ELI AYASE Cosplay : 7 Lucky Gods

^Get me out of this Love Live helllllll!
Every time I say "Yay! Finally! I'm over Love Live!", they come out with new outfits that make me eat my words again and again... :(

Anyway, slowly but surely I am getting to finish Love Live costumes and shooting them.

Eli Ayase was a spur of the moment cosplay, I saw her costume for sale in Mandarake-Nagoya.
Jess saw a Nozomi Tojo version in the Mandarake near her place.
We bought the costumes and that is how we came to be Eli and Nozomi. hahahahha

This 7 Lucky Gods version was really eye-catching and reasonably priced.
It was so easy to let money slip out of our hands for it. hahaha

The costumes we bought were about 75% complete.
Mine for instance lacked the wig, shoes, and the tiara.
All easily attained, or so I thought. hahahahha

Finding the right colored shoes were the easiest, I thought.
It was spring when we bought the costumes as I recall. There were so many bright colored shoes at that time.

But we only started working on the remaining parts of our costumes towards the end of fall.
So the fashions and colors have drastically changed.
Bright blue, and purple heels were nowhere to be found. orz

What to do???
Buy the cheapest pair of heels in a light color and just modify.
Again, I thought this was an easy cosplay. I didn't do my usual research before proceeding with the costume.

I grabbed the cheapest heels and whoop dee doo!, when I arrived home to paint it, the heels were actually in the wrong shape. aurghhhhhh
I spent good money on those shoes so I wasn't going to chuck 'em and I was already tired and didn't want to spend more money on subway costs.

modified shoes for my Eli Ayase cosplay

I don't remember why I was in a rush then but I didn't think of priming the shoes before spray painting. The shoes looked good but when I walked in them the paint started to crack and I had to re-do everything hahahahhuhuu /stabs self

Then the brooch for the obi, it suddenly died on me hahahaha So I made a new one.
Then the rest of the costume and the little details looked plain to me so I spruced up the costume and made alterations here and there.

7 lucky gods Eli Ayase costume
before and after

I also tried my hand at using worbla!
It was sooooo fun and honestly easy!
I made the tiara with the sample sized worbla I got in Tokyo.
I am so proud of it hahahahah! Shout of thanks to senpai Gladzy for the tips.
I am honestly a worbla noob. hahahahha

Love Live : 7 Lucky Gods tiara for Eri Ayase

Weeks later, the costume was completed.
But finding the perfect wig was a nightmare.
Let's leave it at that, it was too much of a heart ache, though I am glad I had Chesra share in my pain. hahahahha We really reaffirmed our friendship through this ordeal. hhahahaha

And finally we were able to shoot this cos!
With who else but the best photographer who knows my angles well, z3LL! hhahaha

It was our first shoot for the year of 2016!
Also our first time in Oh! Sta Cosplay Studio Nagoya.
We were all pretty pooped out from our trip to Nagashima Spaland (it says spa land but its an amusement park hahaha) from the day before so we weren't able to get up and leave as early as we planned.
Upon arriving at the studio it was also shocking to find it fully packed!
Guess everyone was on holiday and same as us, wanted to get some shooting done.

The cosplay studio isn't as breath taking as the ones in Tokyo but still good enough!
Jess and I were so rusty hahahaha We didn't know how to smile and pose properly anymore hahahha

But z3LL being z3LL, awesome as he is, still got shots that were so post worthy.

It was really great. :)
We were supposed to go to the Illumination park in Nagashima but we were so tired.
So the three of just had dinner and spent some quality time together.

Character: Eli Ayase / Eri Ayase
Cosplay by: jaRoukaSama
Series: Love Live! School Idol Project

Version: 7 Lucky Gods
Photos by : z3LL

with Soleil Asalune as Nozomi Tojo

Now to the photos! weeeeeee!
I apologize because I had forgotten Eli's floaty shawl thingy... I AM SORRY orz

Eli Ayase : 7 Lucky Gods
photo and upload by z3LL

Nozomi and Eli : 7 Lucky Gods

Eli x Nozomi : Love Live : 7 Lucky Gods

Eli Ayase : 7 Lucky Gods
this is my favorite shot as you can see the shoes I worked hard on LOL

7 Lucky Gods : Eli Ayase

Nozomi x Eli : Love Live : 7 Lucky Gods

Some BTS and after photos. for fun hehehhe
How z3LL captures his shots hahaha

Too pooped to go to the Illumination park so we went to an arcade instead and lucky them, they won some prizes from the crane game! 

Might as well enjoy the Illumination park poster hahahhaa
have a gander at out wide foreheads hahahaha

I kinda feel I didn't do so well as Eli... BUT I HAVE TO REDEEM MYSELF!
I shall try another Love Live character mweheheheh

It was really great working with z3LL again and cosplaying with Jess.

Thanks so much for reading my Eli Ayase : 7 Lucky Gods cosplay write up!

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~