Monday, November 10, 2014

Zipangu Wig Review

^This is my first Japan bought wig and as such a review is highly necessary.

Ok, here is the wig review for the wig brand ZIPANGU.

This wig was bought in person from a physical shop called Maple Wig Shop.
The wig shop is glorious, way faster than browsing through albums and albums of photos from different online wig shops.

Maple had catalogues on hand but what was amazing is their display of wigs.
I couldn't take photos. Fortunately, in their website, there are photos so you can see how glorious their shop is.

The whole experience was fun. I basically pointed to a wig style and then to another with the color I liked and the sales lady went away to get the perfect wig.


PACKAGING : 5 out of 5
Nothing stellar with the packaging but it was nice.
I got the wig in a clear zip lock bag, nestled safely in a protective net and tied with a black ribbon so it would not tangle. The base of the wig had a piece of crumbled paper to keep its form and was tagged appropriately.

QUALITY : 4 out of 5
The color is zF2. I got this wig specifically for my Asuka Langley Soryu cosplay.
The color is a bit bright and very orange-y.
It is too anime-y and not really natural looking because of the shine.

The texture is soft and very straight. Straight out of the bag, the bangs were great.
Aside from the shine, the quality is great. A bit thin but I think it's ok especially if you just plan to wear it as is, but not so great if you're planning on styling it.
It is also heat resistant. 
The fibers are so smooooooth and nice to the touch.

Tagged appropriately. Lacing very nice and adjustable hooks were comfy and secure.

I have worn the wig for more than 6 hours once and a second time for when I restyled it.
Very easy to control, tames easily with just my fingers combed through it.
Very very very nice and smooth.
Because of its smoothness, it was hard to style and goes back to its original state instantly.

As I stated, this wig was intended for my Asuka Langley Soryu cosplay from Neon Genesis Evangelion. I needed to style the wig accordingly. 
This wig was straight and I wanted it to be fluffy and a bit messy.
I tried teasing it but it took me hours as the wig really was by nature well behaved.
I didn't think that was bad but it was a pain for styling. ;)

Also, no problems with hair fall. ;)
It's a really nice wig.

Zipangu wig photos with flash and with out flash.

PRICE : 5 out of 5
I got this wig on sale for 2,800 JPY. I think that was great! But I am not sure of its real price...
Though I really think 2,800 JPY is a steal. 

Will I get another Zipangu wig? 
Hell yeah!!! But not for characters that have specifically styled hair styles.
I think I'd stick to Zipangu wigs for just simple hair styled characters, especially for those with long flowing hair. It was really great to manage and barely any hair fall at all!

I am very pleased with this wig, just not fit heavy styling. ;)
4.5 out of 5 for Zipangu wigs!

Other pics of the wig:
Asuka Langley Soryu wig, styled.
Just getting the pig tails fluffed and high is a very simple but over all, this simple styling took more than 3 hours as the wig wanted to maintain its natural tame state and did not want to be teased at all.

When worn pics:
Asuka Langley Soryu cosplay
I said I felt the wig looked very anime-ish. I am not sure if that was just me 
but in this photo it looked OK.

Neon Genesis Evangelion cosplay witn Atom and Lunaru
These photos were taken via phone cam in a semi-dark concert hall.
In the photos, I have worn the wig for a good 4 hours, but as you can see, the pig tails have lost their fluff and the rest look as behaved as ever. In conclusion, Zipangu is great for long perfectly tamed haired characters.

More wig reviews to follow!
I have TSN, Gekkou and more in line. XD

thanks for reading!
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