Tuesday, October 21, 2014

World Cosplay Summit 2014 Day 2

^Day 2 of the World Cosplay Summit 2014 adventure!
After dinner, well, we did some catching up.
Nah, I think it was more than some as we were up so late talking about what ever hahahaha
Oh! How I missed sleep overs and friends /sniff

For Day 1 of WCS 2014 and pre-WCS Adventure with Atom check out the links.

Anyway, Day 2!

3rd August, 2014 
Day 2 of the World Cosplay Summit 2014

Cosplayers and enthusiasts at Osu-Kanon

Woke up later than we planned (no surprises there, we're always late >w<).
Since we were really tired and Atom brought only one costume with him, me and lu decided to not do our Hakuryuu x Morgiana anymore. We were tired and we didn't want Atom to be left out.

This Hakuryuu x Morgiana cosplay has been ready since last WCS but we still haven't properly debuted... orz
Maybe next year?
Next year, next year, puro na lang next year XD

We were planning on going to the parade early so we can photobomb in the official WCS group photo but since it was late, we decided to just go to Osu and shop the day away and hang out.

On the train, there were lots of cosplayers.
Upon arrival in Osu, oh what do you know?
We were just in time! The parade had just started! hahahaha

Food and cosplayers and photographers and spectators!

So many kinds of people that day.
Saw this guy who was out enjoying all the cosplays with his dakimakura girlfriend.
They make such a cute couple <3

Osu's normally ok streets became tight and it was hard to see anything.
We ran, dodged, jumped and squatted, just to get a glimpse of the Philippine representatives.
So many people! orz
I didn't like feeling all the sweaty arms next to mine and I didn't enjoy any of the smells... orz
Keep in mind, summer in Japan is really ((╬ಠิ﹏ಠิ))

We finally found a good spot to park ourselves and the taking of photos began.
Most of these photos were taken by Atom. Thanks, man!

Magi trio in their Magnostadt Academy uniforms

our favorite cosplay from that day,
SnK's Moe titan and colossal titan <3

Zetsubou sensei with such fine luggage!
I want that suitcase! hahahah

Bleach captains!

Team Suna with Naruto
love Temari's wig!

Such a firece Kagura <3

Monster Hunter cosplay!

Team Russia; Winners of the World Cosplay Summit 2014

Team Philippines!

Jesus out on the street! Buddha's still lumping in the apartment, he said XD

I am amazed at the dedication of these guys
I can only imagine how hot their outfits are and how heavy all that prop is

Team Korea!
Dangerous man and Aza Miyuko!

there's always this anti-video-theft-guy cosplayer XD

such a cute Hatsune Miku cosplay
but I was surprised to see that this cosplayer even went through the trouble of drawing on eye bags orz I dont know how to feel about this... as I am one of those people who try very hard to cover mine...

Met Wirru from Australia!

This shot is blurry but forgive me, I just really like this Jigen cosplayer.
so awesome <3

densetsu no sannin ; orochimaru, tsunade and jiraiya
love them! <3

After we've had our fill of cosplayers.
It was time for us to re-energize with lunch!
Tonkatsu curry!

mandatory group pic of hungry and tired Gaijins in Osu XDD

Some aimless wandering and souvenir buying later, we decided to go back to Oasis 21 to see the Nico Nico Cosplay Collection.

I think we acquired some cool super power over the week end as we were pretty much right on time for everything we wanted to see.
When we arrived, it was just in time to see the Philippine representatives perform. ;D

WCS 2014 Philippine representatives

Cosplayers on day 2 of WCS 2014
Hoozuki no Reitetsu cosplayers were everywhere.
Really popular, and I understand why. The series makes hell look fun XD

Gintama cosplay!
Yoruzuya Gintoki, Shinpachi and Kagura! hahahahah
Is it just me or is that JR cosplaying as Shinpachi? O_O

Good thingJapanese people have more discipline than most people...
Ate is sitting with out a care in the world...

More examples of discipline in Japan.
Photographers and picture takers in front are sitting so those at the back can take clear shots.
Also clear distance, showing respect for cosplayer's personal space

All three of us bought some Neon Genesis Evangelion figs to commemorate our EVA cosplay group.
There is very little love for Shinji. The Shinji figure was the cheapest, Asuka's and Mari's was OK, Rei was the most expensive and Kaworu's was hard to find.

Asuka figure
I dream of a plugsuit cosplay... someday... someday...

After we had seen everything we wanted to see.
We met up with Kuma and he took us to this street matsuri!
I forgot the name of the street but we had fun.
Just wish we had some traditional garb on para feel na feel XD

Looking enviously, waiting for our turn

Kingyo Sukui or gold fish scooping
Finally got to try it! hahahah
It was super fun and Lunaru was really good at it! Atom was... hahahah

We got fishies!!! hahahahaha it was really fun!
but mine died after almost a day...
I gave them a proper toilet funeral...

Tried out the food stalls.
Yummy barbeque!

The choco-banana was really delish!
It made us crazy! hahahaah

Some people where dancing on the street.
Some sort of folk dance, I suppose

All the beautiful festive decorations:

It was a long day, after having fun at the street matsuri, Kuma and I took Atom and Lunaru to the bus station heading to Tokyo.
It was time to part... T_T

WCS is always the highlight of my year, cosplay-wise.
As with last year, I immensely enjoyed this year. Especially since I had friends with me this time. hehehehe

And my loot!
What was inside the goody bag for this year?
fans, stickers, fliers from sponsors and a special WCS commemorative pin

I hate myself for not having coscards >w<
I was so embarrassed to ask for cards since I didn't have any myself but lucky I still got some :)

also, look!
My friend, Ae Ri, who was 1/2 of last year's Philippine representative for WCS was featured in the official WCS pamphlet!

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So excited for next year!
For 2015, the Philippines will finally be participating as a member country!
Yeah, baby! hahahahah

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~