Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cebu 2012 Day 2 + ARCHCon

^Day 1 post here.

27th October 2012

After last night's hearty meal, all we could was flop on the bed and die.
Woke up early, to prepare for ARCHCon which was gonna be held in Ayala.

I wanted to sleep in but ever since I learned make up, it now takes me a minimum of 2 hours to henshin for a cosplay. On top of that, I always do my best to eat a good breakfast as it is usually the only meal I take once I don my costume. 

With breakfast, tidying up the room, organizing stuff (as we were flying back to Manila the next day) and prepping for the day's event done, we then proceeded to have a photo shoot.
It was still early and the light was so beautiful that we decided it be a shame to waste it.

Here is a photo from our pre-event shoot in Hotel Elizabeth in Cebu.

After our mini shoot, we hailed a cab to Ayala to Archcon!~
Yep, commuted around in full costume hahahaha
The mall looked pretty much like Greenbelt in Makati. hehehehe

Roamed around a bit and had curecards printed.

Checked out the event.
Upon arrival at the Mezzanine, saw tons of costumed people and the first familiar face was Jessica Ouano's!
Sad I didn't get to have a photo with her though... she was just so stunning as Sailor Jupiter, this Sailor Moon fan is happy ♥
At first I was hesitant to come up to her as I wasn't sure she remembered me but she was so warm and nice, I really like her :3
We talked, hugged and exchanged cure cards too. I got a booster pack from her weeeeeeeeeeee!~

The backstage of the cosplay competition.

After each skit, the contestants were interviewed.

Out of chara hahahaha
Mui, Alan, me and Reyu~

Watched the competition a bit but hung out outside mostly with friends outside.
z3LL was enjoying himself by having mini shoots with friends, I think he enjoyed it mostly coz he I think he is starting to get tired of my face hahahaha 

I think Cebu is hotter than Manila, or maybe I was just in costume?

Met a lot of people and just bonded with le beautiful Cebuanos.
Noticed that there were a lot cosing as groups or pairs.
In Manila, cosplayers mostly went solo in series and hung out with friends even though their charas aren't from the same series. There were a lot of group cosplays! hheheheh Vocaloid still popular.
Loved Ray's Kuroko no Baske group as well as Bessi's Homestuck group.
Kagami, Bessi, Kuroko and Midorima!
I am Midorima fan, and I am very much pleased. Lucky item and all.
Bessi looks composed but I know she's holding all her feels in just to get a good photo hahaha
And the best part is, they are guys! Well, at least Kagami and Midorima are hahahaha
But Denzel is so adorbs and I love their heights hehehe

I'm in this photo, I swear hahaha
AC and Kyn, AC was handing out Chocolates and they were Ferrero Rocher, man, Ferrero Rocher! hahaha

Was really enjoying my time with Eun, Mui and Miles mostly.

I copied Mile's smile hehehehe
It was not intended though XDD

 I love pretty girls and boobs, I do not discriminate based on size...
 (thanks Bram hehehehe would have done this even with out permission though hahahah)

or gender hehehehehe

I taught my friends otaku conyo and moe poses hehehe
Will make a post on the rules of Otaku Conyo soon so wait for it guys! hehehehe
We had mini shoots, chatted and just had fun in our little area in the garden.

 Got a hoodie courtesy of Authority Hoodie!
Will take pics of it soon! Thanks Authority Hoodie!
Authority Hoodie is Manila based but they were in Cebu and were selling Adventure Time themed hoodies!
They had Marceline, Finn, Jake and more!
I find the BMO one the cutest though.
I look unhappy hahaha but I am really super glad, I just drew my eyebrows to look sad XD
Anyway, check out, Authority Hoodie's merchandise at their FB page!
Their Panda hoodies are also very cute!

 Me and Mui.

 Mui has learned how to pose and is applying what he learned hehehe

 The event has ended, people were changing out of costume. You could tell someone just cosplayed based on their eyebrows hehehe
Wasn't able to hang with Maki and Jess as much coz they were both judges for the competition T_T

 Eun and me, the proxy BF hehehehe
Such a lovely girl, any man would be lucky to have such a caring and pretty girl by their side.

 Loved Bessi's Homestuck friends so I asked for a photo

 The others detected what was happening and rushed in to join the photo op. hehehe So fast you people are!
I see you guys are no novice to the art of Photo-fu. hehehe

 It's the Maki Kazagami! Ohmigash!
*i faints* hehehe

Did not know Eun was doing the same thing I did until I saw the photos hahahaha
Oh Eun /hugs

Had dinner @ the food court. Tried the steamed rice as recommended by Mui and Miles.
Ate liempo, chicken and lechon as Eun and Atom recommended.
Wasnt able to take photos coz we just enjoyed the food and the good company.
All were soooooooooo yummy yum yum!
The sio mai was also very different as it was tasty and really packed! 
ohhhh food heaven~
Also had those oishii doughnut cakes, a first for me. 
I bought Eun one, too coz that's what good boyfriends do, they take care of their lady hehehe
Dinner was so awesome then suddenly, there were wave new people! And I met more people! hehehe Atom was overseeing the introductions hehe Lots of new friends!

Laughed and chatted then parted ways with friends as it was getting late.
Rested a bit then Homer came and brought us to the best place for Chicharong Bulaklak!
Mabolo High Blood station has the best ginabot or chicharong bulaklak ever!!!!!
80php for a serving is unholy but they know they are the best so nothing to do but pay up and enjoy a heart attack waiting to happen. So tasty!
I want more!!!!
Chicharong Cebu and Lechong Cebu for the win!

Visited Homer's photography office, too.
Look, his logo looks like maginboo's symbol, only Homer's has a spear hehehehe

 a Sample of Homer's photography.
Beautiful aint it?

The only photo z3LL and I have together. hahahahaha

 Polaroid Cameraaaaaaaaaaaas!~

Homer takes really great shots.
If ever you're looking to hire someone for a special day, you could contact this guy.^^
Just look at all those nice wedding photos all taken by him!

Got some tape and boxes from a near by  7-11. Packed up our things, rested a bit and went to the airport.
2 days is just too short!!!!
Got to the airport early and checked in but z3LL and I fell asleep in the waiting area and almost missed our return flight hahahaha
Good thing we were paged and that woke us up, we were the only ones the plane was waiting for hahahaha.
Got back to Manila safely then died. hahahaha

I want to go back to Cebuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
Food is so yummy and people so beautiful!
A bit sad Pots, Ban and Kai couldn't make it but I know there will be more opportunity.
I'm craving for cebu lechon and chicharon now. =(
Since tasting Cebu lechon and chicharon, my standards have sky rocketed. hahahaha
I miss all you people!!! I want to see you guys again soon!
Dear friends from Cebu, thank you for welcoming us and making our stay as lovely as it was!
I'd be sure to come back! mwah mwah kiss kiss tsup tsup ah ah love love! ♥ ♥ ♥

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~