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Saturday, April 30, 2016

7th Cosplay Anniversary Give Away!~

^In honor of my 7th year of cosplay, I have decided to do a give away!
yay! /dances the macarena hahahaha
I actually forgot about it... Our anniversary is actually in April but better late than never, right?

Read on for the mechanics!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

World Cosplay Summit 2015 Day 2

^Day 2!
hahahahaha Oh no, Day 1 was so crazy that I had forgotten to mention that Lunaru arrived late evening and we went out to dinner with her and some new friends.

For World Cosplay Summit 2015 Day one, click here.

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1st August, 2015
Day 2 of World Cosplay Summit 2015 - Championship Performances

We were so tired from yesterday and the heat was so intense that we had so much trouble getting out of bed...
But we managed! Although our schedule did get ruined. haha

I tried to look nice but the heat honestly was too much. I tried and eventually realized that I gave no fooks so... hahahaha
Chesra wins the best dressed award through out our WCS adventure. hahaha

So anyway, we managed to get out of the hotel by lunch because heat or no heat, we were hungry.
The Nishiki Red Carpet parade was happening as we walked outside but the reps were still nowhere to be found.

over at the back, people are crowding over the red carpet,
 waiting for the Nishiki Red Carpet parade to start

Thursday, September 3, 2015

World Cosplay Summit 2015 Day 1

^World Cosplay Summit event log!
I know I know, it is already September but I was *cough* busy.

Anyway, it looks like WCS is shaping up to be my only yearly cosplay-related event.
But hey, WCS is one of the biggest and major events in Japan and it so happens to be in Nagoya so I ain't passing up on that.

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Or if you want to see the year before that, check out my 2013 WCS event log!
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31st July, 2015
Day 1 of World Cosplay Summit 2015

Woke up pretty early as I had intended to meet up Chesra and Nikki at our hotel.
They were coming from an overnight bus ride from Tokyo, they were both tired and Japan in summer is a killer.
So I told them, if they wanted to take a bath or something (our hotel check in is at 2pm and it was about 8am) they can come to my mom's house.

They agreed and I picked them up from Kanayama station and we went to mommy's house for breakfast and bit of rest.

WCS is super awesome but Nagoya and summer... errrrrr...

We had intended to stay for only a short while but it has been a long time since we saw each other and summer heat... so we ended up just talking in comfort with the airconditioner on until lunch hahahaha

In front of the Brother show room. Early so no make up faces coz either way
 it was just gonna melt under the summer sun...

Monday, August 17, 2015

How to Improve Your Cosplay

^To make it up for my previous mean post entitled "Why Your Cosplay Sucks", as promised, I am here now to share some tips on how to improve your cosplays.

First off, these are simple tips for the general improvement of one's cosplays and not for one particular character.
It is already a given that proper application of make up and techniques, posing, costume making, material and fabric knowledge, prop construction and wig styling skills are needed to make a satisfactory cosplay but we should also keep in mind that those skills are honed thru time and experience.

In no particular order, here are simple ways to make your cosplay's a bit better.

Most especially for suits, uniforms, and capes. Why? It looks better and it feels better.
Pressed lines make for a cleaner and more polished feel especially if your character is from royalty, a student or needs to look good in a business suit.

It also looks better in photos when your costume is void of wrinkles and creases. ;D

Princess Emeraude
this costume required major ironing or else it wouldn't look as nice
plus it is white, just a tiny speck of dirt or stain will ruin the royal feel

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


^Ah! My Goddess or Ah! Megami-sama is one of the series that left a mark on me.
I don't remember everything about it, but I remember how I felt about the series.

I remember thinking how wonderful Belldandy was.
Admittedly, Belldandy is not the typical strong sassy onechan type I love cosing.
She is much more docile but still strong in her own way.

Belldandy is a Goddess from Heaven, like for reals, that's how the story goes, she is a Goddess 1st Class 2nd Category with Unlimited License working in the Goddess Relief Agency.

Well, she's a goddess. What else do you need?

Belldandy has a nice round face, not so thin and not really fat and not bombshell sexy, just right. She has long shiny beautiful hair. She's nice, she's caring, she's smart and everybody likes her. She can talk to animals and spirits and ask the elements for assistance.
She can cook, she can clean, she can sew!

She may be a bit naive but overall... I think, the reason I like her so much is because I think Belldandy is the ideal woman who will eventually be the perfect wife and mother.
She isn't just beautiful physically, her heart is so beautiful and capable of so much acceptance and love.
She's nice but you don't mess with a goddess!