Saturday, July 13, 2013

My Cosplay Notebook

^Don't you just hate it when you forget something for your cosplays?
Having the costume incomplete after working so hard kinda nulls all your effort, don't it?
Especially for big events and photos!

Source: Cosplay Memes

Once, me and my sister went to an event all excited because it had been so long since we went out to cosplay, we changed into our costumes and then as she was putting on her wig, we discovered that we only brought the clip ons. The base wig had been left behind.
It was such a bummer... We didnt't feel like cosing any more after that, and to think we traveled more than three hours to get to the event and spending another hour with make up and prepping... /sigh

Well, I have always loved makings lists.
I have notebooks for almost everything, paper and pen can be seen strewn around our house because you never know when an idea will hit you or when you'd learn something that you don't want to not remember. 
My notebooks XD
Seen here are my Ramon Bautista (I love you RB! I wish to meet you someday! hahahaha /flails) notebook where I write down the series I am currently following so I always know where I am and info I get when watching TV and stuff XD.
My miku covered notebook for my cosplays.
Mori covered notebook is my planner.
Hunter x Hunter note pad for my ideas and lists of stuff I need to buy and the like.
Red notebook is for budgeting and financial matters.
I actually have more but I was too lazy to take them from their places XDDD

Anyway, I wanted to share my cosplay notebook as it has helped lots of times with my cosplays.
My cosplay notebook
Covered with Miku Stickers and seen here is saber lion because reasons XDD

I started my cosplay notebook so I can organize all my cosplays.
Been really handy. :)

In it, I have a list of all the characters that I and my sister have cosplayed, with info such as character name, series, when and where worn.
I put marks to which ones just debuted, which ones need proper documentation (by this I mean, ones that need a proper photo shoot) and which ones have been sold already.

I also have a checklist for each costume I have.
This is the main purpose of my notebook, so that I NEVER forget any component of my cosplay.
I also have little drawings on it hehehe for stuff like which side the bangs of the character should be or the placement of accessories.
These help me in dressing up and making sure everything is as it should be.

When I have a character that I'd like to cosplay, I study it and take down notes.
I write down what I need to prepare, what accessories and some ideas for execution.
Kurei Mori plans
Now you know one of my plans hehehehe XD

Princess Emeraude plans
Just another example, this one has already been executed.

This is outdated but I also list down my contact lens, when I first used them so that I know when they expire.
You put them in your eyes, one can not be careful enough.
Which reminds me! Need to get new ones. hehe

As another extra precaution, I also have print outs of the characters stashed in the pockets of my notebook.

If a cosplay of mine needs improvements, I also write those down so I don't forget.

In my notebook, I also have the very very very long list of my cosplay plans and dreams hahahha
I also have in it, the progress of each costume I am working on and what needs to be done further.
I also include notes on make up and wig.

Having my cosplay notebook with me has actually made my cosplays run smoother and the chances of forgetting anything has dwindled.
I am not saying you should have one, too, but it does help.
Well, it helped me. heheheheh

One time, a friend of mine saw me prepping for a cosplay and I had my cosplay notebook propped up against the mirror and I was checking it every few minutes.
My friend said it looked like I was cooking, following the instructions off a cook book. LOL

My cosplay notebook has helped me keep track of a lot of cosplay related things.
Specially in the making of costumes and not forgetting anything for a shoot.
Why not give it a try?

Tsuruya cosplay

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~


  1. haha ang cute ng sulat mo sempai

  2. Wow! I love your list! I only make a basic list of my makeup sets and just mentally check the ones of my cosplay. Thanks for this. :)

    1. used to do that to, but actually kaya may list para pag tinatamad ako, I can ask someone to gather my costume for me and it would be easy hehehehe

  3. i have the same thing~ *A*

    except for the c.lens thingy .. i should add that. >__<

    thanks ate yuu <3 :D

    1. you should! madali malimutan when lens expires. hehehe glad to help sweetie <3

  4. After seeing this post, I am not actually planning to have my own cosplay notebook. Weee! /Inspired. <3

  5. I'm planning to make this one in first, but idk what to write. When i see your cosplay NB, finally i got idea! and making it mine now ~ :3 thank you! :)