Monday, June 25, 2012

How to trim eyebrows

On how to trim eyebrows.
I started trimming my eyebrows because, well... I was bored hehehehe
I saw it on TV, and decided to give it a try as I thought it would make my make up for cosplay easier.

Trimming is different from shaving/ plucking/ waxing/ threading your eyebrows. The latter are ways on how you can shape your eyebrows accordingly. Trimming is removing the bushiness or the bulk of the eyebrows.
I like trimming my eyebrows as it makes it easier for me to fill them with color for my cosplays, on normal days, I like that well groomed feeling I get from trimming and shaving my eyebrows.

If for some reason or another, shaving or trimming is not an option and you really need your eyebrows concealed, here is a tut on how to cover eyebrows.

Before trimming your eyebrows, gather your tools.
I suggest you use:
an eyebrow brush

beauty scissors /eyebrow scissors

You'll prolly need a headband or anything you can use to keep hair out of your forehead and brows. If you are bald then I guess, you don't have to worry XDD

Once you've gathered your tool, go to a well lit place with a mirror where you can clearly see your face. It would be better if the mirror is mounted on a wall, or is secured, that way, you have your hands free to do the trimming.

Here's a look at my unruly eyebrows which I had to force myself not to shave or trim for 2 weeks just so I can make this tutorial.

After shaving my eyebrows and getting it to the shape I am happy with, I then move on to the actual trimming.

Using the comb part of the eyebrow brush, brush the hair up.

The hair that goes thru the brush are the excess ones that you need to cut.
Cut in sections till you reach the ends of each brow.

If you just want to take a little off, the brush should be bit distant from your skin, if you want your brows thinner, just press the brush closer to your skin.

If you still feel that you still need to take off more hair, after cutting upwards then outwards.
Cut with the brush down then move towards the ends.

Once you are happy with how clean your eyebrows are, do the same to the other brow.

Here's how my brows look after trimming.
Don't mind my face. XD Bad skin galore, and that is why you should make sure to always sleep on time. XDD One looks neater compared to the other.

A closer look.

And that is how you trim your eyebrows!
After this, my next tutorial will be *titatatilitatilitatilitaaaaaaaaa* make up for cosplay!
Watch out for that one, everyone!

thanks for reading!
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  1. Good job for you! :)
    Me, I'm always scared of dealing with my eyebrows so I just normally shave 'em hehehe. Or get them done at the salon when I drop by for hair treatments hehehe.

  2. haha you read my mind yuunak! im in serious nid to shape my eyebrows at the moment, ang kapal na LOL

    i also use the trimmers to shape my eyebrows from the thicker side (the one near the nose). my mom told me, it should align w/ the bridge of ur nose.. that's how artists also start when they draw faces (aligning the eyebrows w/ the nose) :D

    best of luck~!