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Cosplaying Mainstream Characters

"I don't want to cosplay so and so because there are already so many cosplayers of that character!"

^Truth be told, I too thought like that.
That was before, though, when I was still new in this hobby, now, I'm all "I'm gonna cosplay who I want to, beechusssss! /strikes victory pose"
Before, I didn't like popular characters because, I didn't want to have someone in the same costume for fear of being compared.

Again, that was before.

SOS Brigade group cosplay

I have realized a few things as years passed.
1. People like to talk and compare, but my happiness ranks higher in my list of priorities.
2. If I let small things bother me then I will forever be stuck and I'd never improve.

With those things in mind, I was able to cosplay who I want to cosplay and I've been having the time of my life.

Why don't you want to cosplay something mainstream?
Something becomes mainstream because of these reasons:
1. the plot is interesting
2. the characters are appealing
3. the art is very well done

Suzumiya Haruhi cosplay
I really liked Haruhi but there were so many good Haruhi cosplayers out there.
all of them were really cute
I decided to try show another of Haruhi, Haruhi as a boss fueled with rage and passion
This photo has been surprisingly circulated well XDD

The only reason I myself am not very fond of mainstream series is because most of them are not completed yet and I don't like being left hanging.
So more often than not, when I do get into them, I am rather late and I am left group less when I do decide to cosplay them.
I always end up reawakening old feels of my friends that have otherwise subsided a long time ago, and I get berated for it heheheheh

Now, I really don't see whats so wrong about cosplaying anything mainstream.
If you really like the character, and you are gonna pay for everything, what's stopping you?

Do you want to be a special snowflake?
If that is the case, then I'm sorry... reality is, society see cosplayers as immature weirdos in costume. Wait, lemme rephrase that, media has somehow contributed to the misconception about cosplay, now, it is :
society see cosplayers as immature weirdos in costume who can be exploited easily for monetary gain.
I know it isn't yummy, but until this hobby becomes ftruly understood, all we can do is stick together and help each other up.
Being bitter towards another cosplayer who has done nothing but cosplay the character that you both like won't do anything, you'll only be proving those misconceptions as right.

If you do decide on cosplaying something mainstream, you will have kagebunshins everywhere. But one good thing about that is you can also find someone who loves the character as much as you and you'd possibly end up with a good friend.
:) I assure you, you will, I did.

Misa Amane cosplay
with my Rem
had Rem made by my friend and master craftsman Lyron Aquino
There were so many Misa-Misa cosplayers and I wanted to set my Misa apart from them,
 hence, Rem
People actually thought Rem was a cosplayer who stood behind me XDDD

Another good thing about mainstream cosplays is that, you can get tons of reference photos easily.
Also, these characters usually have many fan arts and versions, so if you want to stand out, then pick a version that you really like and do it well.

You can also utilize props or have a group cosplay that boasts of a complete cast, you can do a lot of things to make your cosplay memorable, ultimately, it will boil down to how well you know and love the character.

Moving on, the infamous hatak-closet cosplays / casual version cosplays / closet cosplays.
Those cosplays with trade mark wigs/ hair from popular characters but wearing non-canon costumes. By non-canon, I mean costumes/outfits that aren't official, something said character wouldn't normally wear. please google for more info

Samples of MY hatak closet cosplays:
 Miku Hatsune x Luka Megurine cosplay
Rocker version
outfits pulled from mine and Kat's closets
Kat Langomez as Miku
me as Luka

Lolita Miku cosplay by jaRoukaSama
lolita outfit also from my closet
there is no official PV this was inspired from
I just thought it would be cute for Miku to be in a frilly pink dress in a
place that looked liked Wonderland

This is type of cosplay is tricky.
I don't want to be mean and I am not picking on anyone in particular but I don't really like these kind of cosplays...
I have a few hatak-closet cosplays but I mostly try to stay away from them.
If you are just doing a trial or the outfit you chose for the character is something that said character would wear, then ok, it actually is commendable when someone can come up with an outfit that would really fit a character.

I feel iffy about "cosplays" that don't have effort in them, nagcostume ka na nga, bat hindi mo pa ituloy-tuloy?
I wish people would stop calling out-of-the-ordinary outfits as costumes or cosplays...
I feel that they just use this as an excuse to add to their "list of cosplays".
The list may be long but I believe that quality trumps quantity.

If you are riding on the hype, you'd most likely be like a firework, big and beautiful at first but fades out fast. Also, fireworks are never on their own, there will always be other fireworks, each aiming to wow and out shine the last but never really leaves a mark...
Well unless you are a Weasleys' Wildfire Whiz-bangs, then you'd be hard to not remember hehehehe

Know the character well, it's an important part of cosplay.
I don't think Misa Amane would be wearing anything mori soon.
Naruto wouldn't be wearing an emo/punk get up, Sasuke most likely will.
Fujiko Mine woulnd't hide her bodacious bode.
Those are just a few examples.

To add insult injury, these "cosplayers" already missed the mark on the costume, the least they could do to make the characters recognizable is to bring on the "play" in cosplay, right? But na-ah.
They do the most outrageous, out of characters things/poses. oTL
If you want to look cute or just dress up, then get into the fashion! Please, it really is ok.
I have nothing against people who want to look kawaii and just smile for the cameras.
I don't go around condemning people for "fail or epic cosplays", but it makes me frown to see "cosplay pics" which aren't really cosplay...

Megurine Luka in a Yukata
again, something from my closet

I don't want to say anymore, my mouth might turn into a wild machine gun, trouble would be fun but I don't have the time.

So, I will end this post with this:

"When you're in something you've got to give it everything you have, 
else what are you doing?"
I really like this saying, which I got from a very beautiful lady, who goes by the name of Kat Carpio.

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~

Almost forgot the usual niceties.

I am not targeting anyone in particular. If some of you get hurt, I am sorry, I did not mean to offend. I simply wish to open your eyes to some reality and give you a wake up call. If you get offended it is probably because you are guilty of some of the things I mentioned. The things I mention here are based from my experiences, my thoughts, observations and the things I get on my lurking expeditions.

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