Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cosplay Myths - BUSTED part 6

^Part saiz!
Six, baby! Oh yeah!
My first cosplay related post for 2012! Yay!
Let's welcome the new year by busting more of those wrong impressions about our beloved hobby~ cosplay.

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Let's roll!

~Myth 16: There is hierarchy in the cosplay community.

This is the truth!!! In fact... I am the Shogun of Cosplay! mwahahahahaahhahaahahahhahahahha *evil laugh with lightning and thunder in the background*

Mr. Burns from the Simpsons has an awesome evil laugh XD

Kidding aside, no, there is no truth to this and I will continue to deny it until there is no more air to breathe. Exaggerated much? heheheheheh

Sometimes unverified claims circle around for so long, that some (or probably most) people seem to think of it as the truth.

Personally, I think that labels are only for inanimate objects, labels and people don't go well together. I think I said this before, but lemme just repeat it. When you divide and label people, of course there will be those who will be on top and then there's also gonna be people at the bottom. No one likes being at the bottom of the food chain, when you divide people and they are placed in the lower rings of course they will do their best to fight their way up and be placed on the spot that they think they really deserve. Labels only bring about insecurities, conflicts and unwanted drama which we really do not need.

So, I say this again, there is no such thing as titles, labels or hierarchy in the cosplay community. Cosplay is not a Sagala where princes and princesses, muses and escorts or kings and queens are needed.

~Myth 17: You must apply or audition to be a cosplayer.

Cosplay is a hobby, if you want to cosplay, do your homework, equip yourself with knowledge, get your costume down and just do it. You don't have to join a contest or even apply or audition to be a cosplayer.

Cosplaying aint a job or a role that you have to apply for but really, I've seen people asking stuff like "I wanna be a cosplay model, how can I apply?" Seriously. *shakes head*

Unless you are joining a cosplay competition, you don't need to register or submit any kind of form to cosplay and be a cosplayer.

~Myth 18: An FB fan page is needed to be considered a cosplayer.

Admittedly, I did make an FB page for all my cosplays. I have friends in the community who also made an FB page for their cosplays, I am not saying that we are the only ones allowed to do it but if you really want to start cosplaying/ be a cosplayer, it is not a must. You are not required to. I made my page because I wanted a more organized way of of sharing my art and the stuff I was selling, what ever your reason is, if you really want to make a page then go, just make sure you are sharing relevant content and you don't force people to "like" em pages. 

And honestly, it can be hard to maintain, too. Making pages in FB is easy and anyone can do it but if you are gonna make a page at least put relevant stuff in it, do not steal other peoples' work, do not impersonate and do not spread wrong information, not only is it against the law but it is highly distasteful.

Hmmmmm this post seems too uhmmmmm sensitive, oh well, Imma post it anyway. hahahahah
These misconceptions won't go away unless we clarify them.
I want to say more but meh, I think that's enough.

As per usual, read with an open mind. I don't want any drama or brawls, I'll take you on but it is really just a waste of time. If my words have offended anyone, I am deeply sorry.
This blog entry was not intended to hurt anyone in particular but only intends to inform.

Let's keep it classy, guys.
thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~

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