10 Traits A Cosplayer MUST Have

^I narrowed the list down to 10 traits cause having more than 10 would probably be too much. Anyway, these are traits which I think are essential for cosplayers and those aspiring to be one. If you already have most of these then good for you and if not, you should really work on it. ^^ LOL

*School Rumble shameless promotion will also follow LOL >_<*

In no particular order:

♣A Cosplayer or an Aspiring Cosplayer must have MANNERS.
Protocol and Etiquette people, no matter where you are, you should never forget your manners.
Say excuse me when passing a crowded place, never forget to say please and thank you. These are called magic words for a reason. These may seem petty things to some people but they really do work wonders. If you show people respect, they will respect you back.

"I'm at a toy/anime convention, I'm here to have fun", that kind of thought is not an excuse to behave badly. There are other people around you, don't be selfish, think of others, too. Protocol and Etiquette, Good Manners and Right Conduct, Values Education, we study them to make ourselves better people, don't waste them.

There will be times that you will carry big bulky props like weapons or be donned in armor, you may hit some one unexpectedly and hurt them or have difficulty moving because of the huge crowd, saying "excuse me" will help you move faster. If you accidentally hurt someone, apologize sincerely. Plus you have mouths, use them, it isn't that hard to say it.

When someone asks for a photo thank them, when you took some one's photo thank them, too. When you ask some one for their photo and they decline, still thank them. Thank you, it is a simple word but all languages in the world have something similar to it that they use everyday. Believe it or not, just by using these words, just by behaving accordingly, you build good bridges.

♣A Cosplayer or an Aspiring Cosplayer must have PATIENCE
Mall guards can be extremely rude, be patient with them, they understand very little about this hobby.
Still, I am really perplexed as to how come mall guards especially the ones in SM Megamall, are still not used to cosplayers and all the bedlam that goes on when there is a con, when like almost all conventions are held in SM Megamall. Cons have been held in SM Megamall for like since 2004 or probably even before that, they should be used to it by now *shakes head in wonder* I've wandered away from the topic, I'll make a separate post about mall guards to release all this rage LOL.

Going back, have patience when it comes to mall guards, to people asking why you are in costume, what cosplay is and things like that. Patience will also come in handy when you're combing out the tangles of a very long wig, when hunting for things needed for a certain costume or when waiting for your costume to be done. Remember, patience is a virtue^^

♣A Cosplayer or an Aspiring Cosplayer must be RESOURCEFUL
The word Resourceful is an adjective which means having the ability to act effectively or imaginatively, especially in difficult situations.

In a tight pinch? One must think quickly and be able to use things around them to solve the problem.
For example, you need to make a Skuld hammer but you have no rubber sheet left, use paper cups instead. hahahahha Not all cosplayers have lots of  money, so one should be resourceful and use all the available resources to  the fullest. Less money spent, the happier your pockets and wallets will be ^^

♣A Cosplayer or an Aspiring Cosplayer must be a BOY / GIRL SCOUT
This means, one must always be prepared for what ever may happen. Always have a compact powder with a mirror with you for touch ups. Have a sewing kit, double sided tape or greco for any costume malfunction. It's better to have these thing on hand cause you may not be able to buy them ASAP to solve the problem. Expect the unexpected. As the boy (and girl) scouts' motto goes, "Be prepared", you never know what will happen next. ^^

♣A Cosplayer or an Aspiring Cosplayer must have FOCUS
You need focus to help you finish your props and things like that on time. Having focus also helps one to be in character. Cosplay is 50% costume and 50% role playing. Focus, along with passion and dedication binds the two together to make a successful cosplay. ^^

a little intermission for your
 tired eyes LOL
photo by z3LL
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♣A Cosplayer or an Aspiring Cosplayer must have DEDICATION
When you are dedicated to your hobby, you'll find time for it no matter how busy you are, you'll find money for your costumes when you thought you were broke hahahahhhaah If you really want to cosplay, you'll find a way to make it work. ^^

♣A Cosplayer or an Aspiring Cosplayer must have PASSION
Passion means having love and feeling strongly for cosplay. Loving cosplay itself and not the fame you think it brings. Passion is what drives people to work better and harder. When you love what you are doing, a lot of things are possible. Passion gives one an eye for detail because of course you want everything to be perfect or nearly perfect when you become that character.

♣A Cosplayer or an Aspiring Cosplayer must be FRIENDLY
Friends are always a good thing to have and you can never have enough of them. Smile and be friendly. Having a lot of friends can be tiring but it a nice way, cause you get to hang out with people who have the same interest as you do. Plus having friends always makes a bad situation seem a lot less bad. Another plus is that you can borrow stuff from them too! hahahahah LOL Or if you need help with your costumes or props, they can help you out^^

♣A Cosplayer or an Aspiring Cosplayer must have CONFIDENCE
If you're too shy to show the world your costume then cosplaying is probably not for you. It takes a certain amount of confidence to walk around wearing the not usually accepted look. Yes, people will stare, they will point and they will laugh too. If your self confidence is kinda low then you're probably gonna get really affected with all the bad stuff. Believe in yourself! Be brave, if you don't believe in yourself then other people won't believe in you too. Be proud and strut your stuff^^

♣A Cosplayer or an Aspiring Cosplayer must have the ABILITY TO SMILE THROUGH EVERYTHING
Even if you are tired, smile. Even if you are hungry, smile. Even if you are thirsty, smile. And even if people are bashing you and just plain being a jerk, smile. Cosplaying is fun but some people just can't contain their envy or insecurity and the only way they make themselves feel better is by bad mouthing other people. They will say a lot of hurtful things. But just smile, even if it hurts you, don't give them the satisfaction of making you feel bad. Don't let them see that you are affected otherwise they will never stop.

Let it all roll off your shoulder and smile for all the world to see. Plus smiling lessens wrinkles! ^^

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  1. very nice entry <3

    "Another plus is that you can borrow stuff from them too!"

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