Friday, July 29, 2011


^My sister, Minami and I have reached our second year of cosplaying!
Weeeeeeeee! *dances and throws confetti everywhere*
Yay for us! hahahaahha We started in April of 2009, roughly 2 years ago.

I admit that my sister wasn't with me for most of 2011 because she focused on her studies and would only cosplay when there wasn't much school work.

Still, I am glad that we were able to celebrate our 2nd year together. *glomps my sister*

For our 2nd Anniversary, we donned our Magnet cosplay.
It wasn't really new because we had it made some time back. See, we have this habit of having costumes made with no particular convention/ when we will wear it in mind. It just makes us happy when we have completed costumes. =)

There are a lot of good vocaloid songs but Magnet is just one of our favorites.
We based our costumes from this PV.

I do admit that I went kind wild during the process. I added gems to our Magnet headphones to make it prettier.

Since the PV don't show the lower halves of Miku and Luka, there was a lot of guess work involved and searching for references. The overall outcome of this cosplay of ours were a mixture of what we felt was pretty, something that Luka and Miku would actually wear and bits and pieces of Vocaloid Magnet Art that we found online.

Minami wanted our head phones to play music, I was against this as this meant I would have to buy similar looking working headphones then customize them to look like the very charming butterfly winged magnet headphones as seen in the PV.

It would have been way easier if I just made the headphones from scratch but my sister insisted so I gave in, my wallet cried. hehehehehehheheh

Here are the headphones that I made:

Yes, I admit that the pattern on our headphones aren't exactly the same as with the PV, I went with something I thought was much more appealing visually.

Here's a look at our costumes:

Our dresses:

For both our dresses, I opted to use black satin.

Now, I am not sure why but I just thought it was good enough. XD

Just so you know, we didn't make the entire costumes. For the dresses, we had our trusted tailor make it.

Luka's dress, I chose to have the back longer as I felt it would be prettier and elegant that way. I saw some dancers with this kind of dress and how it moved captured me.

For Miku's dress, we went for something simpler. Luka is kind of mature compared to Miku so we stuck with the basics.

When we got our dress from our tailor, it was great, we were really happy with it. But after a couple of days, I felt it looked plain and was lacking something.

I then decided to check my lace supply and found yards of lace I bought for no particular cosplay, I just thought they looked nice. My impulse buying did something good for a change! hahahaaha

I then sewed on the pretty lace on the hems of our dress by hand. The lace was a good call in my opinion as it had sequins and beads too and just added that something extra that I was looking for.

The lace up close

Our belts and bows:

Our dresses were coming in nicely! Our belts were fabulous. We had big bows made too so that our costumes would also look good from the back.

Details on the back aren't really noticed much but we still like making sure that our costumes look great from every angle. I mean, we'd be wearing super long wigs and there's a high chance that the bows would get covered but what the heck. I still went on and sewed lace on the tails of our bows. XD hahahahaha

For the lower part of Miku's outfit Minami used a pair of leggings that reached down to her knees with lace on the ends. As she was taller than me, she wore black flat heeled doll shoes.

For Luka, I wore dark gray lacy but stripey looking stockings I got from SM Department Store then black heels.

Since we already were heavy on lace, we used lacy finger less gloves and arm warmers to complete our outfits.

Minami did our nails, I just laid in bed while she did mine. heheheheheh Our nails weren't that noticeable but she used two shades of green and blue for added effect.

Now for some photos of our cosplay!

Characters: Minami as Hatsune Miku
                  jaRoukaSama as Megurine Luka

Series: Vocaloid
Version: Magnet
Make up by: jaRoukaSama
Taken: 9th April 2011, Ozine Fest 2011 Day 2 in SM MegaMall

See the 2 shades of green? hehehehe

Miku x Luka

To see Magnet Gakupo x Luka cosplay, please click here.

And that is our 2nd Anniversary cosplay, Magnet Miku x Luka!

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~


  1. I never thought of Minami cosplaying Miku but it can really suit her. :D

  2. @quakey: she can be in character if she wants to heheheh