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^Really, the melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is one of my most favorite series and Haruhi is just one of my favorite characters as I feel we have a lot of similarities.

I got invited to cosplay Tsuruya, being a fan of the series, I agreed, Tsuruya is rarely cosplayed and I wanted to see a cosplay of the whole SOS Brigade and then some.

Back then, buying wigs online hadn't really taken off yet.
I had a hard time finding a wig in the right color so I dyed a white one. Used the Sharpie method, used black and green markers to achieve the right color, styled a bit and voila! Tsuruya wig is born heheheh

Who is Tsuruya?

鶴屋 Tsuruya is Mikuru's best friend. She tends to be hyperactive and has a very loud voice. Tsuruya has long green hair and a prominent tooth. She is friendly and laughs a lot. Her sharp tooth gives her a idiosyncratic speech pattern, causing her to say things wrong and leave out syllables. Her speech is often accompanied with a lisp and her catch phrases: "megas" and "nyoro" (she also refers to the members of the Brigade in different ways, as in referring to Haruhi as "Haru-nyan"). She was named "honorary consultant of the SOS Brigade" by Haruhi.

Tsuruya appears to be quite athletic. She performed admirably (given the circumstances) in the baseball game, and various alternate versions of her have demonstrated strength and even hand-to-hand combat abilities.

Tsuruya comes from a wealthy family who knows a lot about the SOS Brigade. Her family cooperates with Itsuki's 'Agency'.
more on Tsuruya here

Researched on Tsuruya more and she laughs a lot and laughs at anything XD

My jaws and cheeks hurt after the shoot. LOL
Also, since I dyed the my wig only a few days before the shoot, my fingers still had a greenish tint. Lucky the light washed out the green, otherwise, green hands Tsuruya would have been weird hahahhaha

Character: Tsuruya-san
Cosplay by jaRoukaSama
Series: the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Photos by: z3LL in Fort Santiago, Manila 2010

 Tsuruya-san cosplay with sleeves folded up to make costume into a summer seifuku :3

Tsuruya is laughing at the innocent display of art XDDD

my friend Alex Keuls as Mikuru

Had this shoot years ago, so forgive my noob make up skills.

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