Blue Beard Wig Review

^WIG REVIEW for the wig brand BLUE.BEARD!
Yes, because I just love wigs and it really sucks when you saved up for that wig only to be disappointed.

I got a Blue.Beard wig from Senbazuru Shop
I wanted something cool looking but can still pass for an everyday wig for when I want to dress up.
I fell in love with this particular model immediately.

PACKAGING : 5 out of 5
I got so excited to receive my wigs that I forgot to take photos of the bag.
The wig came safely in a net inside a plastic zip lock bag.

I loved that the wig had a tag and a very cute logo.
Some wig brands just have sad looking tags or no tags at all.

How adorable is their logo?! I just find it so cute XDDD
A whale with a top hot, like a sir! hehhehe

QUALITY: 5 out of 5
Let us talk about the color first. Basing on the reference photo, I thought that I would be getting a dark muddy gray-ish wig with green at the tips.

The wig that I got is a far lighter gray but is still love it none the less and the green at the ends looked naturally vibrant. I was very surprised though that the wig was a mix of gray and reds.
I didn't expect any red from the ref pic, but it was lovely and just added to the wig's character.

The wig's bangs was long and not at all cut as how the ref pic was.
I was hesitant to trim it at first because the lovely green tips of the bangs might go to waste, but in the end, I decided that vision was far more important.

As the ref pic showed, my wig came with wavy ends. Thumbs up for that.

Fibers are also soft and smooooooth.

At first I was concerned that the wig looked too shiny, but in natural lighting it looked just fine and natural enough as if I just had my hair colored.

Blue.Beard wig fibers up close

I have worn this wig twice now, both for about half a day.

This wig is a total of 70cm long and is quite easy to manage.
It also isn't very thick, just pleasantly enough..

Didn't have any problems with hair fall, easy to comb. 
Running your fingers thru it is enough should the wind blow your hair out of place

The wig is heat resistant, can be curled or straightened as desired.

PRICE : 5 out of 5
I do wish high quality wigs were at 500php only but, that would be asking too much heheheh
I think the price of Blue.Beard wigs are reasonable considering the quality. Not exactly cheap but not really pricey. :)

Will I get another another Blue.Beard wig?
Heck yeah! This is my first Blue.Beard wig and I am very happy with it.

Colors are lighter than the pics but I am ok with that, reasonable price and easy to manage!
I give Blue.Beard wigs a total rating of 5 out of 5!

Upon checking the ref pic in another monitor, I did see the reds as part of the model's design but I still think that it is worth commending that the blending of colors together looked really nice.

More pictures of the wig :

The lacing underneath:

Hooks to adjust the wig

the top of a Blue.Beard wig

When worn pics:
Bangs UNtrimmed and worn right off the bag


Click here for a photo of how the wig looks in natural light

Will post more wig reviews! I hope that helped! :3

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~


  1. Waaa. I love your blog + great review on this wig. Two thumbs up for you~
    Plus, I'll be following your blog from now on :*

  2. Hai,,, can i ask?
    Is bluebeard wig thick?
    I want to buy bluebeard wig, but im afraid that the wig is too thin ><

    1. Hi! As stated in the article, no. Its not thick but not thin either. Just the right amount, enough to be easily managed :3

  3. Hello! Do you happen to know what the circumference of your wig is? I plan on getting a Blue.Beard wig but my head size is 61cm... I'm not sure if it'll fit? To measure your wig circumference, use a measuring tape!

    1. good day! the wig is not with me right now. though, my head's circumference is around 56cm and I had to hook the wig about 3 places inward so that it would fit me snugly. i hope that helps.