Tuesday, March 19, 2013

SABER Cosplay

^I never thought that Saber would be one of my most favorite cosplays EVER.

To be honest, I watched Fate Stay Night because it was recommended by a friend, it was good, but Saber wasn't like Yuuko Ichihara.
When I saw Saber, I wasn't all "I'm definitely cosing this!".
Watched Fate Stay Night then moved on.

Saber Gift reference photo
And then, a Team M.A.R.C.H. project was being discussed.
I remember Mika posting pictures of Saber's costume and I said I liked her blue dress best.
I don't remember saying I wanted to cosplay Saber, but the project started and I wound up cosing Saber in her more detailed Gift version. hahahaha

For the Team's sake, we all did our best to make this project happen.

Admittedly, at first I wasn't a big fan of Saber or the Fate series but I have always believed in giving  your all in what ever you do. Cosplay is no exception.
So, I researched and tried my best to know more about Saber so that I could give a good portrayal.

Our M.A.R.C.H. Saber Project debuted in Toycon 2012. We encountered numerous problems and lacked proper time to finish everything. I wasn't the least bit happy with my Saber back then. I told myself, I will not cosplay Saber again, unless everything is to my satisfaction.

Now, let's talk about the costume!

Since this is a Team M.A.R.C.H. project, all the members had a hand in making this a reality.
As a team, we always try our best to help each other out. The base of the armor was made by Lyron and Bram, detailing of the armor was done by me, painting was done by Taki using Krizdel's style. My sword was by Sochi and Douketsu. Help and support were given in heaps by the other members. hehehehhe

The dress, even though most of it is covered by armor, I tried to get accurate. Even wore stockings and bloomers and petticoats underneath hahahahha Although, no one would see, knowing that even those parts were right gave me extreme satisfaction.
Used duchess satin for the main dress, and star satin for the apron-thingy in front.
Expensive, I know, but looks great. The gold lines on the dress are made of metallic gold satin.

The gold details on the dress, was all hand painted by me, couldn't find a trim that closely resembled the design.
I did buy 6 yards of gold trim as at first I was too lazy to paint it on but I didn't like how it looked, so I abandoned that. Shame, it was 45php per yard. hahahahaha Too costly by Philippine standards.
I did think of having the design embroidered but, I don't know any trusted people to do the job and I already wasted money on the trim so that was out of the question.

Took longer than I'd expected but I am very happy with the results.

The white part of the dress is made of microfibre, would have chosen a more elegant fabric but the duchess and star satin kinda ate up my budget, I was originally planning to just go with something budget friendly, but, plans change XDD

The lace at the end of the dress, did some damage on my wallet, too. It was 56php per yard. My Saber cosplay (actually, most of my cosplays, always go beyond my budget hahahahah but, no one said cosplay is a cheap hobby and I have come to accept this fact, although sometimes it still hurts hehehe) is one of my most costly and full of effort costumes to date but I have no regrets! NO REGRETS! hahahahha

I used pale gold rope to line the apron-thingy, the design on the front was made with painted rubber sheet, and the dangling things at the end were made from beads and crystals put together with craft wire then painted silver.

My wig was a customized Lucaille Saber wig especially made for this project. The base wig is pony tailed so one can use it for Saber Lily.
The wig comes with an ahoge that can stand by itself and the bun is big compared to other brands.
Styled the wig further though, to better frame my face.

For make up, I used the generic moe girl style, I contoured my nose and the side of my face lightly. Didn't make the contouring very harsh as Saber is still a young girl, I also applied some very light pink blush to emphasize youth.
I was trying too look Caucasian but I ended up looking Singaporean hahahaha No offense meant.
I don't like lip gloss, it feels sticky so I didn't bother using any at all LOL
Used eye lash glue to stick some parts of the wig on the side of my face to also help frame my face better and so I wouldn't have to adjust the wig every now and then as that is too much of a bother.

My contact lens are from Alice and Rabbit's Shop, cosplay lens in emerald green.

After improving on our costumes, of course, we had a photo shoot!

The shoot was organized by fellow M.A.R.C.H. member, Alodia.
We'd like to thank Edj and Tita Barbara Bennett, Tito Al de Veyra & Nix for letting us shoot in beautiful Fernwood Gardens, QC

Would also like to thank our awesome photographers that day viz. Jio Verona, z3LL, Rej Bantayan, Kira Hokuten, Ian C., Jene Kirishima and Red whose-lastname-I-do-not -know XDD.

Many thanks to the whole team M.A.R.C.H. for also supporting us in our shoot, even though the other members had nothing to do, they still came to cheer everyone up and help out ^^
Taki deserves a special mention as he was a most diligent  reflector-chan that day heheheh

Character: Saber
Cosplay by jaRoukaSama
Series: Fate
Version: Gift
Costume by Yuu and Team M.A.R.C.H. 

Now for the photos!

Saber Project by Team M.A.R.C.H.!~

Saber Lily Mikachu
Saber Nero Alodia Gosiengfiao
Saber Alter Kuri Curry 
Saber Gift jaRoukaSama
 Saber cosplay
photo by Jio Verona

 Saber cosplay
photo by kira Hokuten

Saber cosplay
photo by z3LL

Saber Gift photos:
Photos by z3LL
Saber cosplay
with out the armor

Saber cosplay
Detail shot
the expensive lace trimming can be easily seen here as well as the other details
 of the costume :3

Photo by Rej Bantayan

Photo by Ian C
actually my most favorite of the whole shoot heheheh
Saber Gift version

Photo by Jene Kirishima

Photo by Kira Hokuten

This costume means a lot to me.
Not only was it a costume made with team effort but also because it has many good memories.
My Saber cosplay won the overall Champion title in the 2012 RCC Singles Division in Singapore ->read about it here
It also got the Best Female award from the Philippine Cosplay Costume 2012.

Saber grew on me.
I've discovered Fate Zero, Carnival Phantasm, Fate Prototype, Unlimited Blade Works and so much more.
The cosplay came first before the fandom, no regrets though XD
Saber will be one of my most favorite characters and cosplays ever.

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~


  1. That my dear, is called "doing character Justice" and we have enver been more proud of you. *hugs*

  2. I got chills from the last three shots. They're absolutely amazing with the ethereal vibe they give you. <3

    Such a beautiful Saber. ;___;

  3. this is amazing!! what is the Armour made from?

    1. oh! guess I forgot to mention it there hehehe our armors and swords are made from rubber sheet a.k.a. EVA foam.
      thanks for the compliment! :3