^It's a special person's birthday today!
Who might that be? Hmmmmmmm...
Guess! Come on!
Nah! Imma just say it! hahahahaha
It's my lovely Zhel's birthday!

Happy birthday, Zhel! ♥

I want to go to Davao =(
But sadly, my funds aren't enough yet.
But since I'm missing her so much, I'm just gonna reminisce by posting our only cosplay collaboration as of yet. (hahahahah Reading back, I sound like I'm in love with Zhel or something hahahha)

Zhel makes a great Gakupo and I often cosplay as Luka.
We chose to do a Magnet collaboration because we already had the wigs, plus the costumes were easy enough hahaahhaah And since we were going to Singapore, the costumes would not be that hard to bring, no bulky props or anything XD

Characters: Zhel Guiral a.k.a. Dark Diety as Kamui Gakupo
Me as Megurine Luka
Series: Vocaloid
Version: Magnet
Photos by z3LL and Dennis Li 
Taken: AFA X (13 Nov 2011) in Singapore (unless stated otherwise)

Before anyone starts biting out heads off, our costumes are not based on the Video above, only posted that there because the song was sung by Luka and Gakupo. So forgive the inaccuracies. Also, I do not own nor did I create the video above or the characters. Just wanted to say it so we're clear. heheheh
Us before transforming.
All dignity intact.

Losing dignity little by little hahahahah
And now we shall transform!

photo by dear Shoti
an Earlier version of Zhel's Gakupo Magnet.
Original headset from Japan is just ♥

photo by z3LL
the for AFA X version hehehe

photo by z3LL
the 1st time I wore the costume.
MY headset is a fail oTL
Needs further improvement
Purposely made the dress' back longer, for the reason
that I feel it is prettier that way.

Luka and Gakupo together hahahaha
This photo looks surprisingly like a wedding invitation
or something don't you think?

AFA X was so fun, looking forward to other trips outside the country.
Met a lot of friends and accomplished something that I thought would be impossible since me and Zhel live miles and miles apart.

Happy birthday again, dear friend.
I wish you all the best and I am honored to be someone you call as a friend.
I hope that life showers you with blessings and that you continue to be the beautiful person that you are (cosplay or not).
Hope to see you again.
Take care coz I care like a care bear >_< (lame me, XD)
Happy birthday! ~ :glomp:

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~


  1. aawwwww yuu chi!!!! I miss you so much too!!! and thank you so much for making this~~ Pde maprint??pra remembrance gift on mah bday??? ahahah joke~ but kyah~ will save the link so that lageh ko toh maalala...Thank you mah darling~ This post make me wanna miss you more T AT. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU tlga yuu chi mah love...pwamis babawi ako next time seo = A= *hugsh!!!*

  2. ^hihihihihi i loves you so my zhel^^ /hugs