Monday, May 28, 2012


^Revamped Meiko cosplay from moi. 
I was honestly not satisfied with how I portrayed Meiko before and since I was about to part with my costume, I figured it may be wise to give it another try.

Got a new do, hair do, I mean.
Better make up (I suppose heheheh), new boots coz my old ones died due to the heat in tropical Philippines hehehe
But everything else is the same.

Here's how my Meiko cosplay was before, click to see.

Photos are by my sister, Minami, and were shot inside our house since the idea to shoot was something that came to us as we were dumbly laying around the house.

Meiko cosplay
Giving our bar a chance at the limelight

The eye make up

I really like this one. I was just resting when my sister took this ^^V

Megane Meiko?

Full view of the costume

The light can really make a huge difference. Did minimal touch up on these. Our living room had good light that day and we also used z3LL's reflector to get more light on me, turned out nicely.

After a few good shots, lots of trial and error, we decided to stop as both me and Minami got tired already. It was summer, and it was so hot, you'd think that this costume would be cool but it isn't (or at least I felt it wasn't hehehehe, oh the heat of the summer in the Philippines >_<)
But am happy with the photos and I am now at peace with my Meiko cosplay =)

thanks for reading!
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     arigatou! (*^3^)/~