Cosplay Myths - BUSTED part 4

^Not a trilogy!
We have reached part 4, ladies and gents!
So many myths to bust, so little time.
Why do I continue to blog about this stuff, anyway?
Because, my dear, I believe that this is something some of you really ought to know, if you already know it then maybe you need some reminding, too.

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Eli x Nozomi cosplay

Anyway, as my Officemate Gani says "Let's do this!"


Now, where did any of you get this?

Cosplay is the contraction of the words Costume and (role) Play. In cosplay, there is a character which you try to mimic as closely as possible physically (by copying their outfits, hairstyle, hair color, eye color, etc.) and thru portrayal.

In fashion there is no one you are portraying but your self. It is you presented in the way you choose to. You are the gift and how you are dressed is the packaging. =) You may be wearing inspired from something or some one but it is still you. That is what makes it different from Cosplay and I hope you get how different the two are.

"I am wearing a wig and I have colored contact lens on, I am cosplaying".
If there is not an existing character that you are trying to imitate then, I am sorry, that is not a cosplay.

"I am wearing something unique and not at all your daily kind of thing, I am cosplaying".
Unique clothing = Style = Fashion therefore NOT COSPLAY.

Lolita is a Fashion, Harajuku is a Fashion, Decora is a Fashion, Visual Kei is also considered a fashion, Punk is also a Fashion, Ganguro is also a Fashion, Goth is also a fashion. Random school girls, neko girls, maids or asian kids are not considered as cosplay. To sum it up how Koreans and Japanese and other nationalities dress up is a fashion and to some extent a culture and is NOT COSPLAY.

Now, what about characters in their casual attires or dressed up in a certain fashion? Always go back to what Cosplay means, Costume and (role) Play.
If there is a character that is being portrayed and the portrayal is good then I believe it is alright. Never forget that costume and portrayal should always be together. If you are going to do trials or casual attires or other versions of your character then learn your characters well first. If it is something that you think your character will never do or wear then don't. Simple as that.

Btw, nude cosplay will NEVER be COSPLAY!!! grrrrrrr

I am not targeting anyone here, I am just exercising my freedom of speech. So if anyone got offended, I am sorry, it is not my intention to hurt anyone's feelings.

My Megurine Luka cosplay in a Yukata. Intermission for your tired eyes.

~Myth # 11: When you cosplay, have a plushie of your character or bring a stuffed animal.

Uhmmmmmm... No. Not really.
I often see this especially in conventions. Just so you know, young ones, it is not necessarily so. If your character is not moe or at all cutesy then you don't need that extra bout of cuteness that plushies or stuffed animals bring.

Well unless you are cosplaying Stocking from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt then a honekoneko would really be cute. 

If you have studied your character well and you have never seen that character with a stuffed animal, then don't bring one.

I wonder why some cosplayers even bring this kind of stuff, for me (again I stress the words "for me"), it is just another thing to worry about. You'd have to carry that thing around the WHOLE TIME. You already have to constantly check that your belongings are still complete and nothing is lost, check if your wig is still in place, check if your make up is still ok and lots more.

There is already a lot that you have to worry about, not to mention the people you are with, so if you have a lot of things that you are holding, chances are something will be neglected and might get lost. 

Do you really want an added hassle?

I understand that props are fun, but it should be something that the character you are portraying can be identified to.

Oh and another thing, if you really must bring a stuffed animal or a plushie, do make sure it isn't filthy or any where near molting, please. Thank you so much.

The early version of my Megurine Luka cosplay heheheheh Intermission again.

~Myth # 12: In the cosplay community, every one knows each other.

Well, yes and no.

With the surge of new cosplayers in every convention or gathering, it is hard to keep track of every one. There are some who lie low and come back after hiatus, there are some who only go to selected conventions, you can not expect that those who have been doing it for a long time will know the fresh faces, and fresh faces can not be expected to know veterans.

I do admit that I do not know every one in the community, I'd like to if it were 

We may know each other by name or by face only.
I do believe that it is certainly a great deal of luck when you get to know fellow enthusiasts on a personal level. I sure am blessed that i have gotten a lot of close friends from this hobby.

But just so you know, not everyone who cosplays knows each other on a 
personal level, but somehow we are all connected because of our passion.

And just to clear it up, I do know Alodia Gosiengfiao, what cosplay enthusiasts especially those that live in the Philippines, doesn't?
But we are not friends as I have not had the opportunity of knowing her on personal level. That's just it. hehehe

My Dead Master cosplay, another intermission XD

That's long enough so imma end this, for now at least hehehe

Thank you so much for continuing to read my entries. I really appreciate the support, guys! 

Again, like what I always say, if I have offended some people, I do apologize.
This blog entry was not intended to hurt anyone but only to inform.

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~


  1. I very much agree with your ideas regarding these myths. Sadly though that even if most cosplayers nowadays know that, they really don't pay attention.

    As for myth #10, I think it should be called Fashion Cosplay... kaya? XD

  2. Love ya Jarouka-sama! I hope there're more installments ahead.

  3. 12: In the cosplay community, every one knows each other.
    -> Ay nako, tama yung sabi mo na yes and no. There are those who assume just because they've seen you in conventions and they chatted you up for a like 2 minutes THEY KNOW you already and once they found your FB account they add you as if YOU'RE FRIENDS in real life...

    Ummm we all know that doesn't work that way.

  4. @wryan: true true, it really is sad that people dont seem to really care anymore.

    @rialey: thank you so much^^ :heart:

    @sese: yeah XD some are very fc, and people assume that cosplayer = friends with alodia, automatically.

  5. I agree with Sese.. but I'm still glad that we became friends easily after just a few photoshoots.. (we're friends right?? T_T)

    anyway, I dont like it too when congoers think they're cosplaying when they're wearing lolita or something.. Its a bit the same when cosplayers wear their costumes on kpop events.. But i think wala na nagccosplay sa kpop events no?

  6. @reika: yes we are, and i love that we were able to get close to each other. who knew cosplay can be a great way to bring people together?

    meron pa din nagccosplay in non cosplay event orz

  7. Q A Q THIS. May I use this reference in an article that I'm going to write? People in my area still see cosplay as fashion and this INSPIRED me

  8. @schwarzweiß: sure, I dont mind. just please credit or link it back to me. would very much appreciate it. =3