Monday, December 26, 2011

On Being Ninangs and Ninongs and their Inaanaks

^It's Christmas, parents dress up their kids nicely and set out to go visit their Ninongs and Ninongs.

A little chit chat and some food and drinks but really, aguinaldos are what they are looking for.

Ninongs and ninangs suddenly go missing at this time of the year.

And the hunt is on...

Ok, please raise your hands if you have an "inaanak".
I'm sure most of you out there is a Ninong or a Ninang whether you like it or not...

Ninangs and Ninongs translate to Godmothers and Godfather, inaanaks to Godchild or Godkids.

Up until recently, I have never thought about the true meaning of being somebody's Godparent.
When I was a kid, a ninong/ninong is someone you kiss or make mano to and in turn will give you presents or money. When I grew older, being a ninang myself, I saw inaanaks as little people who I owe, these kids may not know I am their ninang but their parents sure do and they never seem to forget that especially during the holidays.

Last November, I attended the Christening of Lyron and Mel's baby Cody. I've attended lots of Christening before, but this one was different. Not only because I whole heartedly accepted being this child's Godparent but maybe my sense of maturity has finally kicked in.

Lyron and Mel, proud parents to Cody.
Cody looking so adorable in his sailor outfit =)

Mind you, am not really religious but I attended the ceremony as I know how important being physically present at this kind of things is. Was even early hahaha As I stood there listening to the priest, everything finally sunk in...

A Godparent is someone who is supposed to help the parents in developing the child spiritually. It is someone who the parents chose because they feel that this person will be able to contribute to the child's upbringing and development. Maybe this is where all the money and presents idea about godparents grew from, now that you think about it...

Am not sure how many godkids I have, I honestly don't know all of them but there are kids who suddenly pop up at our house during Christmas and I find out right then and their that I am their Ninang.

It's not like I don't wanna be their ninang but if I were to be that someone who is going to help mold this child into an acceptable human being then I sure would be glad if I was given a heads up at the very least.
Sometimes, I don't know the kid and sometimes I don't even know who the parents are!
Ridiculous, right?

I have god kids even before I started working, these are what I call my inherited god kids.
Sometimes, our parents write down their children, us, as the godparents to take their place. Honestly parents, what are you thinking? How can a child be a second parent to another child?
I heard older members of my family say that they do this because they feel they are already too old to be godparents, but on the other hands, kids are too young! Jeeeeez...
Further more, dear parents, although you write your children as godparents and these kids may be the real god parents on paper, you are still the ones who go out and buy the presents for the inaanak. This is harsh but you are only fooling yourselves, don't you think? /sigh

The ninongs and ninangs assembled. Now officially kumares and kumpares. XDD

And what is it with Filipinos and getting inordinate numbers of ninangs and ninongs?!
Our best buds maybe one heck of an awesome friend but that does not guarantee that they can be awesome Godparents.
Please do consider quality over quantity.
If you are thinking more godparents equals = more funds for the kid's future then you most certainly are wrong.
I am very sure that your friends would not resent you if you do not list them down as godparents, being a god parent, now I believe is an enormous amount of responsibility and not everyone is up for it.

You can still be friends and invite them to your child's Christening with out making them ninongs and ninangs, you know.
I personally think that people who volunteer or agree enthusiastically should be the ones you choose as god parents, at least you'd be assured that they'd be committed to the task of helping a child grow into a person his or her parents would be proud of.

Parents of the child, remember to ask the person first and make sure if he or she would be totally dedicated to the child rearing process.
To the potential god parents, if you do not feel you are up to it or you can not take the responsibility, then I suggest you just decline politely. Don't be just another name on paper who will suddenly disappear when the child comes knocking.

To my dear friends or to anyone who would like to have me as their child's Godmother, I am honored at the thought and would happily accept if you really think that I would be up to the task, but I'll tell you this now, I am NOT the financial ninang type. I would consider it to be a privilege to be part of the child's life but do not expect to get money or lots of presents from me. XDD

Me with Cody ♥

As a Godmother, I'll smother the child with love, understanding and advice. XD
I'll do my best to be an active part of your child's life and to help him or her grow well.
Call me cheap but that's how I am. I won't go into hiding but your efforts would definitely wasted if your sole purpose is just to get presents from me. heheheheeh.
At least I gave out a warning. hehehehehehe

Rest assured, dear friends, that if and when the time comes that I knock on your doors and ask you to become a God parent for my child, I will not expect anything from you that I know you wouldn't be capable of. And this is a promise. =)

We are friend first and foremost, after all. I will do my best not let you down. ♥

I hope this has helped changed your views on the Godparent-god child relationship.

All photos are by z3LL, btw. Thanks so much for 'em! ♥

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  1. I loooove your hat, (ok totally unrelated)
    have fun being a ninang yuu!

  2. Maturity doesn't really come of age; it's in the mindset. I'm happy for you girl! :)

  3. this is why i spoil you w/ my love and care, dear nak! *hugs & kisses*