^Paradise Kiss cosplay!
And with a mathematical group to boot!

This cosplay came together because of Sese and Ian.
One night, at our usual post-con dinner, they set me aside and told me their plan of organizing a Paradide Kiss cosplay group.
They both thought I'd make an awesome Isabella.
XD I like Paradise Kiss, the story was nice but no one particularly stood out to me.
I was hesitant to accept as I had too many cosplay plans myself and I had some budget problems.

I don't remember how it happened but I agreed eventually. hahahha
Maybe because this cosplay was relatively easy, cheap and made up of such an awesome cast that I wanted to be part of it. LOL

Paradise Kiss or ParaKiss is the title of the series as well as the group led by George Koizumi.
Together they design and make beautiful clothes.
The series is about friendship, love, finding yourself, accepting people's idiosyncrasies and fashion.

Almost all of us didn't stick to one particular look for our characters.
It was really fun because being a fashion-centered series, ParaKiss allowed us to expand and add our personal touches to our characters.
I really loved this and it made our cosplay have a bit more personality and uniqueness compared to others.

Character: Daisuke "Isabella" Yamamoto
Cosplay by: jaRoukaSama 
Series: Paradise Kiss 
Costume: Devian Grey and me 
Make up by me 
Special thanks to Jin for my choker and Aeade for my wig

Paradise Kiss
Anime/Manga, Live action and our cosplay group ehe~
photo by JR Siaron and editing by Jin

Special thanks to Cat de Jesus for lending us some of her garment making instruments, body forms and clothes as props.
To another cat-loving friend, Nekomimi Kasai for our beautiful location and much needed saikang help.
To Soleil Asalune for lending us her gown.
To our very talented and opinionated photographers Daddy Erving Go, GC Potente, JR Siaron, and Marko Villaluz
Helper with sass Alfred 

The girls met up a day earlier for some bonding and drinks /wink wink
It was a great sleep over and we discovered that some drinks made as sleep better and less anxious and therefore made us look better the next day LOL

Isabella is a transgender woman but is very mother-like.
She comes from a rich family and so, has a very classy and sophisticated noble-woman air to her.
This aspect was difficult for me, I had trouble posing and trying to look like a gentle noble lady.

ParaKiss Isabella
Costume: *top was from a thrift shop and something I already had 
*choker was borrowed from Jin, 
*wig was borrowed from Aeade (it was his Gakupo wig ahahah),
*hat was made by me (the base was something I bought in Singapore on a whim, thank goodness I finally found something to use it on hehehe, decorations were things left over from previous cosplays) 
*skirt made by Devian Grey based on my idea
*gloved were a gift
total cost of costume : 350 just for the fabric and construction of the skirt :D
photo by GC Potente

Paradise Kiss Isabella cosplay
my favorite solo shot of the bunch
I look so different and so noble hahahahah
thank you for JR Siaron for this <3
magnificently captured, man! <3

Paradise Kiss Isabella
I wanted to show off my shoes hahahah and my nicely made skirt
photo by Marko Villaluz

Paradise Kiss Isabella Yamamoto
another shot by Marko Villaluz

Parakiss Isabella cosplay
This looks so portrait-y hahahha
thanks to GC Potente <3

 Paradise Kiss Isabella
love how the details are seen in this photo
my mom's old fur coat was finally useful
photo by GC Potente

Parakiss Isabella
I was hoping to look motherly in this photo hahahahha
photo by Marko Villaluz

Some group shots:

Paradise Kiss
our ParaKiss cosplay group!
full look at everyone's costume.
photo by JR Siaron
Miwako by Sese
Arashi by Ambokiko
George by Devian Grey
Yukari a.k.a. Caroline by Jin
Isabella by jaRouKasama
told you it was an awesome cast <3

ParaKiss cosplay
heheheh here we are having fun, peeking in at George and Yukari's private time hahahah

Paradise Kiss George and Yukari
I adore this shot, so high fashion and so passionate!
I can imagine this as a billboard ad for some top brand
great job to our Yukari-jin and George-ian and photographer JR!

Group cosplays really do make it all the better. <3
I miss these guys and the fun and the bondings...
I hope I can do more group cosplays soon...

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~