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World Cosplay Summit 2015 Day 1

^World Cosplay Summit event log!
I know I know, it is already September but I was *cough* busy.

Anyway, it looks like WCS is shaping up to be my only yearly cosplay-related event.
But hey, WCS is one of the biggest and major events in Japan and it so happens to be in Nagoya so I ain't passing up on that.

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31st July, 2015
Day 1 of World Cosplay Summit 2015

Woke up pretty early as I had intended to meet up Chesra and Nikki at our hotel.
They were coming from an overnight bus ride from Tokyo, they were both tired and Japan in summer is a killer.
So I told them, if they wanted to take a bath or something (our hotel check in is at 2pm and it was about 8am) they can come to my mom's house.

They agreed and I picked them up from Kanayama station and we went to mommy's house for breakfast and bit of rest.

WCS is super awesome but Nagoya and summer... errrrrr...

We had intended to stay for only a short while but it has been a long time since we saw each other and summer heat... so we ended up just talking in comfort with the airconditioner on until lunch hahahaha

In front of the Brother show room. Early so no make up faces coz either way
 it was just gonna melt under the summer sun...

I live in this part of Nagoya called Brother Town.
The WCS reps had gone to the Brother show room so we passed by there, too. hehehe Just so Nikki and Chesra and can get the full Nagoya hospitality of WCS even though we aren't officially part of the event. LOL

Then we went to International Hotel Nagoya so I can drop off my stuff.
Then to La Chic for lunch.
We ate at this Hawaiian themed restaurant. The portions were big, yummy and so juicy!
Yummy food and lots of catching up made us so full <3

Food from Moana's Kitchen in La Chic Sakae

After stuffing ourselves, we went to check in at our hotel.

We stayed in International Hotel Nagoya because it was super near the event and we wanted to be close to our friends.
We were all first timers in this hotel and given it's name, we guess we expected too much...
The rooms were ok but the bed was really hard... and the bathroom was quite small and old fashioned... It had the famous automatic Japanese toilets but it was the old kind.
So if you ever think of staying in this hotel and you like nice bathrooms and toilets... maybe look somewhere else as I felt the price and the amenities didn't really live up to the name "international hotel"... Plus the TV was so small and didn't have a lot of available channels...

After a bit of rest and a shower, (Summmmmeerrrrrrr in Japan is deadly) we prepped up for a pre-event mixer thing presented by BRASS.
Make up in the hotel then walked to the place.
By this time the sun had gone down and it wasn't so hot anymore.

We changed in a snap as our costumes were so easy and comfy. <3
Super thanks to Nikki for getting us into this event for free which was otherwise about 10, 000 JPY for normal people but Nikki was a goddess and she got to bring lowly (but beautiful and smart) peasants like us to such a wonderful ball.

To be honest, our Love Live cos was super rushed and really not well planned.
But Japan being Japan, I was able to buy a set costume for Umi Sonoda the day before the event. haahahaha I was half hoping to not find anything as I was low on funds but this particular costume fit like a glove, down to the shoes and was of such nice quality for it's price (14,000 JPY with shoes). Sayang naman.
Guess I was meant to be Umi? hahaha

On the way to the BRASS event!

We were late though. hahahha The event was in full swing when we got there.
It was held in a place specially for weddings, on the very top floor of the building (16th floor) with a magnificent view of the city.

Would have naturally snapped lots of photos as I have always shared my WCS experience with you guys but my phone was being a bitch and decided to die on me. Charged to full batt at the hotel and by the time we got to the event (15 minute walk and about 20 minutes more to henshin) it was at 24% and just died right at the time as we talked to Reika.
Really, what the hell, phone. What the freakin' hell...

Nikki, me, Chesra and Reika.
Pardon our derp, we were all trying to hold in the fangirl in us. XD

The event included fancy food worthy of a fancy shindig, and we were free to roam and take pictures of the chapel, fancy rooms and just hang out with all the fancy people there.
Former reps, winners, photographers, kirakira people (like Goldy and Reika! gaaaaa), and WCS staff were there.
Sad to say that my shyness took over me... didn't have the courage to go up to all the pretty people... but we did get to meet some new amazing people!

Did I mention it was buffet style?
Here are some of the desserts from the BRASS event. They were yummy. ;D

Wasn't able to talk to Goldyyyyyyyyy! (T_T)
This guy is just awesome! His crafting is so clean.... <3
Meeting Naoya was also awesome, she was so nice and was a great Shinji Ikari!
Got to meet other goddesses (Nikki's friends), too. And a new friend from Indonesia! hihii

Nikki in her Idolized Maid Nozomi Tojo cosplay and me in my Wonderful Rush Umi Sonoda, barely styled wig...
See? Nikki is just beautiful, goddess...

With other Love Live cosers! New friends Arsen Freya as Eli and Orianne as Maki

With Naoya as Shinji Ikari. Such a nice cosplay of Shinji-kun

With Arsen from Indonesia.

Selfie with Reika! She even took the photo herself, using Nikki's phone. hahahaha
coz my own phone betrayed me. LOL
She is so nice and bubbly. <3 <3 <3

Amazing how when you're in costume you don't feel tired or hungry, right?
But once the shoe or wig, or any part of the costume comes off, every little bit of hunger and fatigue comes flooding in immediately, ne?
We had fun at the event and met a handful of people.

We were getting hungry and people were starting to leave so we decided to leave, too.

Thanks again so much, Nikki-dear for taking us to this wonderful event and letting me borrow your phone for pics! hehehhe

After cosplay look is just lovely <3
Our usually flat hair suddenly got those sexy wave hahahaha
We look like we were at a prom or debut part or something. hahaha

Went back to the hotel to rest a bit.
Got hungry late that night so we went out to Umaya!
Most shops were already closed (most shops in Nagoya close at 8PM. Boooooo...)
But luckily Kuma showed me his favorite chahan place and I've been taking friends to this place as a WCS tradition and coz this omise closes in the morning. hahahaha

Thanks to everyone we met and most especially to Nikki and Chesra. <3 <3 <3

WCS 2015 Day 2, championship and parade and more next entry!
Most photos are from Nikki unless stated otherwise.

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