Cosplay : Choosing Characters Based on your Body Type

^I personally believe that people are the only ones who set their own limitations.

Hello, dear readers!
I am here again to share my opinion on one of the most debated topics in cosplay,
namely, cosplaying characters based solely on one's body type or physical similarities.

I think, if cosplayers only stuck to cosplaying characters who look like them or has the same build as them then we'd have a lot of very unhappy cosplayers because of the lack of choice.
Like come on, you'd be hard pressed to find a character that would naturally look like you!
Ok, say you found one, but that would limit you to only that character.
You'd be lucky if you love the character, but what if you don't?

Haruhi Suzumiya Pilot version cosplay
photo by Erving Go

Anime, manga and game characters are usually designed ridiculously, either their body proportions are way off or their outfits are just unbelievable.
Bottom line, the creators never think of cosplayers nor the natural laws of science, they design based on fantasy, what is pretty and what would sell.

Not everyone has big boobs, not everyone has long legs, not everyone is buffed up, not everyone has big eyes but we can do something so that we can give justice to our chosen characters.
We have the magic of make up, platform shoes and padding or binding!
If you've got the time and the dedication, you can also exercise and buff up!

I actually feel that going with characters that have the same build as you is taking the easy route.
Hep hep HEP!
Before getting your knickers in a bunch, I said I think it's easy but not wrong!
A lot of people say that you should only cosplay characters that suit you, to a certain extent, I do agree.
But I also feel that one can do a lot of things to make a character work and suit you.
Like I said, you can get the best materials, you can angle yourself in photos, you can use make up, heels, pads, binding and so much more that I think one does not have any excuse to not do well.
You can make it work, if you put in the necessary effort.
And how will you know if a character can suit you unless you try first?
I say, cosplay who you want to cosplay, do your best and see, if you feel that you didn't do well, make improvements and do it again, if the then you are still not happy with the results, then it is up to you if you will continue to try or just move on.
At least then you, yourself know and you tried.

Konata Izumi cosplay
photo by z3LL

Let us take my case:
I stand at 5 foot 3inches.
I weight 47.4kg.
I am a 34-25-33.
I have a very generic Asian girl face to boot, and I have barely any junk in the trunk.

With my proportions, I shouldn't be able to cosplay Konata Izumi, Saber, Pucca, Gakupo, Kaito and the list goes on.
I am not saying I was super spectacular cosplaying those characters, but I did and I did my best which is good enough for me so I think I wasn't a fail at all and I was really happy being those characters because I loved them.
Not only is my body off for most of the characters I've cosplayed but my face misses the mark, too.

A prime example for a cosplay that should by logic not suit me is Saber.
I am too tall, my breasts are of the wrong size, my face is too Asian and I don't have green eyes.
My first run as Saber was awfulllllllllll, by my standards, at least. I hated me as Saber.
My team and I made further improvements on the costume, I styled my wig, tried a different make up approach, did more research on Saber and by the second time, my Saber got heaps better.
By the third, I was so lucky to get an award. :)
Until now, I am still not that contented with my Saber cosplay so I will continue to improve it.
No one said I was fluke as Saber, but I personally believe I can do more, hence, I am still not stopping in trying to be a good Saber, by my standards.

First run as Saber...
Not bad, but really needs more improvement.
Sorry for the out-of-character-ness, we were just posing for the day.
photo by RedCurry

Saber cosplay
Saber Lily by Mika
Saber Nero by Alodia
Saber Alter by Ku Ri
Photo by Kira Hokuten
Improved and better Sabers! woot!

True, there are cosplays "na binabagayan", but, how will you know unless you try?
Don't give up until you've tried and you've done your best.

I personally like choosing characters that I think are not similar to my body or personality.
I take it as "challenge accepted".
It helps me improve my craft.
I get a great sense of satisfaction when I learn how to get past a challenging aspect of the cosplay.
What is my motivation?
I LOVE THE CHARACTER, so I really try my best.

Don't listen to other people, if a cosplay is good enough by your standards then that's that.
Never stop trying your best and improving.

If you have a character you like and you have physical similarities, then yay! Lucky you!
Go and cosplay!

If a cosplay makes you feel ugly or bad in anyway, don't fret, there will be other characters.
Give it time, if you keep practicing, you WILL IMPROVE.
Our hobbies should make us feel good about our self.

We can't stop other people from being rude, bashing, ridiculing, and just plain hating, but what we can do is develop strength of character.
If you don't let the hate in, then it is meaningless.

Cosplay, enjoy and be happy.

They ain't paying for your costume.
Remind yourself, that you are cosplaying for yourself.

If you let the hate affect you, you only hurt yourself and pretty soon, you will be a hater, too.
Cosplay a character you like and have fun!

And I shall end with this song.
I am uh-amazing!
We are all uh-amazing! ^________^V

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~


  1. nice once yuu sama! I like your point! I hope everyone digest your POV effectively :D

  2. Nice! Hmmm gained courage for this :3 Nice post fellow Lycean and IR student! <3

  3. Thanks for this! I was initially disheartened by the title. Lots of mental screaming of "Uguuu life is unfairrrrr" hahaha because there's a lot of characters that I'd like to cosplay, too, but do not suit least in my POV (because I'm too shy to declare my plans and hear someone say "Eh di naman bagay sa'yo yun..she's too cute/sexy/etc for you." OTL)
    But this article of yours is actually very nice and encouraging~ So, yo, people...CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!
    Thank YUU so much!

  4. Very nice post Yuu~ Challenge accepted!

  5. I really like this post of you :) It inspired me to pursue cosplaying more <3 and yeah, I a agree with the "Challenge" of cosplaying a particular character that is different from you, I love being challenged :D (though I am just starting from 0 in cosplaying) keep it up! and more power \(*O*)/ arigatou~ <3


    Hit me three times since I started.. Fuu Hououji of Rayearth (I've always like Hikaru), Ami of Sailormoon (I've always liked Rei), and Vixen of Justice League (I've always liked Poison Ivy).. among othrs :))

    And the best part is, you learn to love them just as much as you love the character you originally wanted to cosplay! So since then, I've always challenged myself even more! Makes you unique~~

  7. I always pick the wrong character... but lol who cares if the chara I like has big boobs and I'm flat chested... its my life and own hapiness... so yeah maybe I should also consider that I should pick my own size

  8. cosplay a character that makes you happy <3