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^I started playing Ragnarok online when I was in high school, it all started because of envy or probably boredom. XDD My then boyfriend would play and he'd take me along so I can just sit there and watch, not very fun. -__-" I wanted to try but I have this part of me that doesn't like doing things I am not good at, so I asked my friends to teach me how to play Ragnarok. It all pretty much started from there. When ever I play online games, my chara is always from the Assassin job or anything close to it.

I love Ragnarok so much that I wanted to cosplay my favorite job class. Although I do have to admit that I am no longer an avid player as life and other stuff have beaten me to it. Am not that updated anymore, but still, I wanted a Ragnarok cosplay.

I initially wanted to just be an Assassin but I figured, I might as well go all out if ever I am gonna cosplay from Ragnarok Online, I saw the Guillotine Cross and oooohhh mama, I had a nose bleed because of the uber hot design. Fine! I did not get a real nose bleed! But you get what I mean XDD Super sexy is just not for me, or that's what I thought then, at least. hhehehehehhe

Anyway, the Assassin Cross or Sin X was just right for my taste and qualifications so I went with it.

Back then, I have never been to a single Level Up event and I wanted to go so badly, I thought maybe this would be my chance, but my Sin X did not make it on time so it was another pass for LU Live, boooooo!

Instead, I am still happy that my Sin X along with my sister's Soul Linker costume made it in time for our first anniversary of cosplaying. It was also lucky that we had really nice costumes when Hexlord came to visit the Philippines for the first time. :p

Here's a bit of information on the Assassin Cross

Assassin Cross or Sin X from the online game Ragnarok

An elite group of assassins.
The Assassin Cross utilizes stealth and confusion in order to land the perfect killing blow. The Assassin Cross has a huge repertoire of lethal arts including ultimate mastery of poison-use, better than the original assassins. With these new skills, the Assassin Cross now has a wide choice of brutal methods to overcome opponents. All without ever leaving the shadows...

Cool, eh? See why I love em?

I also have to note that my Sin X cosplay is not a hundred percent accurate as I had to compromise some of the parts to make myself look decent. I want to still improve this cosplay of mine but I still have lots more in the pipeline so I'll just leave my sin x as it is and if I have time, I'll do my best to glorify it once more. I have so many more to do and if continue to just focus on one, a lot would not get done orz

I did a female sin x, btw, just to be clear. hehehehehehe

Here's a look at ze costume.

Most parts of the costume is mainly made out of brown satin. What was I thinking, right?!
A noobie's mistake. Apologies...

The main brown bathing suit type thingy XD
The front has a zipper on it, I had it made like that as an anti-pervert precaution. Zipped up when roaming around and zipped down when in cosplay mode. Also, the zipper is handy in controlling how much you want to show and not show. hehehehe
Zipper all the way down

Zipper all the way up

Close up of the velcro or magic tape, this is where the shoulder armor is attached. You can also see the belt loops here.

The skirt thing
Also made of brown satin. I had a lot of fun making the burnt and torn looking parts but I got blisters, too. XDD The front has pockets, yeah, baby! It can hold a compact mirror, a phone and a hanky ^___^V

What I did to make this was just randomly cut and hack away with a scissor, then for more effect, I lit a candle and just burned holes away. XD

The loops at the side are there to hold my little katanas.

The scarf
On the reference photo, the scarf is red but I went with maroon as I thought this was more visually appealing. Assassins, after all, are creatures who move with the darkness and shadows. I didn't think a happy red color would look too well with the costume. I thought darker hues and a not that clean look was best for an assassin.

The scarf is kind of short, I wanted to have a really long one and have dramatic photos with the scarf flying in the breeze but a long scarf would make it difficult for me to walk and based from experience, it would get tangled with ze killer blades of the shoes.

I used the same hack and burn technique I used for the skirt.

Close up, with flash XD

A shot from the back

The accessories
The 2 brown belts that go under the bust I got for 20php a piece in Divisoria.
The gold belt with tassel and gems, I made.

The second shoulder armor I made. Improved coz the first one was flat and crappy. >_<

Version 2 arm guards

These aren't the earrings that I intended to use. Even after laying out the earrings the night before, I still forgot them, fail, but these did fine...

+ 10 Slotted Chakram XD
Made from illustration board, styrofoam, lots of tape, spray paint, acrylic paint, bandages and with the help of two little girls hehheheheh

Other parts? Meh, I am too lazy to take pic of them XD But above photos are all the improved version of my sin X cosplay. The brown main suit and skirt was made by my favorite seamstress, Ate Mercy Torres. The rest are by yours truly.

Mostly used rubber sheet and illustration board for the other parts.

Character: Female Assasin Cross or Sin X
Cosplay by jaRoukaSama
Series: Ragnarok Online
Genre: Online game
Photos by: z3LL and Hexlord

This is how my Sin X costume looked like on its first run. 

Photo by z3LL
See how the proportions don't work for me? I look stubby. The blades in the shoes aren't sturdy so one of them broke away immediately, that's why there is only one in this photo hheheheheh
Shoulder armor also flimsy.

Assassin Cross
Photo by hexlord
Love the mood of this one. Dark, just the way an assassin likes it 

Sin X cosplay
Another one by z3LL

Come to think of it, I have worn this costume thrice already!
First was on Ozine Fest 2010, then to Cyberzone Cosplay Tour - SM Fairview leg (joined the competition and didn't win XD) and for a shoot in Ecopark XD.

Now for the revised version hehehehe

Photos are by z3LL with the assistance of Rajan Young.
30 Aug 2011
La Mesa Ecopark

What are the things that's new?
:bulletred: no head gear so I can show off the new make up style I learned, still used red contact lens though
:bulletred: I now has gold hoop earrings
:bulletred:  made the skirt shorter
:bulletred: burned and added more holes to the scarf and skirt
:bulletred: different hairstyle hahaha, still my real hair though
:bulletred: upgraded armor!
:bulletred:I now has weapon! a big pair of slotted 10+ chakram! hahahahhahha

Ragnarok Assassin Cross

The La Mesa Ecopark is a family place. There were lots of children on the day of the shoot and most of them would really ogle at you. 
Apologies for most of the photos as I forgot to zip down the front part of the costume. I would zip it up as we moved locations, there is supposed to be a substantial amount of skin showing... tsk

I am a fail! oTL Gomen...

Anyway, here's more...

 I see you XDD

 Only shot with the right amount of skin exposure... Maybe I need to reshoot this... Hmmmmmm
Not loving my facial expression here, too... But yeah, at least I remembered that I had the Pretend Murder headgear with me. XDD

 Ready to strike? 

 Eat you heart out, I have loooong hair heheheh I kid, I kid.

Seriously... Should I reshoot this costume? Hmmmmm...
Time constraints... too many costumes that need further improvements and documentation... Hmmmm...

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~


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  2. very nice .. you gave me a good idea for our upcomming cosplay.. hey can i ask what country are you from?

  3. i love this cosplay!!!
    you inspired me to cosplay the assasin cross too <3