^Before I teach you HOW to wear a wig, lemme introduce you first to the WIG CAP.

What is a Wig cap?
Well, a wig cap is the thing you use to keep your hair from scattering under you wig. It keeps your hair nice and secure so that you can put on your wig easily.

Who needs a wig cap?
Everyone with hair on their head. If you are bald or have a shaved head, you're good. No need for one since you don't have to worry about your hair scattering underneath your wig.
But be you a girl, a guy, a lesbi or gay, as long as you have hair and you intend to wear a wig, I strongly suggest that you have one.

Why do you need a Wig cap?
As I said it keeps your hair from scattering.

And no, a wig cap is not the same with the net that comes with the wig.

That net is NOT a wig cap. So DO NOT use it.
That net is for the wig, it keeps the wig nice when not in use.
Think of it as the wig's cocoon, it keeps the wig safe. When you use it on your head, it becomes loose and loses its ability to properly protect your precious wig. SO DONT USE IT!!

Okay, there are two kinds of wig caps: The STOCKING TYPE and the FISHNET TYPE.


This is what it looks like when left alone.

This comes in the following colors: Skin tone (like the one above), Gray and Black.
Well at least those are the colors you can easily find here in the Philippines. ahehehehh
They are just like the stockings one puts on their legs except this one is for your head.

I'd say this kind of wig cap is good for blonde wigs, light brown, yellow, white and those that are generally light in color.

This costs about 40php in malls and 10php in Divisoria and the like.

It's cheap but it tends to slip from your head especially when you have long hair.
So I'd recommend this for people with short hair. Like not past your shoulders.

Here is my Godchild, Dustin, to show you
what the stocking type wig cap looks when on a person's head


this is what it looks like when left alone

I've never seen this type in another color before. So its black and it looks like those fishnet stocking for legs.
This one is really great for dark colored wigs and any kind of wig really.

This costs about 60php in malls and 20php in Divisoria and the like.
Those everything for 10php stores or Vente have them too but they are labled as "Weaving Caps". Don't worry, they are the same.

This type is really great especially when you have thick, or very long hair. Plus it doesnt slip off easily and it holds the hair way more securely. And it is easier to arrange your in it because of the holes.
I like this very much and I'd recommend that you get this type instead of the other one.

Here is my Godchild, Dustin,(again) to show you
what the fishnet type wig cap looks when on a person's head

Okay, having your own wig cap is definitely a good investment. If you can, I'd advise that you get both kinds. So that you can put the skin toned one over the black fishnet one when the wig you are gonna use is a bright or light colored one. Or get a bunch of skin toned colored ones and dye them in colors that best match your wigs, but that would be too much of a hassle. Maybe I'll make a tutorial about that if you are interested LOL But I do know there are stores that have different colored wig caps, I just don't which and I am sure they would be a bit pricey.

Don't worry about sizes. Wig caps are stretchable and can fit all head sizes (normal HUMAN head sizes I mean LOL)

All in all, get yourself a wig cap to make it easier for you to wear a wig.

That ends my blog about wig caps.

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~


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  2. Hi i would lie to know if i could buy these products at SM malls and if they sell them at their department stores. If not where else could i buy them except Divisoria?