Friday, December 28, 2012

Singapore 2012 Day 1

^Another late post!
But better late than never, yes?

As our yearly tradition, me and a bunch of my friends went to Singapore again this year.
AFA, baby!
Somehow, we always end up going coz ever since 2010, a dear friend somehow is fortunate enough to be the Philippine representative. Of course, we wouldn't let our friends go with out their own support and cheer group. :)
Plus, every year we meet more friends, we have a great time together, bond some more over the internet and then end up missing said friends and want to see them again. Yep, it is a cycle.
I just love how cosplay brings people together. :)

9th November 2012

Packed up my stuff nice and good, had a lot of big bags this time around as I finally decided to bring an armored costume.
Was so afraid I'd go over the limit, thank goodness I didn't.

Arrived at NAIA 3 with z3LL, Abu appeared a few minutes later.
Abu was so cute and fidgety as this was his first trip alone and outta the country.

Started with all the necessary airport procedures and Ricah arrived followed shortly by Lunaru.
Everybody had soup for brains. XD Ricah and Lunaru arrived from work and was kind of all over the place, which was normal for them and we love them for it. hehehehe

We were all very early for our flights, good kiddies are like that. XD
We hopped on to Jollibee for some eats and played around to kill time.
I was craving for some Chicken Joy hehehehe
We all needed food to fuel our noggin.

Abu got the breaking dawn criss-cut fries and grape soda float.
From out powered up minds, we got the idea to imitate the fabulous photo XDDD
How did we do? hehehehe
Me and Ricah should have changed places but we were laughing too hard to rectify our mistakes, this will do. hahahahha

Me, z3LL and Abu were on the same flight.
We thought Ricah and Lunaru were, too, but their flight was the one after ours, we had about and hour of interval.
Obligatory photo on the plane!!!

Flight took longer than expected and we experienced turbulence, my ears hurt so bad >_<

Arrived at Changi Terminal 3 (a little before midnight), which was waaaaaaaay more swanky than any airport I have seen so far in my life. Shame we didn't get photos as we were busy with all the stuff there was to see.
It was like a very high end mall/ hotel.

First thing the three of us did was head on over to the free PC and abuse the internet.

We almost forgot about our luggage! hahahahah
When we went down to claim them, our stuff were the only ones remaining. hahahahaha

We waited for honorary Filipino and good friend, Mon-mon. He came to pick us up after AFA's Friday Night concert
Me, z3LL and Ricah had been so graciously adopted by Mon-mon.
And even though we ate before our flight, we were all hungry. Mon-mon took us to the nearest Mac to eat while waiting for Lunaru and Ricah.
Pinoys call McDonalds as McDo, Singaporeans call em Mac.
Tried out the Samurai Burger on Mon-mon's recommendation.

The Samurai Burger was so awesome! It was love at first bite hahahaha
Weird how it is my 3rd trip to Singapore but my first try at their Mac. I always forget to try their McDonalds and compare it to ours.
They didn't have rice meals but they did have packs of chicken wings, I like their menu more plus they have bigger servings...
The samurai burger was so tasty!!!
I just had to share XDD
Feeding Facundo Mon-mon heheheheh XDDD

Lunaru and Ricah arrived then, we were all moving at such a slow pace and it was getting really early in the morning, we needed to get a move on.

After Abu and Ricah bought SG simcards, we parted ways.

Me, z3LL, Ricah and Mon-mon hopped into a cab to Mon-mon's place, Lunaru and Abu headed to the Hive.

Met Shinji that night/morning, he kindly helped us with our luggage and we all scrambled in to bed to get some shut eye before AFA.

Nice guy, that Shinji. :)
Day 2 of our Singapore trip to follow soon!~

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