Monday, November 5, 2012

Cebu 2012 Day 1

^I have always dreamed of travelling to other parts of the Philippines, I love airplane rides and bus rides.
I have yet to ride a ship but all in due time.
Last week, me and z3LL were in beautiful Cebu!
All thanks to Cebu Pacific's piso fare promo.
We booked the flight way back in summer and when we booked said flights, we had no idea that there'd ba any cosplay conventions during our stay.
We only got to stay in Cebu for 2 days coz back then we thought about work and not having enough leaves, 2 days was definitely toooooooo short...

So anyway, my uncle and my cousin Luis escorted me to meet z3LL so that we could go to the airport together, on the way to the meet up place, we almost got hit by a random taxi. oTL
See, it was late, nearing midnight in Pasong Tamo, we were about to cross the street, but seeing as the little man was red, I said to my uncle "kaya hindi umuunlad ang Pilipinas kasi ang daming hindi sumusunod sa simpleng traffic rules".
My uncle and cousin stayed put and when the little man turned green we proceeded to cross, out of nowhere this taxi comes and almost hits us!
It was seriously scary, and all the taxi driver did was honk his horn as he drove away =__="
The little man was green so the traffic lights were all red, the heck... gaaaaaa
Then my uncle goes "nakita mo na, dapat tumawid na tayo agad". 
That irritated me very much...

26th October 2012

z3LL arrived and we headed to the airport together.
Our flight was scheduled to be @ 4:20am, but as we were checking in, we were informed that our plane got downgraded. Cebu Pacific check in crew asked us if we were willing to be moved to the next flight and in exchange we get to have free round trip tickets anywhere in the Philippines.
The next flight was at 6am, but when we asked again a few minutes later, the next flight was at 4:55 am.
Wait 35 minutes and get free round trip tickets to anywhere in the Philippines valid for 6 months.... hmmmmmm... Ok!
We both jumped at this chance hahhaha This deal seemed too good to miss! hahahaha
Thanks CebuPac!
I think now, I'd be booking more flights withe CebuPac hehehehe
I'm gonna use said tickets to go and see Zhel! weeeeeeeeeeeee~

We are coming for you Cebu!~
To me, the clouds looked like a heard of elephants crossing the river, 
I thought they were adorable so I took a photo hehehe

I watched Kuroku no Basket in z3LL's tablet while waiting, the wait wasn't really that long, I was able to watch only 1 episode in the airport.

On the plane, miss Flight Attendant had to gently scold me twice as I was to preoccupied with Kuroku no Basket hahahaha I thought KnB was a full blown hard core yaoi series, turns out, it was all about basketball, just basketball... My expectation was too high most likely because of all the yaoi cosplay pics I've been seeing from my fiends hahahahah I was too focused, waiting for the yaoi to show itself but there was none.
Well, if you have a fujoshi mind, no matter how subtle and innocent the scenes are, you'll still see yaoi in everything so I think I got the basis for all those yaoi pairings my friends were making hahahaha Shadow to your light and all hahahaha

Upon arrival in Cebu, we met up with Homer who took us around for a bit of sight seeing. We landed in Cebu at around 7am so there wasn't really much to see yet as shops were still closed. Kidd also showed up along with some office mates and we had breakfast together.

After eating, z3LL and I were tired so we slept and woke up to shoot my Sacchan cosplay. hehehehe
We had a shoot at Hotel Elizabeth. My Sacchan cosplay from Gintama.

Atom arrived later in the afternoon. Atom, Homer, Eloise, z3LL and I then headed to BTC (Banilad Town Center) coz there was a mini event there. Traffic was bad oTL

Watched an awesome skit by Flame of Recca cosplayers and got to see Maki, Alan, Yuki and some more Cebu friends, but only briefly.

The event organizers at BTC were handing out halloween treats, freebies for the attendees heheheh

Before leaving BTC, went grocery shopping for food stuffs and pasalubongs.
 Dried mangos and lots of it!~

Lots of food for my family hahahah 

Most of our friends were busy that night as Archcon was the next day.
We stopped by Zubu Chon to get some tasty lechon and chicharon.

For dinner, Kuya Pao and Atom took us to Larsian's. I think it is near Fuentes Circle?
Anyway, food there was heaven~
Heaven was so cheap! Food for all 4 of us was a little over 500PhP! 512PhP to be exact with rice and drinks even!
*mouth waters just thinking about it*
Larsian's is a fun place, you get to feel like a celebrity because when you walk in, the manangs and kuyas will all try to get you to order from their food stall. They would all try to best each other's offers and give 5-15% discounts hehehe
Larsian's is an open barbecue place with lots of food stalls, I've been told that now it is much cleaner and commercialized, before, it was like stepping into Narnia with all the smoke and stuff hehehe.

Most people eat with their hands at Larsian's but you can request for utensils. Don't worry though as each stall will provide plastic disposable gloves if you plan to eat with your hands.

Ribs for 110Php!!!
Yum yum yum

Stuffed squid!!!

Puso is rice in a handy and compact form. 

Lechon from Zubu Chon
No corkage fees for bringing outside food @ Larsians!~
Zubu Chon lechon is fantastic, I love lechon but the ones from Cebu are really 100x times better! 
Salty the way I like it and full of flavor!

Dinner buddies, Kuya Pao, Atom and Me
Photos by z3LL btw heheheh

Kuya Pao has lots of trivia and interesting stories, chatting with him was fun and I learned a lot.
Hearing people with passion talk is always so inspiring.
Thanks for the dinner and company, guys!

After dinner, we went to Starbucks for a bit and then crashed for the night~

My oh my, I'm thinking of Cebu lechon now and it makes me hungry even though I just had dinner. hahahahah Day 2 in Cebu, next!

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~