Friday, June 17, 2011

the hood twisted and become the ROTTEN HOOD

^So after about and hour or so of shooting with the Red Riding Hood concept, we, rather I, decided to shake things up a bit.

Well, not really. hahahahah I just wanted to try how this make up technique I had in mind, would look like in real life.

From Red Riding Hood it became Red RIDER Hood and eventually the RED ROTTEN HOOD hahahahhaha

Doing the make up XD
RED Shoot 1

This is a TRIAL for something I have in mind for the near future. There aren't a lot of photos since this was not really planned. I also realized, too late though, that I only put make up on my face and not on my body.
I did make myself look a bit scraggly but I guess in order for the ROTTEN HOOD concept to be truly a convincing one, make up is not the only thing needed. I have to tear some parts of the costume and really dirty my self up. But since this is a trial, rest assured that I will keep note of these aspects and incorporate them to my zombie / undead plan of the future project. So please forgive me. ^^

Here are some of the photos of the rotten hood that I really like:

Photos are labeled with who took them.

ohhhhh, like a tossed out doll pose XD
Yes, I DID lie down on the ground and it was itchy >_<

Smiling for the camera


Obligatory photos with the Photographers hehheeheheh
Oh look at me, so happy hahahhaha
with z3LL
RED Shoot 8

with my younger sister ♥
RED Shoot 7

And that is a wrap!

thanks for reading!
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     arigatou! (*^3^)/~