Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dos for Cosplayers

^After posting the 2 Dos for Newbie Cosplayers, I realized that cosplayers need some reminding, too.

As time pass, we tend to get too absorbed in what we are doing that we forget some things.

In this post, by Cosplayers, I am pertaining to people who have been cosplaying for quite some time already and have extended knowledege of the ins and outs of the hobby.

Belldandy cosplay

Sure cosplay is something we can be passionate about but cosplay should be a hobby.
What is a hobby?
A hobby is something we do to occupy our free time.

If your life was a jar and you fill it with cosplay, how will family, friends, love, school, or career fit in?

If mom's birthday is the same day as a con, which one will you go to?
If you have an exam, will you take a special exam just to go to a shoot?
If you are sick, will you force yourself to attend an event?

Cosplay is fun, cosplay is wonderful, but life doesn't stop.
Know what your priorities are.
Play all your roles well, don't be just a cosplayer, be a good kid to your parents, be there for friends, educate yourself to have a good future, work hard for your family, be a loving brother or sister.

Cosplay won't leave you, you can pick it up where you left, but people and life won't be so forgiving.

Chii cosplay

Respect begets Respect.
If you respect others, you would NOT steal, hoodwink, fool, scam or get the better out of anyone.

If you respect others, you will never forget to acknowledge anyone's hard work.

How hard is it to credit a photographer?
Is it such a hassle to thank people who helped make your cosplay good?

I see so many scamming cases, cosplayers turning on fellow cosplayers.
It's very unsightly and makes me sad, really.

Respect, people, respect.
Lack of respect is the main source of all the drama, at least that's what I think.
Issues and dramuh make things not fun, good for a few laughs but never brings any good...
Let us not forget to respect others so enjoying this hobby would be easier.

Anya Alstreim cosplay

Why do something that only brings heart aches?
It is your choice if you want to be happy and have fun.
Enjoy, man.
You don't need any issues, so don't start them and don't contribute to them either.
Issues are like extra luggage that no one needs, they'll only drag you down.
Have fun, be happy.
That's why you got into cosplay in the first place, right? :)

Dead Master cosplay

Be kind enough to help others, that way, everybody grows and we can up everyone's cosplay, hopefully, this would make the cosplay community a better place to be, more fun for everyone.

If anyone asks for help, as a senior, let us point our juniors in the right direction, guide and hold their hands to some extent but don't give them a piggy back ride, letting our juniors stumble and experience the terrain gives them the chance to pick up things on their own.
Guide but still give them the freedom to learn and experience for themselves.
I know that when we started, it was so hard because we had to learn everything by ourselves, but keeping info would make it useless.

Princess Emeraude cosplay

A note to any newbie cosplayers reading this, it is never bad to ask for help, but please be kind enough to give thanks to those that extended their help.
Also, please do not expect to be spoon fed, get your own experiences and when the time comes, help others as you were once helped.

Before you go criticizing others, take a long hard look at yourself first.
Before dishing out any bad remarks, make sure you can take what ever bad remarks will be thrown back at you.
Let's all just enjoy cosplay and be happy.
No one has time for all the bad vibes.

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~



    = THIS and so much more <3

  2. The "DO SHARE WHAT YOU KNOW" never happens in the cosplay community. Most of the time its "I LEARN NEW AND I OWN IT SO THAT I CAN MAKE MONEY OUT OF IT".

    Love the article by the way. Very refreshing. Will repost this on our fan page.