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Singapore 2012 Day 2 part 1

Singapore 2012  Day 1: read here

^Just when you thought you had just fallen asleep, you just had to wake up.
That was how we felt, the saturday morning of AFA 2012...
More on our 2012 trip to Singapore!

10th November 2012

Was rudely awaken by my phone alarm clock.
Wanted to sleep more but hauled my self outta bed and took an uncustomary cold bath.
Dressed and woke Ricah and z3LL and Mon-mon.
Was out of the door a little after our desired departure time but all's good.

Ricah and Mon-mon went on ahead to Singapore Expo as they were watching the Madoka movie.
Me and z3LL went to the skate park coz some of our friends were to have a casual Kuroko no Basket shoot.
Meet up time was supposedly 10am hahahahaha Since we were early, we decided to have breakfast at McDonald's near Scape.
Ate a hearty breakfast of pancakes, eggs, bread with grape jam and beef and hash brown with lots of coffee, this will be my nourishment for the entire day.
Yummy! Such generous portions! I love McDonalds even more!

I left Mon-mon's already half dressed as Saber, after eating, I proceed to put on the rest of the cloth parts of my costume, my make up and the wig.

I don't know, but as I was doing my make up, I got very very frustrated because no amount could conceal  my dark and deep eye bags, plus it was so hot that day oTL...

A little before 12pm, the Hive gang showed up, and the rest went on to their shoot.
Charmie went off to change into her costume for that day and arrived back as a lovely Momoi.
Daddy Erving and Charmie stayed with me and encouraged me to finish my make up.
I really just wanted to wipe off all the gunk from my face and just enjoy AFA as a con goer but Charmie's encouragement magically made me finish my make up. Sweet Charmie even loaned me some dolly wink lower lashes! Such a sweet dear and after a few slow and dragging minutes I was ready.

z3LL and Rej came back, together with Daddy Erving we went to Singapore Expo and Charmie Momoi went to the Kuroko shoot.

Took a cab to SG Expo and when we got off, my initial reaction was... "ang ineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!" (so hotttttt!) 

So many people every where! Lines were long but orderly and moved at a steady pace.

Settled on an outta the way spot and proceeded to put on my armor.
Spotted Marko and Dom and they handed me my pass and I gave them their curecards.
These boys are just super, they helped me with my costume. ♥

Also, happened to chance upon a horned-gray-skinned girl which turned out to be Bessi, lost in a see of otaku and cosplayers. hahahaha
Bessi with a Homestuck group we found.
 Bessi! I blame you for infecting me with the Homestuck bug!!!

Rej was as always a dear who helped me with my stuff and armor.

When we were all good and ready, we started to walk towards halls 9-11. As we were crossing, we saw Ami!
Yay! We hugged and laughed like crazy girls who haven't seen each other in a long while, well we are and we haven't. hahahahha
 I got down on one knee and as promised, I asked for her hand in marriage and we were wed right then there. People looked on with bewildered faces as Saber and Fushimi giggled and got hitched hahahahaha
You can't see the ring but it's there. hahahha Bessi is the witness to this happy union ♥

 Ami gladly accepts and I put the ring on her finger, with some difficulty. XDD

Ami introduced us to her friend Nicole who was cosing as Awashima Seri also from K, Ami was Fushimi.

The happy newly weds! Me and my waifu, Ami ♥ hahahaha this photo is just so full of genuine derpy happiness, can't help but smile whenever I see this. ♥^_______^♥

Went on to hall 9, after everyone got their tickets.
Inside, the place was huge!
Roamed around a bit, got tired and decided to rest on the far right side of the hall, I like this specially reserved spot where cosplayers, con goers and anyone can just rest, hang out and mingle with each other.
The whole event was divided into three areas: the stage/activity area, the merchandise/ exhibit hall/ and resting area.

There were lots of people but since the place was really big, it wasn't hot inside and you could breath with no problems. There also was no need for pushing.
The ceiling was high, the place was well lit and ventilated with numerous trash receptacles in strategic places, bathrooms were easy to find but were awfully small and damp...

Here's some pics from the merchandise/ exhibit hall

Pikachu mascot!
Adorable! >w<

Saber dollfies!!! Me want to have one of these!
Someday, Yuu, someday...


Origami Cyclone!!!

 BJD displayed. Lovely children, I am envious...


Katanas, swords and more for sale!
Booths that sell RTW costumes and wigs were present, too.

Toys for sale. Lots of toy booths actually...

 I'm just mad about rirakumas! korirakuma is my most favorite ♥

Doujinshis for sale!
Really good ones, if I may add.

more photos of the booths and merchandise by z3LL here -> click me

I'm bummed out that I didn't get to buy anything that was on my list...
I vowed to not got home till I bought me a toy.
Saber gift, Saber Lion, a katana replica or an Origami cyclone.
Sadly, I didn't get anything, not even one measly gashapon >_<
My only regret...

Oh well, moving on...

Sword Art Online, Vocaloid and Kuroko no Basket cosplayers were very common.

Found a Midorima coser I really liked hehehhe
So Bessi and I went up and asked for a photo. Midorima is my favorite. ♥
Complete with lucky item for the day hehehehe

Inside, I mostly hanged out with Bessi, Cha and Alvin, Luna was with us but she would occasionally go by herself to "hunt". hehehehehe Ricah also reappeared hehehehe
Butler Sebby cosplay by Luna. Shhhhh!

With full armor, can't really sit. So I removed all the rubber sheet parts so I can rest while sitting on the floor.

I was talking to Bessi when somebody tapped me on  the shoulder, I turned to see who it was and felt like the wind was knocked out of me. I saw two beautiful faces smiling at me.
Team Shikon came with two staff members of AFA, they handed me a special ticket and told me, I have been selected as a contestant for the singles competition of RCC that day!
I was dumbfounded, man! XDDD
Gorgeous creatures are gorjaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzz~
They gave me instructions, exchanged curecards and then they waved goodbye.

I was too excited, I immediately informed z3LL who passed the news to our other friends.

I was screaming inside. Feels man, feels! Of course I kept my composure and only let it loose when I was sure they were gone hehehehehe

Then I spotted this awesome Iskander cosplayer! I hurriedly put on my shoes and asked Alvin to take a photo of us.
I learned later on that that awesome Iskander cosplayer was Drefan! Cool! B)

Went back to the floor again and chatted away with my friends. Fell asleep sometime later...

part 2 of our trip to Singapore 2012 Day 2 up next!

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~

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  1. I'm still in love with your Saber cosplay =) And how come did I miss that Iskandar ??? SO Awesome~!!!