Cosplay Myths - BUSTED part 5

^Whoaaaaaaaaa... *whistles*
Part 5?
Most of you are probably wondering why we are up to 5 now.
Well, the most obvious reason would probably be because there's a lot of myths that need busting. hehehehe

Am I enjoying bursting people's bubbles?
Maybe so, but believe me, this ain't intentional.

For the other installments of my posts on Cosplay Myths, please refer to part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4.

Now, enough with my blabber.

Here they are again, COSPLAY MYTHS! PART FAIIII-VO!



Where in the name of Athena did you get this? *shakes head* We cosplay because of our love for a certain character / or for our fandoms. You can't possibly be that selfish, not wanting others to show their love for that respective character as well.

Not to be disrespectful but just a reminder, dear, You aren't God's only child. 
Give others a chance, share, you'd be surprised how being nice can help build good bridges

"But I don't want them to ruin my favorite character!"
"But I did such a better job at it and it didn't suit him/ her!"

How does it feel belittling other people? Good? Did you get anything from it? 

As expected, you got nothing.

Hatsune Miku cosplay, intermission for your tired eyes^^

Now, I am nowhere near being a saint, but I try my best to be at least a decent human being.
And as far as human beings are concerned, I understand the constant need to have our egos fed. If you must say something bad, at least make sure that it will not reach any one else.

If you must criticize, do it NICELY. Suggest areas that need to be improved upon. And to those taking the criticism, don't take it as a personal attack but as an opportunity to get better.
If you still feel that just because you cosplayed this particular character once or even a heck lots of times that you are the only one suited and entitled to it, could you please show us proof that you have the rights to that character?
Last time I checked, the creators of the characters have all the legal rights to these characters and we are only "borrowing" the opportunity to embody said characters. So, if you want to be all selfish about this matter, kindly secure the intellectual property rights for that character and all other legal documents. We don't want to disrespect you or anything and we would really appreciate your effort. =)
BUT!!!! If it is a character that you made, then by all means, feel free to fight for your right. Just remember to play nice, ok?


Question is, do you have the time AND the money to do this?

There is no book of rules that obligates a cosplayer to be present to all conventions or gatherings. Some choose to go to see friends or hunt for toys. What ever the reason is, don't let this hobby take control of your life.

Well, if you are in it for fame then go to ALL cons, ALL shoots and ALL other gatherings.
After all, a star needs all the exposure she/he can get. 

Life, work, family, studies and lots of other things can be more important than a photo shoot or a convention. Don't miss out on the opportunity to rest or be with people you love. 

Don't worry dearies, people will understand if you are not there to cosplay.

Matryoshka group cosplay! photo by z3LL


Please stop with the excessive blush on and the overly bright eye shadows and those super shiny lips. ~_~

Most anime characters have light / no make up / or look very natural (well at least in their worlds).

Cosplay make up's main focus should be evening out your skin and emphasizing the eyes. 
Now, make up really is essential when we cosplay because it helps in pulling the cosplay together better. But too much or wrong application can have the opposite effect.

When have you seen a school girl with blue eyeshadow? For anime characters, their dressed up look is at most a change in hairstyle or just using a lip gloss.

Try your best to still look natural. Do your best to not go overboard and to stay true to the character. More is not always better.

If the character demands it, then do your best to imitate their look as closely as possible. If you are not confident with your make up skills then ask for help. There is no harm in seeking advice from people who know what they are doing. Don't be afraid to ask and look for answers, you need not worry as most cosplayers who have been doing this for a long time are really nice and are almost always more than happy to help.^^

Tenma and Harima cosplay =3
photo by z3LL

Whew! Done!That was a hard one. OhMIAgad...
The last few myths that I have are a bit on the "touchy" side.
I am a bit hesitant in posting them since I am not keen on drama of any kind...
Oh dear, oh dear. 

For the nth time I would like to apologize if my words have offended anyone.
This blog entry was not intended to hurt anyone but only to inform.

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~


  1. I really appreciate these kinds of posts, although reading them made me realize I've done some things. But then again, we're all human right?

    Also, it's just a hobby and it's not going to be a lifetime job XD But Thank you for being brave enough to write these kinds of things!

  2. @Phira Rhysia Tyui: i admit I am guilty to some myths as well ehehehe before i didnt know any better, i still have imperfections but im trying very hard not to be a bother to anyone so that people who do not cosplay will not get any bad impression on this hobby that we enjoy ^^ thanks so much^^

  3. hello!

    I'm relatively new to cosplay and I really enjoyed reading your cosplay myths posts! Really enlightened me on a few things so thanks for sharing your thoughts! =D

    I do hope to know what's on your mind for the 6th part if there is going to be one haha!

    Cheers! =D

    Your cosplays are awesome! ^^ <3

  4. @nik: hi there nik!

    thank you so much for taking the time to read my posts. i am glad =)

    for the 6th... hmmm let's see, hehehhehe and thank you again, you are too kind =)