Friday, September 23, 2011

MEIKO Cosplay

^What is it with Vocaloid?!
It is A-W-E-S-O-M-E.
To tell you guys the truth, Meiko isn't my favorite. I don't even like her that much! hahahah
And I know a certain someone who can't help but fanboy over a certain Meiko cosplayer which makes me even more resentful towards the character as I don't want to be compared to that other Meiko cosplayer.

So anyway, I got tagged by my Itoko Maddie to join her Vocaloid cosplay group. Back then, I was a bum. A fresh graduate with out a job. Itoko Maddie asked me and my sister Minami to join her group, she was really persistent as she strongly felt that I would be a good Meiko and Minami would be a good Luka.

I was flattered but I had to say no as there was no way I could pay for 2 new costumes then. But Itoko Maddie really wanted her group to be complete and she really wanted me and Minami to be a part of it. Out of the goodness of her heart, Itoko really helped us out and eventually, I gave in and the Annoying Bocaloid Cosplay Group was born.

The group consisted of all 7 official Vocaloid charas, with Itoko Maddie as Kagamine Rin, Ame as Kagamine Len, Roan as Kaito, Devian Grey as Gakupo, Andrea as Miku, Minami as Luka and me as Meiko.

BTW, here's a bit of info on Meiko:

is a Vocaloid software created by Crypton Future Media. She is the first Japanese vocaloid and first Japanese female Vocaloid, she utilizes the Vocaloid engine developed by YAMAHA. Her voice is provdied by the Japanese female singer Haigō Meiko (拝郷 メイコ). The illustration was done by Shogo Washizu, who is often called わっしー(Wasshi) and was once a member of Crypton.
She is usually depicted as a drunkard for some reason. heheheeheh

For this cosplay, The top and skirt and big mic was by Itoko Maddie. The wig, contact lens, gloves boots and everything else was by me. Thank you so much, Itoko! Although I really felt I ain't that fit to be Meiko, you really believed in me. mwah mwah Thanks so much for the help!

Here's a look at my costume:

The skirt and top was a gracious gift by Itoko Maddie. The embroidery on the top was made by my trusted Ate Cora.

I bought the white belt in Divisoria for 20php heheheheh Talk about cheap!

The choker and gloves were made by dear Ate Mercy, my most trusted tailor.

The synthesizer thingies (that part with buttons) and the white bands on the gloves were made by me, too heheheh

Character: Meiko
Cosplay by jaRoukaSama
Series: Vocaloid
Genre: Software
Photos by: z3LL

Ozine Fest 2010
Day 3: April 11,2010
SM Megamall

Now prepare for image over load! hehehehee

My not so good Meiko cosplay >_<"

My friend Devian Grey as Gakupo and me as Meiko
Gakupo usually sing with Luka but hey, Vocaloid charas are singers, they can do duets with other charas, too. hehhe
Out of all the photos, this is my favorite. ♥

Now with the group and some more friends who are also in cosplay as Vocaloid  charas

Change costumes! We wore our default costumes while it was still early, when it got a bit late we changed to out Just be friends version.
It's sad that our Miku had to go home by this time.

So that's my Meiko cosplay!
There's a really low chance that I'll cosplay as Meiko again as I really feel I ain't that good as Meiko, but it was really fun to be with a group.
I enjoyed the fun we had with the ABC. heheheheh
Thanks guys and biggest thanks to my Itoko Maddie. mwah mwah!

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