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Monday, November 10, 2014

Zipangu Wig Review

^This is my first Japan bought wig and as such a review is highly necessary.

Ok, here is the wig review for the wig brand ZIPANGU.

This wig was bought in person from a physical shop called Maple Wig Shop.
The wig shop is glorious, way faster than browsing through albums and albums of photos from different online wig shops.

Maple had catalogues on hand but what was amazing is their display of wigs.
I couldn't take photos. Fortunately, in their website, there are photos so you can see how glorious their shop is.

Saturday, October 25, 2014


^Paradise Kiss cosplay!
And with a mathematical group to boot!

This cosplay came together because of Sese and Ian.
One night, at our usual post-con dinner, they set me aside and told me their plan of organizing a Paradide Kiss cosplay group.
They both thought I'd make an awesome Isabella.
XD I like Paradise Kiss, the story was nice but no one particularly stood out to me.
I was hesitant to accept as I had too many cosplay plans myself and I had some budget problems.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

World Cosplay Summit 2014 Day 2

^Day 2 of the World Cosplay Summit 2014 adventure!
After dinner, well, we did some catching up.
Nah, I think it was more than some as we were up so late talking about what ever hahahaha
Oh! How I missed sleep overs and friends /sniff

For Day 1 of WCS 2014 and pre-WCS Adventure with Atom check out the links.

Anyway, Day 2!

3rd August, 2014 
Day 2 of the World Cosplay Summit 2014

Cosplayers and enthusiasts at Osu-Kanon

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Heroine Make Eyeliner

^Is this a review?
Maybe more of a recommendation hahahahah

Product: Heroine Make "Kiss Me" Liquid Eyeliner in Black
Heroine Make
Kiss Me Liquid Eyeliner in Black
brush tip is 0.1mm

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Group Cosplays

^Nothing beats an awesome cosplay...
... Unless it's an awesome GROUP COSPLAY!!! Oh Yeah!

Seeing a character we like excites us but seeing a character with their gang just gets us all jumpy and even more giggly, right?

So today, let's talk about group cosplays: How to plan and maybe make it better so everyone has a good time and awesome cosplay.

It's always easier to go solo. I mean, you're already stressed with your own costume, so you don't need anymore additional stress from other people's costumes, right?
But admit it, sometimes it is lonely and it's always awesome to spazz over a fandom with friends.

Group cosplays are great because it is another way for you to get to know people and their abilities but be careful, because sometimes working in teams can also strain relationships.

Here are things to remember when you are in a team or will be in one:

*Pick your team wisely.
Pick people that can be relied upon, it sucks when team mates do nothing or whine a lot or don't show up with out any explanation. Surround yourself with people that are positive and have the same goals.
Remember, you will be communicating / spending time with these people for quite some time.
You don't want to be hanging out with people you can't stand, right?

You can always form a team with your buds but a great way to get to know new friends is inviting or asking new people to be part of your squad. And sometimes, even the best buddies make such horrible team mates so choose wisely.

Paradise Kiss cosplay group
Miwako Sakurada by Sese, Arashi Nagase by Abu,
George Koizumi by Devian Grey, Yukari "Caroline" Hayakasa by Jin,
Isabella Yamamoto by me and photo by JRJS