Sunday, July 14, 2013

Art of Ian Cartalaba : Open for Costume Commissions and more

^Need a trusted person to make your cosplay costumes?

I highly recommend, Ian Cartalaba
Ian is a fashion enthusiast, a stylist, a photographer and a cosplayer, too.
Being a cosplayer, he doesn't just make costumes, he understands the needs of cosplayers, too.

What can Ian make?
>>> Most fabric dominant costumes, ranging from L's white long sleeves, seifukus, to gowns and men's suits.
>>> Small accessories like hats, head pieces, earrings and the like.
>>> Shoe covers, even those made with leather.
>>> Can also make regular clothes and help with your fashion ventures /winks

How to commission Devian Grey?
>>> Step 1: Message his Facebook page : Art of Ian Cartalaba

Make sure to attach reference pictures or mention the name of the character and what series it is from so he can help you.

>>> Step 2: Discussion on costume development, fabric selections, time-frame and price quotations.

Here you need not be shy, tell him what you want.
What kind of fabric you prefer, if you know very little about fabrics, he will help you.
But please tell him stuff like for example you want patterned or plain fabrics, special personal touches and trimmings added, if you want pockets sewn in and stuff like that so he can give you more accurate quotations.

>>> Step 3: Once you've reached an agreement, send him your accurate measurements and a decent whole body photo to give him an idea of your body frame.

If you don't know how to take measurements, he will teach you.

>>> Step 4: Send him at least half of the cost as down payment for assurance and security.

>>> Step 5: Keep in contact with each other. Here he will share WIPs and you can tell him your concerns if there are any.

>>> Step 6: If everything is done in time, then he will show you a detailed photo set of the whole final product.

You then send him the remaining half of the price + shipping fee.

>>>Step 7: Once you receive your items, he would appreciate if you share your cosplay photos and stories wearing his work from the photoshoot or conventions you went to.

He enjoys seeing them and he'd love to showcase them in his page, too.

Who can commission Ian?
>>> Anyone as long as they would pay, I guess heheheh.
He accepts commissions in the Philippines AND those from other countries.

Willing to meet up?
>>> Yes, he actually prefers meet ups and does so in local conventions or in SM Megamall or SM Manila but he is open to also meeting clients somewhere in the middle.

Do not hesitate to ask him so you can both figure out the best time, date and place favorable for both parties.

He can also take your measurements and talk about the costume and receive payment on meet ups.

What modes of payment does he accept?
>>> Prefers Paypal or payment on meet ups.
He does accept payment thru BPI, Unionbank or LBC, too.

>>> Keep in mind that shipping fees will be shouldered by the client and fees vary depending on distance and weight of the items.
Though will do his best to provide you with reliable courier options.

How to contact Ian?
>>> He is based in Santa Mesa, Philippines.
He can be reached thru his Facebook page : Art of Ian Cartalaba

I am very satisfied with his works and hence recommends him to my dear readers.
So far, he has made my:
1. Isabella Yamoto skirt (fabric was provided by me)
Isabella : Paradise Kiss cosplay

2. Megurine Luka Love Ward costume (fabric/materials provided by me, especially love how he did my nurse cap <3)

3. Nurse Joy costume (fabric also provided by me, had the apron and dress made)

The following costumes are my latest commissions from Devian Grey.
These ones were all done by him, fabric provided by him and made with my instructions via internet communication.
For these, we did not meet at all, but he did wonderfully well.
4. Saber dress

5. Ren Hakuryu costume
Yes, the Ren Hakuryu costume is lacking in some details but as we discussed, I had it made that way as I wanted to add my own touches to it.

jaRoukaSama's general comments on Ian Cartalaba's works:
I am particularly picky about fabric, but Devian Grey has provided me works that are to my liking.
I was worried at first because I was afraid that he would not be able to get what I want in terms of fabric, but he did.
There are some things that he forgot with my Hakuryu costume, but these are very little and negligible things that can easily be fixed and I do admit that I bombarded him with instructions heheheh
His sewing is clean and the costumes are packed neatly when ever I get them.
If I weren't happy, I don't think I would be recommending him or would be asking him to make more of my costumes :3

As for the price, I believe his price is very reasonable, both for the material and labor.
Actually, I think he charges lower than most costume makers locally, but the quality is very good.

So, yes, I will definitely have Devian Grey make more costumes for me and I do recommend him to you.


Devian Grey gets 
If only he did bigger props, he'd get 5 stars. XD
But he is very accommodating, his works are clean and well made and the prices are good.

Dear Ian, keep up the great work!
Continue honing that talent! You are very sure that you have me as a loyal customer :)
Thanks for helping me with my cosplays!

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~


  1. Does he still make costumes? How affordable are his rates per costume?

    1. yes, he does. he can make full costumes and charges depending if you would provide materials or not.
      i usually provide the materials, for those he charges anywhere from 500 to about 1500 PHP.
      for when he will do the hunting for materials and more complicated works, it is usually 2000 to 5000 PHP but I say it is money well worth it since hed be doing all of the work ;D