Sunday, September 27, 2015

World Cosplay Summit 2015 Day 2

^Day 2!
hahahahaha Oh no, Day 1 was so crazy that I had forgotten to mention that Lunaru arrived late evening and we went out to dinner with her and some new friends.

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1st August, 2015
Day 2 of World Cosplay Summit 2015 - Championship Performances

We were so tired from yesterday and the heat was so intense that we had so much trouble getting out of bed...
But we managed! Although our schedule did get ruined. haha

I tried to look nice but the heat honestly was too much. I tried and eventually realized that I gave no fooks so... hahahaha
Chesra wins the best dressed award through out our WCS adventure. hahaha

So anyway, we managed to get out of the hotel by lunch because heat or no heat, we were hungry.
The Nishiki Red Carpet parade was happening as we walked outside but the reps were still nowhere to be found.

over at the back, people are crowding over the red carpet,
 waiting for the Nishiki Red Carpet parade to start

for the parade, this part of Nishiki is usually closed off
and look at how bright the sun is orz...

We headed to Yabacho for Yabaton's famous misokatsu.
Getting there was painful, the sun was high and mighty as it was noon in the middle of summer.
We were wearing normal outfits but we saw lots of cosplayers in full regalia walking from Osu to Sakae. Like wow, such dedication in that heat. aurgh. By train, Osu to Sakae takes less than 5 minutes but walking... in summer... with costumes... wig and props... meh....

We reached Yabaton and boy were we lucky! We were seated right away despite the number of people.
Big servings, flavorful pork and free extra helpings of rice and soup all for a very reasonable price! woot woot!

Yabaton's famous miso katsu!
yum yum! <3

Soooooo good!
Lunaru had been craving for them since I don't remember anymore. hahahaha
We really enjoyed our lunch and the Yabaton pig was so cute, check out that body and those legs!

Lunch was very satisfying. It was a happy tummy day!

We then headed to Nagoya Castle to meet lakwatsero Atom.

I'd like to take this moment to thank my friend Justin coz, without him I wouldn't know much about Nagoya even though I have been living in this city for close to 3 years. hahahah Thanks Tin-tin!
I was finally able to brag to Atom that I finally can take friends on tour around Nagoya. hahahhaha

It is my 3rd time in Nagoya Castle but sadly I still have zero pictures to show for it... ;(
My camera or phone always fails me whenever an opportunity to preserve memories comes up...
I have wanted to take pictures with all the beautiful castles Japan has but I can't even start with the one right in my door step...

Enough with the self pity! So we go in, appreciate the beauty of Nagoya Castle for a short while, eat the famously delicious macha ice cream, take photos then retreat back to the hotel to cool off.

matcha sundae at Nagoya Castle
see how hot it is? our ice cream is already melting

Then it's henshin time to watch the championship performances!
While we changed, Atom was there to be "helpful".

I wore my No-hime costume for the 1st time with Nikki as Kai-hime and Lunaru as Ranmaru Mori.
Chesra wore her Son Goku costume from Gensomaden Saiyuki and Atom was in lakwatsero mode.

Realized that my costume needed a lot of major modifications but over all, I think it looked pretty OK. Lunaru and Nikki and Chesra's were phenomenal. <3

my No-hime SW4 cosplay

We get to the venue on time but we kinda hit some problems that took a while to get sorted.
Good news was, our tickets that were supposed to be just S were somehow SS when we claimed then and we got really good seats and nice stuff from our goody bags!
WCS tip, have Chesra book for you coz she's lucky! hahahaha

the SS ticket heheheh

Our seats were so close to the stage! I think we were on the 2nd row? Past reps in front, the judges were on our left and the reps of the observer nations to our back!

the view from our seats
on stage we have the representatives from Sweden

full house! so many turned up to watch the WCS finals
 or maybe just to see the musical guests? hehehe

By the time we got in, Japan was already on stage. They were the 7th to perform... we didn't miss a lot but it was sad that we didn't get to see all the performance that everybody worked so hard on...

The Philippine team was amazing. Their acting was intense and they really brought the emotions out.
Their costume were impeccable as well as props.
Of course we loved our home country's reps but we also had a special place in our hearts for friendship ~Team Singapore! We cheered our lungs out for Zeph and Maria. Just hope we didn't distract them with our cheers that were supposedly meant to jia them on. hahaha

We had our favorites and we were so glad that most of them got awards. But we were really disappointed Team PH and Team SG didn't get any...

We were in costume for approximately 5 hours and most of that time was spent sitting down watching the main event but my front armor made it hard to sit and the costume made me sweat out 5 pounds.

Met some people on the way back to the hotel and just got super tired after all the work out our costumes gave us.

Had dinner at McDonalds, went back to the hotel, changed but was still hungry so went out again for dinner part2. hahahahha

Atom was on a "see more of Japan" trip so we said our goodbyes to him that night.
It was so good seeing him, felt like he grew taller and a bit fatter than last year. All signs of living the good life. hahahahahaha *peace Atom*

Next, WCS 2015 Day 3!
And let's hope that I finish it soon coz honestly all the memories are already slipping away from me. hahahahah
I am aging... so fast... LOL

As closing for this entry, lemme show you what we got in our goody bag.

the SS goody bag of WCS, very unassuming

inside we got a bunch of fliers, these are the most interesting ones but there's more and most are from sponsors, the bag itself contains a good 50% of just fliers

the good stuff, we have a fan, a set of otaku cards with the WCS mascots on them that I don't know the purpose of, WCS ID holder and lanyard, some fake tattoos and a bandana

And that's a wrap for Day 2!
See you guys again!
Happy cosplaying!

thanks for reading!
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     arigatou! (*^3^)/~