Monday, September 16, 2013


^Tomaranai mirai wo mezashite 
Yuzurenai negai wo dakishimete /ho

As a kid, I remember feigning nap time to watch Ultraman and Magic Knight Rayearth.
I somehow regret it coz skipping on nap time made me not tall but at the same time, Ultraman and MKR, man! :)

I highly enjoy cosplaying characters that I watched as a kid.
Naturally, I had to cosplay someone from MKR.
I got invited by my friend from Cebu, Ray, to be Emeraude to his Zagato.
I was thrilled and accepted.

Princess Emeraude is both the sovereign ruler of Cephiro and a Goddess-like figure whom all the inhabitants pray to for peace, prosperity, and protection. She is also the first person to summon Hikaru Shidou, Umi Ryuuzaki, and Fuu Hououji to the mystical, otherworldly realm of Cephiro, to become the legendary Magic Knights.
more on Princess Emeraude here

Unfortunately, though, Ray wasn't able to push thru with his Zagato...
That was a bummer but I already had the costume.

Talking about the costume, my friends Jeyel and Kyo were planning to do Emeraude and Zagato, too.
I offered Jeyel, maybe we could share the costume to lessen the expense, she agreed.

So Jeyel bought the materials and I made the brooch and the tiara.
I bought the fabric, we chose together and Jeyel had it made by Loki's Haven.

The gown itself is made of white geena, with a layer of frosted organza over it.
The fabrics we chose are considered low end but the end product was nice. Cheap but still looked true to the character. /winks

Since the dress was rather simple, we decided to add touches to make the costume more princess-y and dressed up, Zagato obviously looked dress to kill so we wanted to at least be at the same level as he was, hence the addition of the frosted organza and added details on the brooch and tiara.

Princess Emeraude brooch and tiara made by me
Jeyel and I decided to go royally fancy for a number of reasons:
1. finding reference pics was hard
2. the little we found were too simple, not really enough for the sovereign of Cephiro

I somehow feel I went overboard with the decorating of the brooch and tiara though. hehehhe
But I really like how it looks with the different sized and colored pearls and extra crystals. <3

The base of the brooch and tiara is made from rubber sheet, with beads and gems for detailing. 
The big green gem in the middle is actually made from a half styrofoam ball, covered with glitters, I was experimenting but I think it looks ok.
The back of the brooch has pins and the beads go over the shoulders for extra security and flair.
Didn't bother prettifying the tiara much coz only the front part is seen anyway, so I just used a white garter so one can easily put it on like a head band.

I used cosplay lens in Emerald green from Alice and Rabbit shop.
Wig is from Lucaille.

Make up, was a new style I used. Tried to make my eyes extra big by extending the lines way off with eyeliner and I drew my eyebrows to looks sad as a cheat. hahahah
Didn't do much contouring, only on the nose, because this was one of the rare times my fat cheeks would be suited for a character. heheheh

You may be wondering how does a joint costume ownership work.
Well, we divided the expenses. Jeyel mostly keeps the costume and when I need it, she hands it over to me. It's actually a great arrangement.
Both of us are happy and we get to cosplay the character we like for less!
BUT I do advise that you only do this with friends that you TRUST.
And I trust Jeyel and Kyo with my life <3 They are great people.

Went Cebu and cosplayed Emeraude.
If you want to read up on our 2012 Cebu Trip, click here for Day 1 and here for Day 2
I tell you this, my friends, CEBU IS FANTASTIC.

Now to the pictures!

Character: Princess Emeraude 
Cosplay by jaRoukaSama
Costume: Jeyel Tecson, Loki's Haven and Yuu
Photos by z3LL and Paolo Manalac
Most photos taken in Hotel Elizabeth in Cebu, Philippines : 2012

 Princess Emeraude cosplay

 Princess Emeraude prays for Cephiro

 loved the hotel lobby so we kinda abused it hehehe

 Princess Emeraude with dainty hands XDD

 Sovereign of Cephiro
so much fabric XDD

Princess Emeraude of Magic Knight Rayearth
My most favorite shot from z3LL

Immensely love this one too by the Big Pao
It started to rain so sadly we didn't get to shoot properly :(
Otherwise, I think we'd have more nice photos.

I still wish for a Zagato...
And maybe an MKR group... /sigh

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~