Cosplaying with Friends who Don't

^I've been cosplaying for more than 2 years now.
Admittedly, at first I didn't know any one in the community, know any one as in I didn't have friends who cosplayed as well. I knew Alodia (I mean who doesn't?!), the Tux Team and JM Chua only, I knew their names (mostly this is because of Questor and the internet hehhe) but we weren't connected in any way.

For my first con which was way back in 2002 (that convention was so different from now because then I had no guts to cosplay and I could actually breathe and move around the venue with ease), I went with my friend Charlotte and her older sister, (fondly called 'Te Ron).

After a couple of years, I decided to give cosplaying a go, went with my sister to Domination III in SMX.
We joined the competition, she was Chii and I was Freya. (I feel it was a fail because we knew close to nil about cosplay then and my make up skills were no good at all). We went with our very supportive friends Koko, Fritz, Joffer, Richmond and Alex. Ella, my oppa Sami and Lalaine were also there, we met them on the venue.

It was fun! Watching the event, looking around the booths and the over all hoopla of the event was exciting for us. Me and my sister had our first taste of cosplay, we wanted more.

Back then, we knew no one and didn't talk to other cosplayers because we were shy XD
As time went by I met people from the community, now, I am so happy to say that I have acquired really wonderful friends who share the hobby (not to mention the passion) of cosplaying.

My friends whom I went to cons with before are still my friends but they aren't as keen as me to go to conventions. Some aren't really in to cosplay or even anime or manga or Japanese pop culture, some are just busy or have other engagements. What ever the reason, even though we have different interests, it's all good. Our differences make us enjoy each other's company better. =)

By now, dear readers, you must be wondering what I am getting at.
You'll soon find out, just be patient and read along. 

The thing is, some of my friends (I'm pertaining to my friends or even acquaintances who do not cosplay) feel that I have changed because I cosplay now.

Some insist that I am some kind of cosplay celebrity who have no time for common people (Ridiculous statement is ridiculous).

I am no big shot, I do not have a fan club, I am not paid to cosplay or appear at special events on a regular basis, I have not won any prestigious cosplay competition. This is just ludicrous for me. *shakes head* As to why they continue to insist on this is something I fail to comprehend.

Yeah yeah, I was lucky enough to befriend a couple of well known people in the community but is that already grounds for considering someone to be a "celebrity"? Can't I have friends who happen to get people who commend them because they are really good at what they are doing?

And yes, I was certainly very fortunate to be invited/included to some shoots and to be paid to cosplay. 
But I am no super star in the cosplay community.
Even if I was, I'd just like to point out that people change, and that includes me, because we are HUMAN.
We are bound to change, evolve and constantly improve.
I changed not because of cosplay but because I am alive.
I'd be a pretty boring creature if I stayed the same.

I am also not loving being referred to as Miss Cosplayer or Cosplay girl.
If you want to be friends with someone, then be sure that you're genuinely interested in the person, and not because you think that that person can serve as your connection to get close to somebody famous.
I'm so sorry, to all those Alodia fans out there but I can do nothing for you, I know her but she doesn't know me. I'm sorry.
Oh and the main reason why I ain't loving being referred to as Miss Cosplayer or Cosplay girl or what ever variation of that title is because there is more to me than cosplay. I do cosplay and I enjoy it but I am a deep person, I was a very good student, I am able to lead people well, I can paint and draw and lots more other stuff that you'd be amazed.
I have a life outside of cosplay, I have a career and I am a good daughter. 

As I said before, now I have lots of friends who cosplay. Now, I prefer to cosplay along side my friends who also cosplay, they are the ones I am usually with when I go to cons.
I am not saying that they are better than my friends who don't cosplay.

But here are the reasons why I am not too keen to cosplay when I am with my friends who dont:

  • *Let's say you have this friend who you haven't seen in a while, if that friend isn't into cosplay or manga or anime or J-pop then chances are, he or she won't enjoy the convention that you are going to. Those events are specifically designed to cater to one's otaku-ness, don't be selfish, think of your friend, too. Do something that you are both gonna enjoy.

  • If you are in cosplay and your friend isn't, chances are, you won't be able to do some proper catching up. You guys are gonna be constantly interrupted by people who would be asking for photos or asking what are you doing with a costume on.

  • I do not know about you but I definitely don't want my friend to carry my luggage for my cosplay. But once you don the costume, there is a very high chance that your friend would have to take charge of your stuff and be your assistant one way or another as most of the time, baggage counters are not available in the usual conventions in the Philippines. FRIENDS ARE NOT PERSONAL ASSISTANTS.

  • If you happen to be cosplaying for some time now, you'd know a lot people already. Expect that these friends from the community would be excited to see you and catch up with you, too. So If you don't want your friend to get out of place, it is best if you just don't cosplay.

  • Conventions in the Philippines are mostly overcrowded. I don't want my friend to get exhausted and suffocated when we are together, what kind of friend would I be if I let that happen?

So, those are my reasons.
I have no idea if you have gone through this, too or you feel the same way as I do.
This is just me, stating what's in my mind.
To those who feel the same way, I hope this helps.
If your friends happen to have the time and money and genuine interest to cosplay then that's great! That'll be even better, but if they ain't, don't force it to them.

It's really nice to bond and get some quality time with dear friends but remember, if you really want to spend time with people who mean something to you then don't be selfish. Do something that you'll both (if there is more than one then take into consideration their interests as well) enjoy.

Cosplay is fun!
But don't let it control you.
Have a life!
Just a friendly advice, if you don't want to lose your friends and family, give them time, too.

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~


  1. I really love your statement:

    "I changed not because of cosplay but because I am alive.
    I'd be a pretty boring creature if I stayed the same."

    I have the same thing in mind. Plus the cosplay scene here is *you know what* already.. XDD

  2. "Just a friendly advice, if you don't want to lose your friends and family, give them time, too." <~ that is why when we go to Annoying Outing, Pepz would make it clear not the cosplay or not talk about cosplay. LOL

  3. @nanami: thanks, im glad to hear someone understands what im saying /hugs. yeah, i know very well, pero lets just ignore and have fun =)

    @katz: yeah, dapat we have balance in our lives. too much of anything is never good.