How to Color Eyebrows

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well not really, here's me just sharing XD

As a cosplayer, I like coloring my eyebrows as I just find it helps complete the whole cosplay. Curtains should match the draws and all that, also I just feel that it shows that I am willing to go the extra mile for said cosplay.
Magnet Kaito cosplay by me
Blue eye brows~

Any who, here are a number of ways one can color their eyebrows to match their wigs and the vividly colored hair of a chosen character.

The methods that will be mentioned are stuff I learned / picked up through the years and will be rated according to my standards.

All methods basically start the same way.

1. Have a clean / washed face.
2. Prep your eyebrows.
Shave, pluck, trim, wax, conceal what ever works.
Here's a lil some some from me on how to trim your eyebrows
                                                              how to conceal your eyebrows
3. Prepare the items you will need

What you will need:
- glue
- paint brush
- poster paint in your color of choice

This is the first method I learned.
What's good about this is you can mix colors to get the right one. 

Bad side? It takes time, you have to wait for the glue to dry before you can put on the poster paint and you also have to wait for that to dry before heading out. Getting the right consistency for application is also hard as too runny will leave you with too light colors and drips, too chunky and it makes it hard to apply.

Also, inexpertly applied,  this makes your eyebrows look too "solid".

But, it is fun to take off. It's like picking at a scab hehehehe But you'll find that it's not just the glue that you picked off, your eyebrow hair will come off, too. XDDD If you do not like to pick scabs, you can take it off  with the use of warm water and soap.

4. Apply glue to eyebrows, all over eyebrows only, make sure the whole eyebrow is covered (stick or gel is fine, as long as it ain't hot glue heheheh)
5. Wait for glue to dry, takes 5-10 minutes approximately.
6. Dip paint brush into the poster paint of your choice and draw in eyebrows in the desired shape.
7. Wait to dry, may take 5-10 minutes depending on the consistency of the paint.

I don't use this method anymore, it takes too long finish...

What you need:
- colored hair spray in desired color
- paint brush
- small container for the color (but the cap is usually fine)

This one is easy enough but you really have to wash your face with soap thoroughly to get it off.

4. Take your small container / cap of the spray and spray hair color into the cap to gather some of the color in its liquid-y glory

5. Dip brush in the color
6. Draw in eyebrows in the desired shape.

Dries fast but a bit hard though...

*LIPSTICK METHOD rating: ♥ ♥ ♥
What you need:
- lipstick / lip palette
-lip brush

I like this method as it is actually easy and lipstick is a basic in any make up kit, down side though is its very limited. Colors are limited to pinks, reds and some browns.

Also, it smudges easily...

4. Get your brush, load it up with the lip color
5. Draw in eyebrows in the desired shape.

Easy to take off, too.

*EYE LINER METHOD rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
What you will need:
- eyeliners in pencil form
- eye brow brush (optional)

Eyeliners are also fairly easy to acquire and use. Not to mention cheap XDD

Now a days, you can easily find colored eyeliners in sets. Nichido has nice ones, fashion 21's white eyeliner is the whitest white eyeliner I've seen and the cheapest so far, not silver, just white.

Pencil eyeliners are just the easiest to use out of all and cheapest so it is the best kind of eyeliner to use for your eyebrows.

4. Pick a colored eyeliner
5. Draw in eyebrows in the desired shape.
6. Use eyebrow brush to even out color (optional)

Comes off easily, looks natural and doesn't smudge easily.

*EYE SHADOW METHOD rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
What you will need:
- eye shadow palette
- angled brush

This is my favorite method to use.
Why? Because eye shadows come in almost every shade and color imaginable so I am always very sure to find a good match for my wig.

For the eye shadow method, it really doens't matter whether you use an expensive multicolored palette or a cheap small jar, as long as your skin does not have any negative reaction to it.

Also, get yourself a good, soft angled brush. The thick plastic ones are no good.

4. Grab your angled brush, dip it into your chosen color.
5. Draw on the eyebrows in the shape you desire.

Comes off with make up remover easily.

There you go!
A few methods to color your eyebrows!

General tips:
* be careful not to get anything in your eyes as it is both painful and dangerous

* if you can't find the right color to match your wig / hair, go for a color/shade that is a bit darker rather than lighter as going too light may cause you to look undesirable (as I learned thru experience XDDD).
Also light colors tend to disappear easily, it would be a shame to just have your eyebrows disappear in photos after you worked so hard on 'em, right?

* for blonds, it is acceptable to just use browns as yellows can disappear easily

* try and experiment on which method works best for you

* never compromise your health, go for make up that are safe for your face and skin and will not give you any bad reaction. Cost should not be a factor.

Samples of my cosplays with colored eye brows:
Lacus Clyne cosplay
Pink eyebrows :3

Isabella Yamamoto cosplay
Purple eye brows ^^V

thanks for reading!
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  1. I need to do this at least in one cosplay or another hehe. I never tried it. Cool. :)

  2. i tried the lipstick technique but i haven't try using the poster color technique, it looks dangerous. i agree to what you said about blonde should have brown eyebrows. if they use blonde or lighter, the eyebrows will look concealed. hahaha~!

  3. Thanks, will try a few!! $2 method hasn't world well for me OTL

  4. Where do you get that HUGE eyeshadow palette in the last one? I never know where to get these at

    1. hello! that was actually a gift but i think you can get something like that at bazaars, too. :3

  5. Hello, can I ask a question? What are it's side effects? Like, if you remove the make-up then the glue, will the glue stick to the eyebrows?