Friday, September 16, 2011


^School Rumble for Evaaaaaaaah!~

Ok, I really really loooooove the show. I'd watch it even if it was a rerun. The show just made me laugh because of all the fun and random things the characters did. Seriously funny, or maybe it just tickled me in the right spots hehehehe

Ahhhhh... so fun. *reminiscing*
I have always cosplayed characters I really like, and I always made it a point to have something that will make my cosplays special. When I first cosplayed Tenma, I had Yakumo with me. This time around, I have the ever patient and loving guardian angel, Harima!

If you guys, wish to see more of me and my sister's School Rumble cosplay, click here

Going back, this post will focus on Tenma and Harima. =)

Here's a bit of info on Harima-kun.

Harima Kenji

In middle school, he was a well known delinquent. However, after saving Tenma Tsukamoto from some ruffians, he falls in love with her and eventually reforms himself. Currently a high school student, he divides his time between drawing manga and trying to win Tenma's heart.

Tenma is too naive and totally oblivious to the fact that Harima likes (loves even) her. Harima has tried his best to confess his feelings but Tenma just doesn't get it. Tenma is head over heels with Karasuma, so for the sake of Tenma's happiness, Harima just does his best to help, guide and protect Tenma in every way he can. 

For this cosplay, I am very lucky to have an awesome Harima. It was definitely double the fun having Harima with me because I got to live out some of my crazy ideas. My partner, Hario was totally game, he is so awesome! =)

Characters: Tsukamoto Tenma and Harima Kenji
Cosplay by jaRoukaSama and 
Happy Hario
Series: School Rumble
Genre: Anime/ Manga
Photos by: z3LL and GC Potente
4th Philippine Cosplay Convention
Robinson's Place Manila - 5 Mar 2011

Here are photos of our Tenma and Harima cosplay. Supah fun!~
Prepare for image over load hehehehe

Fantasy moments for Harima

Harima Tenma cosplay
hehehehehe Tenma: I am Harima XD

dream on Harima, this will never happen hehehe well, maybe in your dreams XD

school rumble cosplay
trolling Harima? hehehe

Tenma and Harima

Upload by z3LL

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Those heart eyes and blush and beard were all made by me from paper and stuck on using double sided tape. heheeheeeh XD

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