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Singapore 2012 Day 2 part 2

^This part... I've been trying to put off... because I was afraid that I might be thought of as "mayabang" or too full of it.
But I figured, this is MY BLOG and I'd like to keep this happy memory and also thank the people who supported me in this.

Singapore 2012 Day 1 | Singapore 2012 Day 2 part 1

10th November
part 2 of my day

So I was sleeping, right?
Sleeping right there on the floor hehehe
I woke up, proceeded to try and fix my make up and costume. There were still hideous bags under my eyes and I tried to cure them but I only succeeded in decreasing them. A bit...

Daddy Erving was cosplaying as Hagrid from Harry Potter and he also got invited to join the singles competition of RCC.

But he declined however... Which is how this meme came to be:

z3LL escorted me to the designated waiting area but we kinda got lost and people were asking for photos so we had to stop every once in a while XD

Went to see some of my friends outside just before going back stage.
Dru and Saku garbed n their trinity blood costume

the whole lot of them and yet still some missing XD
awesome friends in Singapore who were with me in this trip ♥

Ian as a trap Panty *pffffffftttt*

Abu as Gakupo Amane Nishiki

I am disappointed I didn't see Ash's Mikoto in person TwT

also didn't get to meet Rainier Tachibana T_T
Lucky Marko is Lucky...

just a couple of cute Yu Yu Hakusho cosplayers
photo by z3LL 

Upon arriving back stage, me and the other selected cosplayers were briefed on what was going to happen. I looked around, there weren't any other cosplayers from the Philippines.
I got nervous and shy >_<
I wanted to talk to my fellow competitors but words kept failing me... I hope I didn't come off as being a snob...
Everyone's costume were really superb! I was very glad that my fellow competitors found my armor nice, I would thank them when ever they gave me a compliment and told them that my costume was a group effort by Team M.A.R.C.H.

Although I was shy, I'm happy that I still got to meet some new friends! Yay!

Am also very happy that Charmie, Marko and Dom were backstage to help me calm my nerves, having so many friends is such a blessing ♥

Before going on stage, we had a little time, KC and Lavena were backstage too. I was very much honored when KC asked me do some stuff for his video.

Here's KC a.k.a. Studio Omoshiroi's AFA video. Subscribe to his channel!

I was really really nervous. We were told to just stop on the designated parts of the stage and do some characters poses. As I was trying to think of what poses Saber might do, the more I couldn't so I got nervous more and more. Talk about being unprepared hahahaha
Thank God for Shinji being there, being the cool headed Saber fan that he is, he suggested that maybe I could shout "Excalibur" and gave me ideas.

The special guests gave a little performance on stage and the Singles Division of the Regional Cosplay Competition was officially opened.

On stage, I kept thinking "be Saber, walk like a King, be Saber". I was trying so hard to channel Saber and be regal that I almost forgot  to do the "excalibur thing". Glad I remembered it towards the end hehehehe We weren't given a mic so I shouted with all my might so that everyone could here. It felt like we were on stage for a very long time. XDD I wanted to see what the other competitors did but shame I couldn't, I only got to watch those who went before me.

 Some stage shots of my time on stage.
Me as Saber in Gift version from the Fate series.

the excalibur moment
Sword is made by Shinji of Singapore's Section 8
Thanks so much for lending it to me, man. Your help is very much greatly appreciated :3

Went down, as the scored were being tabulated. All the competitors were called back on stage shortly afterwards.

The judges would come up on stage, they had litle fans with them that showed the number of the winners.

Richfield was the last judge to come on stage and his fan showed number 8.
I was thinking to myself "awwwww I didn't place..."

And then the contestant in front of me and on my sides begins gesturing me forward, I was number 8! I had thought I was number 7! hahahahaha I checked my number to make sure and sure enough I saw an 8 staring back at me.

I moved forward and tears began to flow from my eyes. Bliss, pure happiness.
I couldn't believe it, but indeed, I was the 2012 RCC Singles Champion.
I wanted to keep my composure but I just couldn't stop, I saw my friends' faces near the stage and more tears came out.

Photos by Jeru Czar
I'm sorry for the derpy faces I made >_<
I just wanted to remember this event thoroughly.

2012 RCC Singles winner with judges and special guests

I was just so happy. ♥
I've wanted to bring honor to my country, make the Philippines proud in my humble way and then this came.
Forgive my feels but my heart really did swell up with joy and pride.

As if the honor wasn't enough! I got a nice certificate, actually, 2 nice certificates, a neat-o medal in a fancy box, Panasonic head phones and a cash prize that was handed immediately to me. hehehehe

I was really glad, and obviously, so were my friends. ^______^V
 Many many many thanks again Shinji ♥
Such a nice guy, this dude is :)

 My little band of cheerers ♥

The person who supported all the way and forced me to go to AFA ♥

We were late for the mass dinner gathering as I had to pack up and change out of costume.
Vio, Jesuke, Saku and all our friends from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand and other places were there. It was a noisy and crowded dinner we had at City Point Mall, near SG Expo
I received a lot of hugs, pats and words of congratulations that day, and joy just kept pouring in.
Saku was a dear as usual, she made sure we had food to eat just before the mall closed ♥

It was a very tiring day, but a very happy and memorable one.

I just know I had a smile on my face as I collapsed to bed that day. ♥

Many thanks to all my friends and everyone
 who supported me that day.
I will never forget those who helped me achieved this dream of mine. From those who wished me well, forced me to finish my make up, carried my stuff, gave me ideas, cheered, took photos, and was just simply there (physically or spiritually) 
I sincerely thank you :3
Thank you so very much ♥ ♥ ♥

Singapore Day 3, to follow soon!

Photos are courtesy of z3LL, GC Potente, Alvin Balce, Erving Go, Marko Villaluz / Happy Hario and Jeru Czar

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~


  1. Hugs and Kisses to our dear Jarouka-chama~

  2. Wa! Didn't know about this, Congrats!!!!!! So proud of youuuuuuuu!!!! >:D< This should be in the headlines!!!! Gosh! - Ca. :D

  3. Congrats dear! You are truly deserving! Love your cosplays! Idol! :)