Tuesday, October 9, 2012


^People have been asking me, is Yuu Shomura really my name.
Yes, yes it is. It is not an alias.

When I answer yes, no one believes me so I got tired and changed my FB name to Yuu Tachibana so that if people asked me if Yuu Tachibana was my real name, I'd say "no, it is Yuu Shomura".
I thought, maybe this time it's gonna be easier to believe but it just makes it longer hahahaha
At that time, I was very focused on Ginchiyo Tachibana, so much so that Tachibana was the first thing that popped in my mind when I was thinking of a new name to use.
The costume is done and the competition is over, but I think I'd be sticking to Yuu Tachibana for a bit longer as I have grown quite fond of the name.

I smile just thinking about this.
Prolly my most favorite cosplay to date.
So much memories mainly... spent so much time into making it and got so many good people supporting me and Bram through out all this.
This is prolly my most detailed costume with most time spent in making it.
I discovered a lot of unknown skills in the process, learned that the soldering iron is my best friend. hehehehe XD
I'm very glad that Bram, through M.A.R.C.H., taught me a lot in rubber crafting. I'm happy he trusted me in helping make our costumes.

At first, I wasn't totally head over heels Ginchiyo, I favored Masamune Date, Ranmaru Mori and Inahime, but researching and trying to get to know her better eventually led me to liking her more and more.

She is a strong woman, a bit of a tsuntsun as she never openly admits about love and her feelings, who lives by the samurai's code of honor. She is also proud, brave and full of integrity, not to mention pretty. hehehehe
Really, quite an amazing woman with the power to summon lightning.

I loved her personality, I found the warrior in her admirable and the tsuntsun who likes cats cute.
Her costume was at first glance seemed easy but upon closer inspection, my oh my, my head was spinning from all the little details. It didn't really help that there wasn't a lot of reference photos... Those little details sure were a pain.

Life would have been easy if we'd have used textured rubbersheet, but Bram said we wouldn't get high craftsmanship points if we cheated so he insisted that I do all the little details by hand. I was like O_O? "why bother? that's why we have textured rubbersheets!" but he wouldn't have it. Sure, making the details was grueling and time consuming but once it was done, I felt really good about myself as the details looked really nice, eventually, it was me who insisted to do all the detailing manually instead of using textured rubbersheets as a shortcut hahahahaha Which explains why our Samurai Warriors costumes took so long too complete. XD

Proud to say that all the effort was worth it in the end and I can't help but give myself a pat on the back when I think of what a good job I had done to our costumes. *pats back* hehehehehe

I also laugh at the fact that it never occurred to me to try Curecos for references hahahahaha I just checked earlier today and man, there were a lot of Samurai Warriors cosplay there hahahaha

While researching Ginchiyo, I stumbled upon this site: Ask the Tachiabanas, it's just too cute heheheh.

Character: Tachibana Ginchiyo
Cosplay by jaRoukaSama
Series: Samurai Warriors 2
Photos by: z3LL and Raisa de Pano
Costume by Abraham Cruz and yours truly. 

Costume made almost entirely out of rubber sheet or in some places it is known as EVA. Body suit, detailing, wig styling and make up by me.
Wig is an Ayanamisatorou wig originally intended for a Gunner Yuna cosplay which I styled accordingly and bought from Oujihimeshoppe.
Special thanks to the members of M.A.R.C.H. in helping with some stuff and to the Annoying Crew for all the support and encouragement.

Ginchiyo Tachibana
 Full body shot.
Would you believe that this costume is still not done at this rate?
After this shoot we made more improvements XD
photo by z3LL

Tachibana Ginchiyo
 post processed this to look like a clip from an old film XD

Samurai Warriors : Ginchiyo Tachibana 
barely touched this one as I really like this as it is :D

 A poster shot?
Lonely warrior hehehehe

I wish I had a Muneshige...

Katkat fondly calls my character "touch your banana" hehehe
try saying "touch your boner" and it sounds as if you are saying Tachibana with a British accent hehehehe

this one is by Raisa again
I like how the details of my sword pop here ^^

an attempt at a dramatic shot XD hhehehehehe
The sword almost made me cry, such a large space needed detailing and I had to the same thing on the other side as well. I was doing everything free hand. I took inspiration from the sky, the plants and anything I could see around me that day, even my friend Sammy's curly locks is in there somewhere as well as the faces of the 3 kings whose portrait was lying somewhere near me as I was doing the detailing XDDD

 Ginchiyo is known as the Lightning Queen

 "I am Dosetsu's heir"

 my knees actually hurt from the pebbles on the ground XDDD

Ginchiyo Tachibana cosplay
She is also sometimes called as the Queen of Thunder, pretty cool, eh?

I loved doing the detailing, even though sometimes it was boring. Becuase of this projest, I found out that detailing really is my strength. XD

I was telling Bram, how the hell did people in the old times do such tedious amount of work? It was simple, he said, they didn't have facebook back then so they had a lot of time to kill. Good point. ehehehehe

This really inspired me to do more detailed costumes, I wonder what my next project will be. hehehehe

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~


  1. Really amazed with this cosplay Yuu! Love it! :) You are absolutely a pro!!! :) Good job Yuu Tachibana! :p

  2. Cool it is difficult to create a detailed armor like that.

  3. Such a wonderful costume! So detailed and I love how it was made because I am pretty sure the details are grueling to make. I admire how you did it because I am amazed by it.

    I would like to ask though, where did you do this shoot? Aside from the the costume, I am loving the setting as well. Is that here in Manila?

    Thanks :)