Cosplay Gen's Community's Choice + heartfelt thanks

^And the contest has ended...

*very very very long pause, stares at the keyboard*

I am at lost for words, pretty weird for a blabber mouth like me.
I can not think of words or how I am going to express how grateful I am for landing the 1st place of Cosplay Gen's Community's Choice. 
Is "thank you" enough?

This is so corny but I just want to cry and hug each and every one who liked, reposted, campaigned, encouraged, commented and supported me for this all the way. Even if I somehow do come up with words, it probably wouldn't be enough...

But please, I do hope you would accept my thanks as this is the only thing I can give you sweet and wonderful people.

Sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.

This wouldn't be possible with out you.

I would like to go through all those who liked my entry and thank you all one by one but that would be such a herculean task for lil old me so I am hoping this post would suffice.

I am also sorry to all the people I bothered, hehehhehe I sent out requests thru chat and private messages and even posted in walls and groups of people. Some even thought I was spamming and was afraid I was sending them a virus. hehehehhe 

But still, thank you for trusting me and helping me out.
Unintentionally, because of this contest, I was able to go thru my contacts in FaceBook and reconnect with those that I have lost contact with. Which I may say so is awesome. In the process, I have also acquired new bridges. =)

Thank you for accepting my request, it was really really hard for me to ask people to like my entry because I was so afraid to bother people and I was also very embarrassed

Although you are all equally wonderful, there are a handful of people that I must mention and commend because of all the extra extra effort they put in.

I have been busy because of work and I am battling some health related issues so these special people did their best to help me out. They were the ones who were on "over time", constantly asking people to like my entry.

Many many many many and sincerest thanks to:

-my friend in college and office mate, Winah,(I'm sure a lot of you have seen her posting on comments on my wall hahahah)

-my office mates and buddies, Mama Tess, Miss Vern, Gani, Lean, Caryn, Dave and Jek who helped me by letting me go through all of their contacts hehehehe

-my lovely seniors headed by Mommy V, (she's Veronica to some of you hahaha) who gathered her band of very supportive friends, some of whom were even out of the Philippines, just to give me full support

-everybody in my office, who cheered and partyed when they found out I got 1st place.

-my mother who has always thought of me as a very beautiful creature XD (yep, a mother's love is indeed very strong hehehehe)

-my so wonderful annoying royal family (hey Quakey! you must be mentioned here as well! ♥ ) and friends in the cosplay community.

But most important of all, all the praise and thanks would have to go to codename Zebra. Who stayed up late (or rather early heehhehehe), never gave up and was always so positive. With out him, there would be no photo and no Yuu as the 1st placer. Thanks so much, dear. ♥ mwah mwah *yiheeeee* hahahahahah I guess you all know who it is, though. hahahaha 

If I have missed out anyone, so sorry. But please do believe that I am very happy to get this honor and I am very thankful for all your help!
*hugs and kisses everybody, ♥ for everyone!*

Savor this, guys. This is the fruit of your hard work. Thank you.

And now I am so happy and proud that my favorite cosplay
has one won something. =)
Yay for my Dead Master. ♥


Congratulations dear Arianne and Cless!
This is victory for the Philippines! ♥

Dear Arianne as Blue Rose of Tiger and Bunny.

Thank you every one!!!!

Oh, I will not reveal my reason for wanting to win, yet. Please wait a little longer, guys. If I spill now then the surprise would be ruined.
To those who know, shhhhhhh! *wink wink*


thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~


  1. o ro Congratulations! It was worth the campaigning! And I'm soooo glad you won!

  2. @Phira Rhysia Tyui: Thank you so much T_T