stage, not too close and not too far.
The championship started promptly.

the view from my seat

The judges were introduced and Team USA opened the competition.
The flow of the championship was so smooth that it shocked me.
It pretty much went like this: lights dim, introductory video of the Team, team performance, clean up, repeat.
No lags, no delays, smooth as a baby's bottom.
Clean up didn't even feel like it took more than 10 seconds!

This year, WCS teamed up with NicoNico so that people around the world can watch via streaming.
If you were not able to catch it, here are videos of the performance by Mario Urahara
I added some captions to my favorites :3

WCS 2013 Team USA
Tiffany Tezna and Cassandra May
Alice and Vivaldi Queen of Hearts (Heart no Kuni no Alice - Wonderful Wonder World)

I loved how they said nothing but I clearly got everything! Vivaldi's gown is just amazing!
Alice's dress transformation is my favorite part of their performance, it was blue then it wasn't anymore! Neat-o!
Vivaldi's facial expressions were also so queenly! <3

WCS 2013 Team United Kingdom
Erin Bower and Heather Lawrence
Terra Branford and Kefka Palazzo (Dissidia Final Fantasy VI)

WCS 2013 Team Thailand
Chittaworn and Pongwat
Raiden and Monsoon (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance)

WCS 2013 Team Singapore
Kuro and Jokumi Usui
Kosei and Samurai (Final Fantasy XI)

WCS 2013 Team Russia
Maria Avdonushkina and Anna Tsiplenkova
Queen Esther Blanchett and Abel Nightroad (Trinity Blood)

WCS 2013 Team Mexico
Genoveva Hernández and Karen Padilla
Cosmos and Thelos (Xenosaga)

WCS 2013 Team Malaysia
Tan Yee Gim & Kaien Yuu
Weng Yang and Wang Yi (Dynasty Warriors 7)

WCS 2013 Team Korea
Hong and Park
Zero and Copy X (Rockman Zero)

Their choreography was full of kicking and jumping, reminded me of my friends: the Adventure Team. Liked how their weapons were pleasing to the eyes because of the trail of light.
Just wished their costumes fitted better. XDD

WCS 2013 Team Japan
Mariko and Fran
Dracula and Alucard (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night)

Firstly, their costumes are really fabulously made, the capes are so swish-y and flowy!
Points for making full use of the stage and all their props were smartly used.
In the video, the sword fight seems a bit weak but if you watched it live, it was clean and their swords made those clink-y noises when they hit each other.
Just loved their performance to bits even though I am not a fan of the series.

WCS 2013 Team Italy
Massimo Barbera and Andrea Vesnaver

Their introductory video is just soooo funny!
I liked these guys as they were nice and friendly. They cam up to the Philippine reps during the parade to introduce themselves and even gave compliments, they were one of the few that did.
As you can see, their costumes towered everyone else's.
The laser beams were surprising but cool, though their swords were kinda flimsy.
Loved their comical skit, tis a rare and risky choice to go with something funny for cosplay competitions but when executed well, rakes in points, kudos to them.
The laser beams were surprising but cool, though their swords were kinda flimsy.

WCS 2013 Team Indonesia
Zainal Naru and Echow Eko
Ventus Armor and Vanitas (Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep)

I have to say, Indonesia is one of those counties that always ALWAYS produces great cosplays and performances. This year is no exception.
Love that their strikes actually hit each other. /winks
Indonesia's cosplay actually remind me of the Philippines hehehe
Action with a dramatic ending = thumbs up from me!

WCS 2013 Team France
Ally Sugiura and Ashan Améline
Madoka Kaname and Mami Tomoe (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

WCS 2013 Team Finland
Päivi and Satu Asikainen
Tenko and Luna (Queen'S Gate Spiral Chaos)

WCS 2013 Team Spain
Stephanie and Nairda
Garnet and Queen Brahne Zidan (Final Fantasy IX)

WCS 2013 Team Denmark
Mona Winther and Anne Sofie Andersen
Naga The Serpent and Lina Inverse (Slayers)

WCS 2013 Team China
Wang Wen Qian and Chen Xiao Ying
Bedio and Silver Sol (Monster Hunter 3G)

WCS 2013 Team Brazil
Monica and Mauritius Somenzari
Samura and Garuda (Final Fantasy XIV:A Realm Reborn)

WCS 2013 Team Australia
Christine Busby and Alyssea Nicole
Madoka Kaname and Homura Akemi (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

Really loved their performance, theirs is one of my top faves, I was so sure they'd place.
Loved their story and the costume change, too!
It felt like a lot happened in such a short span of time!

WCS 2013 Team Germany
Sakura Chiisai and Daniela Barmetler 
Yuki Cross and Yuki Koran (Vampire Knights)

Whew! That was another long post!
Next post will have the winners, my observation on the audience of the 2013 World Cosplay Summit, the observer nations' performances and some event pictures!
So stay tuned! :3

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