Cosplay First Aid Kit

^It is good to always be prepared.

In my post 10 Traits a Cosplayer Must Have, I said that a cosplayer must be a Girl / Boy Scout.

You never know what will happen, it is definitely recommended that you have a COSPLAY FIRST AID KIT with you to fix or give initial remedy to a costume malfunction. ^^ This First Aid Kit is not only for girls but for guys as well and any other gender there is. LOL These items will not only be useful to you but to your friends as well.

First off, lemme apologize for the bad photos. I am by nature NOT a photographer. I dont have the "gift",
I just figured that I'd have photos for this post, just in case some of you may be too lazy to read everything here. LOL

Super thanks to z3LL for lending me his camera, z0mg XD

Today's models will be Harmony Haruhi (a birthday gift from a good friend of mine, Mr. Melo) and petite nendoroid Miku (a gift from z3LL ). They are there to prettify the pictures I took and to decrease the lame-ness of said pictures XD

this is MY COSPLAY 1st AID KIT

what treasures does it hold?
let's open it!
ta-daaaaaaaaah! LOL

Let us take a closer look to what a COSPLAY FIRST AID KIT must contain.

A sewing kit would be very handy to have in tightening any loose costume, putting back a button and things like that. Handy sewing kits are available in your local convenience stores like 7-11, for a very affordable price. Some hotels even give out free sewing kits ^^ those are good enough to have too, not only for fixing up a costume but for daily purposes. These handy sewing kits come with a variety of thread, small scissors, needles, a couple of buttons and pins and sometimes even a thimble and a tape measure!

The most commonly used color of thread are white and black, always have these two in stock. It is also a good idea to have a spool of thread in the dominant color of your costume. Just in case^^

Okay, not everyone can sew or you might just be overwhelmed with nerves so you have clammy hands so you can't sew. Safety pins are the next best thing for fixing up garments of clothing. They do a lot of wonders for holding up costumes, believe me, so have them with you ALL the time. It also wouldn't be a bad idea to have them in different sizes^^

Yes, tapes. Scotch tape, Duck Tape, Crocodile tape, what ever works for you. Personally I like having double sided tape and my trusty yellow tape with me. Double sided tape is good for cloth to skin kind of emergencies (slapping double sided tape between your bra and skin for example lessens the possibility of any accidental boob exposure if you are wearing a costume that is kinda revealing). I like the yellow tape cause it's sticky enough to hold things in place yet when you pull it off it doesnt damage the surface or leave some sticky-ness on it. ^^

May you be a girl or a guy or something in between or something entirely different, hair pins are a must. Specially if you are wearing a wig or needs some styling to your hair do. Hairpins keep wigs in place and in cons some one will always be looking for one ahehehheeh

Some people call them bobbie pins, FYI.

Anyway, black colored hair pins pretty much work for almost any hairstyle and color. But personally I find it distracting to have a silver colored hair (wig, I mean wig) or a bright pink one then there's a black thing sticking out. XD You can get different colored hair pins in places like SM Department store, they sell 'em for around 50 pesos a pack (a pack has 6 colors, of 4 hair pins each) or in the nearest Daiso or Saizens(Daiso's are the stores that sell everything for 99php, or 88php or 66php, you get the picture aheheheheheh or they are those stores that sell things from Japan at the same price). There's this one store that sells colored hairpins, buy 1 take 1, a pack has 100pcs that come in a variety of colors so you get 200pcs of glorious multi colored hairpins! aheehehehe

***jaRoukaSama's tip!!!
If 88php is too much for you or your wig color is just so unique, here is an inexpensive tip for you, buy those cheap black hairpins, and paint them using nail polish in the color that is nearest the color of you wig^^ nail polish comes in lots and lots of colors so you are sure to find one that matches the color of you wig, plus, nail polish are very affordable and you can find them anywhere! ^^♥

more tips! the best kind of hair pins are those that have rounded ends and are straight. like the one in the photo
This kind is a bit more expensive but the good thing about it is you can use them again and again. The one with ridges easily get loose and are good for about once or twice. The ones that dont have rounded ends get painful after some time and can damage your wig. Wigs are expensive so you dont want them ruined now dont you?


These are basically for styling hair and wig but you can also use the hair spray for skimpy outfits like bikinis. How? hohohoho spraying hair spray on bikinis keeps em from riding up ^^ ahheheheheh and did you know that spraying a cloth or hanky keeps ink from blotching it? So if Ever you see your idol and you want their autograph on your hanky, spray it with some hair spary first to keep their signatures nice and readable^^

Not recommended for fixing up clothes but great for props. Do I need to explain any further? aheheehehehe
I know you know what these are for. Greco is the cheaper kind of mighty bond but if you dont have some of this, any kind of super glue will do. Just have em ready in case of emergency ^^


These are for cutting, of course! aheheheheeh Dont use your teeth to cut thread or rubbersheet or cardboard! You might ruin the cloth or prop that way! aheeheeheheh Scissors are vey useful when some of your natural hair are sticking out under the wig, instead of taking it off and putting it on again just cut the loose hair (if the hair is just a few strands but if it is a handful dont cut it! LOL) Well you get the picture hahahahahah

So that's my cosplay first aid kit that I bring along in most cons and shoots.

But when I is too lazy or the costume is a simple one, this is the one I bring.

It contains a sewing kit, pins and some hairpin^^.
This is my super mini cosplay first aid kit ^^

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~