Monday, June 10, 2013


^Gintama is one of those totally cracked series that you just have to love.
It's so random and diverse that you'd have to be bonkers not to find it hilarious.
It is rib cracking funny but every once in a while, it surprises you with a totally serious episode that will reduce you to tears.

I have tons of characters from the series that I'd love to cosplay.

No Gintoki? I love the guy, but I don't think I can give him justice, plus I think it's better to find a Gintoki coser and harass said person. hahahahaha

Ayame Sarutobi or Sacchan

is a ninja from the Oniwabanshuu by training, but is currently working as an assassin. She also has a part-time job at the Kunoichi CafĂ©. Since her initial appearance, she has developed a serious obsessive infatuation with Sakata Gintoki, to the point of even stalking him. She is severely myopic, to the point of being almost blind (cannot tell living things from inanimate objects) without her eye glasses. It is also hinted that she doesn't see well even with her eye glasses on, as she once mistook Kagura (dressed up as Gintoki at episode 97 part 2) for Gintoki himself. 

More on Sacchan here

I decided to cosplay Sacchan first mainly because of Jesuke hahahaha
Back in 2010, she was a guest for Cosplay Mania 2010 and I heard she was going to be cosing Gintoki.
Don't get me wrong, I love Sacchan, but this chance to have a legit and in character chance to stalk a Gintoki was just too good to pass. hahahaha

I am extremely proud of my Sacchan cos as everything was made by me.
Sacchan was one of those costumes that I had the patience to actually sew by myself hehehe
In 2010 though, I didn't have my own sewing machine so everything was hand stitched.
Also, Sacchan is one of my most budget friendly cosplays.

The costume:

Bought cycling shorts for 150php.
Red Socks for 100php.
One yard of Katrina for the white top for 50php.
Two yards of purplish geena silk for the scarf and arm warmers, 30php.
Wig was 1,000Php but I already had it because I had intended to use it for another cosplay.
Boots, net undershirt and red glasses were already some of the things that I already owned.
Gray contact lens were 300php.
The breast plate was made by me, if I had to price it, I guess it would cost about 175php.
It is made from rubber sheet and painted with acrylic paint.

Saved up on paying for a seamstress. heheheheh

My Sacchan back in 2010, was no good since it was rushed.
So in 2012, I improved it.

Went to Cebu, cosplayed there and had a blast!
Read up on my 2012 Cebu Trip here

Ok, now to the proper cosplay pics :)

Character: Sacchan / Sarutobi Ayame
Cosplay by jaRoukaSama
Series: Gintama
Costume and make up by Yuu 
photos by z3LL
2012, Hotel Elizabeth, Cebu

 Sacchan cosplay

 Ayame Sarutobi from Gintama

 the myopic kunoichi, Sacchan
Sacchan is known for always misplacing her glasses XD

I can see my uneven stitches and the pencil marks hahahaha
My scarf has been re-sewn before my barely one year old sewing machine died on me.
Thanks to my previous Naruto cosplay, I have props, too. woot!

I just hope I can do more cosplays from Gintama....
I am seriously outdated orz

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