Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tribute to Hyuuga Neji


^ahhhhhhhhh such good memories from that shoot.

I've always thought that the Hyuuga clan was the coolest.
Neji was actually a favorite of mine, I like those cool, genius, stoic types with long hair. Yep, Neji fit the bill perfectly. /nods head

But back in 2010, when me and my sister decided to do Naruto cosplays, I had zero know-how on crossplaying so I thought I'd practice first with being Hinata.

No thanks to FB and friends, I learned over the years that Neji had died. I was devastated but I chose to ignore them, until I got a PM from Jin.
Jin asked me if I'd be interested to join her and Dom in a Neji tribute, she asked me to read chapter 614 and 615, and that was when it really hit me that Neji did die in the manga, and what a chivalrous death it was. T_T
It was tragic...

All three of us had an attachment to Neji.
We all wanted to try something different, to bring our cosplay to another level not only for our own growth but for fans like ourselves, a very moving and emotional shoot and a tribute to Neji as well.

I was scheduled to leave for Japan, in a few days and the shoot was prepared swiftly.
My aunts advised against pushing thru with it as the location was very far from where I lived and we had set the date, the night before my flight XDDD
I wasn't even done packing yet hahahahaha
But I thought, I'd love to have this last bonding night with my friends from that neck of the woods at least, so I still went ahead.

On the day of the shoot, I went to say goodbye to my grandfather first.
Headed to Ayala and had gotten lost *laughs at Dom hehehehe* and felt like a character in an RPG, on a quest and asking every manong guard/NPC along the way. Had lunch with Dom and hoped on a cab on the way to Jin's.

Upon arriving at Jin's, we were happily welcomed by the new puppy, Lucky, who stole a total of 3 saliva filled kisses from me hehehehe. Isa and Bella, happily bounded toward us too. (now I want a pet, too! orz)
Make up and henshin time commenced after wards.

I was very happy to see Sammy, Jessica and Daddy Erving arrive.
When it got dark and the lights were set up, we started our shoot.

Am sorry we didn't get a lot of BTS shots though...
Although we were trying to be really sad and emotional, there was a lot of laughing, joking and dancing, too.
I was greatly surprised that the photos came out really well. hahahaha
It was so hard too keep those faces for so long hahahaha
I also discovered Jin's fetish that night hahahaha /wink wink

Anyway, I've babbled for too long, here are the very nice end product of everyone's hard work:

Hinata, Neji and Naruto

tribute to Neji

photos are by Huzafan better known as Big Daddy Erving Go
Dom as Hyuga Neji a.k.a. dead guy
Yuu as Hyuga Hinata a.k.a. did nothing but cry and look sad girl
Jin (behindinfinity) as Uzumaki Naruto a.k.a. the my back is handsome guy
Bloody makeup on everyone, and photo processing also by jin

Happy Hariography

Support group:

z3LL, Lunaru and Melo arrived late into the evening just to bond with us which I found really really sweet. Melo even had a special surprise which warmed my heart in a very shoujo manga-ish way :)

Now for some fun photos!

I fan girl over! kyaaaaa! <3
I kid, Jin, I love you!
P.S. I still love my life, don't kill me. kthnxbye

Obligatory group photo!!!
Too bad Jess had to go early T_T

A fun kira-kira-fied pic by Jin
The mustache looks nice heheheh and Dom looks like a Japanese drunken beaten up salary man hahahaha

Out of costume, looks beaten up but still fabulous!
Thanks for this Melo!

The shoot ended late but we were all happy with everyone's hard work.
Some scenes took forever to replicate, angle wasn't right, facial expressions off and what not but our friends still stood by to motivate and support, thank you for being patient, our dear support group!
Thanks so much to everyone who were with me that night, the memories would last me a long time, dear friends.
Special thanks to Jin for inviting me to join in this shoot and for working so hard on the photos.
I like to think Neji is smiling at our efforts.
Thanks everyone!
I miss you, guys... oTL

More on this from Jin, check here:

Better resolution copies:

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~


  1. I really like your humour "dead guy/did nothing but cry and look sad girl/the my back is handsome guy) XD

    Amazing cosplays~! I am really glad to have met you at AFA, or I would not have known about such good cosplays (:

    All the best to you in Japan~!

  2. why he dead that is not neccessery