1st post: under the jarouka sun

^Hi guys!
*waves and jumps*

Looks like you've found my new hive hahahahhah
That's good!

First of all, thanks for still supporting this blab fest that is my blog XD

Changed the name to
the jaRouka parade

from the jaRouka files.

Why? coz I felt like it hhahaha
Nah, I just felt "parade" was more creative.
and it suited how I feel currently.

so welcome to my new blog site.

the jarouka parade
"dont rain on my parade and i'll do my best not to ruin yours"

For the time being, I will be reposting some stuff from my old site. please bear with me until ive cleaned up the mess. Dun worry, I'll be posting some new stuff too hehhehehheeh

so for the repost:

*w00t!* Hello Blog world!
Finally, yes, finally! I has a blog site of my very own! (grammar intentionally made wrong to sound cute LOL) aheheheheheheh I've been wanting to have one (a blog site, that is XD), for quite some time. Problem was our internet connection wasn't in the mood to cooperate and I really had no idea what to post first since a lot of ideas for a topic kept running through my mind. Anyway, let me just do my celebratory dance cause I finally have a blog site. This will only take a minute, I promise! after that, we'll go to the good stuff. *celebratory para para dancing samurai dance* Okay! Done! Let the awesomeness begin!!!!!

*awesome music playing in the background*

Since this is MY blog site, I have the liberty to post what ever I want! (bow down to me cretins! mwahahahahaha sorry about the evilness, i kid i kid) This basically means I won't be posting just about cosplay stuff (although it is possible that I will focus on this field), I plan to post my take on beauty, television commercials, a little about politics, some of my emo thoughts (LOL aheheheheheh hey, everyone gets to be emotional every once in a while aheheheh), reviews, experiences, travels, and maybe some about art (no, not my ninong art ryan! aheheeheh). Simply put, I plan to blab about everything under the sun aheheheheeheh

Also, no one and I mean NO ONE IS REQUIRED TO READ MY BLOGS. I am not forcing you to read my posts so if you dont like it then dont, it's not like you'll fail a class if you didn't read my posts ahehehehehhe I am not forcing my opinions on anyone, these are MY views, you don't have to accept them as yours, just respect it and we'll get along just fine. I am open to critique and to being corrected, just do it in such a way all human being deserves. This means with respect and nicely but please no sugar coating, I can take it.

its called the jarouka files for a reason... and i hope you know what the reason is XD

Lemme teach you guys how to read this ------> jaRoukaSama
It's NOT /ja-RUUU-ka-saMA. The right way is /ha-ru-ka-sa-ma. Read the "j" as an "h" and you'll be fine. It's really just Haruka spelled in a Spanishy and Frenchy way. I decided to spell it that way cause I wanted to incorporate my high school nickname (jaja from my name Jayce Alexis. see the J from Jayce and the A from Alexis?) to Haruka, a name for some reason I really really like. So, jarouka is read as haruka. Got it? Good.

I plan to feature Cosplayers here, too. More on Filipino Cosplayers probably cause the International ones already have way to much exposure although I will admit they really are awesome ahehehhheeh (random: I wonder how many times i've said "awesome" already aheheheh awesome ahehehehehe)

Me and my sister have been cosplaying for a year and a half now, not very long I admit but in that span of time I'm pretty sure i've got some things I can share to help fellow cosplayers out there^^

If im not too lazy and it can be reviewed then i'll review it for ya! aheheheehh the word review pretty much says it all so no need to elaborate ^^.


aheheheheheh will plug a lot of stuff too XD cause that's what i do best LOL well, not really aheehheeh just maximizing the use of my blog hahahah >_<
my Multiply account -----> megamija11

sample of what we're selling:
Red Riding Hood Set

~~~ interesred in anything? just PM me^^

my Deviant Art account ------> jaRoukaSama

my Facebook slash Cosplay page LOL -----> jaRoukaSama

Well, that's it for now! thanks for reading!!! Jaa ne! bye bye!! d^w^b


  1. IDOL! hahaha!

    LOL @ this "It's NOT /ja-RUUU-ka-saMA. The right way is /ha-ru-ka-sa-ma. "

    thanks for enlightening this stupid brain of mine :))