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Singapore 2012 Day 3

^Day 3 of our 2012 trip to Singapore!

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11th November

Early morning in Singapore is very cold.
I was very tired from the day's excitement so I found it very hard to wake up the following day. Was supposed to be at the Hive at 5am but I woke up at 5am.
To top it off, I didn't feel so well, I felt cold and my nose was running...
Supah fail T_T"

Sent an apology SMS to Lunaru and Sese, bathed and prepped and was thankfully out the door by 5:30 am. Since I had a fully day of being Adventure Team's Saikang / Helper, I decided not cosplay any more to be able to really help them.
I envied Ricah, Junjun, and Mon-mon's sleeping, but I said goodbye and took a cab to pick up Lunaru and Sese.

Once I had Lu and Sese, we headed to Laguna Country Golf to prepare Marko and Dom for their big moment that day.
We were told that there was to be a photo shoot for competitors of RCC early that morning.
Since make up took a long time, about 2 to 3 hours per person and we had 2 awesome men to prep up, we proceeded early.
We were told that the photo shoot would commence at 10 am.
Dom and Marko were ready a little after 9am.
Lunaru and Sese then went ahead to henshin as well, and I took the time to take a nap.
Kosmo watched over all of us hehehehehe

 Lunaru helping Marko with make up

Dom very ready to go and Kosmo very busy hehehehe

For once we decided to not be what Filipinos are infamous for, that Filipino Time habit of always being 2 hours late.
Adventure Team was ready early but everybody else slept in or something. hahahaha
The 10am shoot started by around 12nn hahahahahaha

Dom transformed, looking awesome as Kilik

After the shoot, we decided to eat.
We ate a lot or rather I did, and I forced some nourishment on to Dom, Marko, Sese and Lunaru.
As usually, when we cosplay, we don't eat or we eat very little, but every one needed energy that day so I forced them to eat and get some fruits in their bodies. They reluctantly did as I told them to hahahahah By this time, thank goodness, I felt so much better.

After lunch, we headed to SG Expo.
Since it was still early, I decided to roam around a bit and check out the merchandise, unfortunately, there were no Sabers in sight and I didn't get anything that appealed to me...

Chicken Rice in Singapore!!!
Can't get enough of this! So delicious!!! *w*

Back stage, we hung out and tried to chill.
Adventure Team was well prepped and didn't have a lot of stuff, plus the boys were lively as always so it was very easy to take care of them. :)
Me, Charmie, Lunaru and Sese were all proud of them, they were fun but behaved and everyone liked them.
We couldn't help but smile at our Philippine representatives.

Finally! The main event!
AFA's Regional Cosplay Competition! woooooot!

Team Shikon gave a rousing performance that left every girl there with lots and lots of feeeeeeeeeeellllllllllls, good feels every where.
Adventure Team's four maidens were overcome with so much feels, we giggled, squealed and almost fainted hahahahahaha
Team Shikon, Yukari and Kaito in their Shinsengumi Hakuoki Kitan cosplay

My feeeeellllllsssss for their performance! Their synchronization, and that group cosplay photo at the end. FEEEELLLLLLSSSSSSS
I was so giddy, I thought, I was holding Charmie or Lunaru or Sese's hand, it turned out to belong to someone else and I got a new friend that day. hahahaha

Team Lunar Asterisk also gave an exciting and action filled performance.
Their jumps and stunts were spectacular!

Richfield of Indonesia in his Ultraman cosplay.
Amazing! Childhood restored!

Danny Choo and Kaname perform bits of Gangnam style on stage.

The judges, ready and eager to be wowed.

The audience, waiting for the spectacular performances.
Hexlord, poised and ready in the center heheheh

The beautiful people section hehehehe
Our friends in the audience, ready to belt out and give all out support.

The representatives of each participating country gave their all, they performed their best and am sure they made their home countries proud.
I can't help but be a little bit biased towards our very own Adventure Team, not only are they capital cosplayers but they are also very fine men.
I am sure that everyone that participated this year performed with their hearts, gave justice to their chosen characters and gave honor to their countries, something, I myself would love to blessed with, too, someday.

Sharing some magnificent moments Adventure Team had on stage.
 Adventure Team, the Philippine Representatives to ARCC 2012
Cosplaying as Mitsurugi and Kilik from Soul Calibur
A beautiful jump, my Marko Mitsurugi

 Porcelain pits Dom as Kilik striking a tough guy pose

Dom Kilik flips as Marko Mitsurgi strikes

Don't have pics of the other teams, sadly...
and the winners... *drum roll*

Team Thailand : Drachen : Aun and Naoki gets 2nd Runner up

Team Indonesia : Daikon Sky : Echow and Sora bags 1st Runner up

Team Singapore : Section 8 : Raistlin and Shinji wins as the 2012 Champions

My heart feels heavy that dear Philippines didn't even place BUT our representatives gave one hell of a performance, they performed and handled loss and disappointment with grace.
I am very proud of both Marko and Dom :3 Very proud, indeed.

Although Philippines, didn't get to bring home any prizes, me and the other mama-sans viz. Charmie, Lunaru and Sese, firmly believe we got something better, everyone loved Adventure Team and we were able to establish good bonds with everyone.
The most beautiful of which is the International Boifriends Club hahahaha

International Boifriends Club meeting in session.
Forgive the mama-sans in fujoshi mode tihihihih <3

 Marko, Reika and Dom posing for the camera

Bishounen sandwich hheheheheh Adventure Team with Team Shikon

Don't leave the beautiful saikangs out! hahahah
 Adventure Team with honorary Filipino Tin-tin, Lunar Asterisk's Sora, Yuu, Charmie and Lunaru

Tin-tin's sudden appearance was a very welcomed surprise for me, I have not seen him for a long while, I was very happy that he came ^^
Now with Sese

So much picture taking time, back stage hahahaha
After everyone changed out of costume, we packed up and had another mass dinner.
The noisiest and most crowded so far.
And every year, it keeps getting bigger and bigger.
Oh the wonders of friendship thru cosplay ^_________________________________________^V

and I end this blog with a photo of me and Kaeki-sama as Aomine. kyaaaaaa

Still 2 more days in Singapore to come!
Then a post on my trip to Davao and my new life in Japan!
So much travel related stuff to post, backlogs are piling up XD hahahaha

I will say this again, even though the Philippines didn't win that year, our representatives Dom and Marko gave it their all and I am proud of them. We got more friends and the bonds that were established couldn't have been more precious. Thank you to Adventure Team, for making me part of your journey, thank you to our friends and everyone who believed in what our country can do.
We will continue to fight with grace and be better every time we come back! MABUHAY ANG PILIPINAS! WOOT! heheheh


thanks for reading!
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     arigatou! (*^3^)/~


  1. We miss you darling! <3 ahaha feels! Oh, our SG misadventures. Grabe bumabagsak na katawan ko nun! But was fun because of friends nonetheless!