Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cosplay Snapshot Project 2012

^Another year of Cosplay Mania awesomeness means another year for the Cosplay Snapshot Project of our dear Papa Erving!~

Now in its 3rd year, this cosplay photobook has gone a long way, it is thicker than ever with so many good entries!
Cosplayers are leveling up their skills left and right and the photographers aren't far behind either. Truly amazing. This year 132 cosplay photos were included in the book.

The photobook's binding is nice and secure but I am disappointed at the printing, most if not all are blurry and the quality of the photo and the cosplays goes down with it... I hope in the next printing, this would be fixed as I plan to buy a few more copies to send to some friends and relatives abroad. heheheheh

I like the cover for this year, too. It's fun and pro at the same time, it also didn't hurt that my photo was on it hahahahaha

I was very busy and my brain was everywhere because of the competition so I didn't get why my friends were teasing me when the photobook came out.
Turns out, a lot of my cosplays got in! hahahahaha Many many thanks to all the photographers who submitted a photo of my cosplay! I didn't expect that at all! On top of that, some even got to the top 20! *woot woot!*

photo by z3LL
our Eager Love Revenge group
yay! we shout for joy! hehehehe

this shot also by z3LL got in, but I forgot to take a photo of it heheheh
my ELR Luka Megurine :D

another one by z3LL
not my most favorite shot of my Konata cosplay but seems a lot of people like it XDDD

revamped my belldandy
wasn't lucky enough to get a page back in 2010 and now its part of the top 20!
yay for Raisa!

this one was very unexpected but it was a pleasant surprise
my back hurt from all the weird poses I made as Sandplay Miku but looks like it was well worth it :D
Thanks Alain Rafer!

Paradise Kiss group!
I don't have a lot of group cosplays but I am very glad I agreed to be part of this awesome team.
many thanks to everyone and congrats to JR!~

Now, we move on to my favorite pics in the photobook.

These two just coz I feel that they could be an ad for something, just add a logo or a product in the lower half and imagine them as billboards. Can you see it?
 Devian Grey as George from Paradise Kiss, photo by GCPotente

Kristell Lim as Ada Wong from Resident Evil, photo by Edward Padama

To photography that blew me away:
 Faye Liper as Miku in Secret Police version, photo by Jeermaine de Borja
love the guns flying and the amount of light and darkness, good contrasts

 Jerry Polence as Desperada Cassiopeia from LoL, photo by Kira Hokuten
the blue light and angle is just stunning

 Sherry Kazagami as Insane BRS, photo by Ken Erana
the angle is killing me! this looks so international in quality!
oh cebuano friends, you guys are spectacular!

Cosplays that are so out of this world:
Ira Fernandez as Kagamine Len Imitation Black version, photo by Imelson Balino
I miss Ira T_T
this cutie is talented, everything in this photo just works

 Claire as Yoshiwara Shiro from Adekan, photo by Ycho
just beautiful
costume well made, location and the model left me breathless!
I highly believe this is not from the Philippines...
does anyone know her and the photog? they are very unfamiliar to me... but dang! just beautiful!

 my brother Kyo as Lelouch from Code Geass, photo by Jionor Verona
those eyes just pull you in right? well, too bad, he has a C.C. already so paws off! hahahaha *winks at jeyel*

 Maki as Link from Legend of Zelda, the Twilight Princess, photo by Ken Erana
gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa the eyes! the eyes! so hansamu! kyaaaaaaaaaaa
just love love it~

Thea as Tsubasa Hanakawa from Bakemonogatari, photo by Alain Rafer
Thea just looks really really really pretty in this one, not that she isn't, this just captured her prettiness very well ~ :D

This excited me for next year! Just think of all the very good cosplays we'd see! 
I look forward to it eagerly! This photobook is a great way to preserve and showcase the awesome cosplays the Philippines is capable of. 
Thank you to Cosplay.PH and to daddy Erving for giving us the Cosplay Snapshot Project!~

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~


  1. Astig mo. Dami shots. :) Supernice!

  2. there are some foreign entries AFAIK?


  3. I didn't know you were the Sandplay Miku!! LOL

  4. omg. Your brother's eyes. So kewl *___*

  5. glad you liked my shots, hope i can make it to top 20 again, -K. erana